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Description SAGE Research Methods Cases (Part 1 and 2) are stories written by real researchers of how their research projects were conducted, illustrating the challenges and successes of doing research, why they chose the methods used, how they overcame problems, and what they would have done differently with hindsight.
Subject area Research Data
  Research Methods
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Other name Sage Research Methods Cases 2
  Sage Research Methods Cases 1
  SRMO Cases


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Sage Research Methods Cases "A day in the life" : a visual, multimedia approach to research / Catherine Ann Cameron, Anne Kathryn Hunt
Sage Research Methods Cases Above the drum : a study of visual imagery used to represent the changes in hip-hop / Crystal LaVoulle
Sage Research Methods Cases Academic outcomes of an out-of-school sport program : a repeated-measures community-based participatory research study / Andrew C. White, Caroline Heffernan, Lisa A. Kihl
Sage Research Methods Cases Academic performance of Latina students at an early college high school : a qualitative case study / Leslie A. Locke
Sage Research Methods Cases Accessing all areas? : interviewing and researching within and outside difference / Harshad Keval
Sage Research Methods Cases Accessing Narrative Oral History and Phenomenological Lifeworld Experience Through Interviews : Professional Learning Experience of Expert Teachers / Patterson
Sage Research Methods Cases Accessing organizational and Mechanical Turk participants for validation of an inventory / Rebecca Stilwell
Sage Research Methods Cases Accessing the law to enforce employment rights : a case study of worker activism in a non-union workplace / Niall Cullinane, Eugene Hickland, Tony Dundon, Tony Dobbins, and Jimmy Donaghey
Sage Research Methods Cases Access to dental and health care in a mobile setting : a cross-sectional, quantitative research study / Ayana Conway
Sage Research Methods Cases Accessing Young People Who Self-Harm as Research Participants / Cleaver
Sage Research Methods Cases Accomplishing empathy : an ethnography of a children's weight loss camp / Laura Backstrom
Sage Research Methods Cases Account-giving and contending with real and imagined audiences in evaluation research / Kendra Jason, Sarah H. Pollock
Sage Research Methods Cases Accountability of philanthropic foundations : interviewing private and powerful givers about their responsibilities / Alexandra Williamson, Belinda Luke, and Craig Furneaux
Sage Research Methods Cases Achieving Praxis in Teacher Preparation : Using Varied Methods of Participant Reflection in Qualitative Research to Reveal Critical Thinking / Barrera
Sage Research Methods Cases Acquiring Opinions of a High School Dropout Prevention Program : Conducting Focus Groups With Adolescents / Geiger
Sage Research Methods Cases Action research applied in online management education / Andrew Creed, and Ambika Zutshi
Sage Research Methods Cases Action research : creative metaphor to build relationships in projects / Arthur Shelley
Sage Research Methods Cases Action Research Cycle : Exploring Pedagogic Puzzles / Boon
Sage Research Methods Cases Action research in a campus-community partnership : lessons learned / Rhema Fuller, Jennifer McGarry, Cassandra Coble, Justin Evanovich, Garret Zastoupil
Sage Research Methods Cases Action Research : Learning Sight Words Through the Use of an iPad in Second Grade / Williams