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Title Advances in reconfigurable mechanisms and robots I / Jian S. Dai, Matteo Zoppi, Xianwen Kong, editors
Published London ; New York : Springer, ©2012


Description 1 online resource
Contents pt. 1. pt. I: Reconfiguration Theory. Metamorphic Structure Representation: Designing and Evaluating Anatomies of Metamorphic Manipulators / Charalampos Valsamos, Vassilis C. Moulianitis and Nikos Aspragathos -- A Method for Configuration Representation of Metamorphic Mechanisms with Information of Component Variation / Wuxiang Zhang and Xilun Ding -- Enumeration Problems: A Bridge Between Planar Metamorphic Robots in Engineering and Polyforms in Mathematics / Anelize Zomkowski Salvi, Roberto Simoni and Daniel Martins -- A Discontinuously Movable Constant Velocity Shaft Coupling of Koenigs Joint Type / Chung-Ching Lee and Jacques M. Hervé -- A Special Wohlhart's Double-Goldberg 6R Linkage and Its Multiple Operation Forms Among 4R and 6R Linkages / Chaoyang Song and Yan Chen -- The Equivalent Resistance Gradient Model of Metamorphic Mechanisms and the Design Approach / Shujun Li and Jian S. Dai -- Biological Modeling Representations and Configuration Evolution Analysis of a Novel Metamorphic Loading Mechanism / Ganwei Cai, Yuchen Pan, Hongzhou Wang and Jian S. Dai -- On the Matrix Representation Methods for Variable Topology Mechanisms / Lung-Yu Chang and Chin-Hsing Kuo -- Geometric Constraints Resulting From Puzzles / Liping Zhang and Jian S. Dai -- Reconfigurable Assembly Approach for Wind Turbines Using Multiple Intelligent Agents / C. Deters, H.A. Wurdemann, Jian S. Dai, L.D. Seneviratne and K. Althoefer -- Development of a Reconfigurable Compliant Education Kit for Undergraduate Mechanical Engineering Education / Shouzhong Li, Jingjun Yu, Yue Wu and Guanghua Zong
pt. 2. Topology, kinematics and Design of Reconfigurable Mechanisms. Structural Synthesis of a Class of Metamorphic Parallel Mechanisms with Variable Mobility / Wei Ye, Yuefa Fang and Sheng Guo -- Structural Representation of Reconfigurable Linkages / Ketao Zhang, Yuefa Fang, Guowu Wei and Jian S. Dai -- Topological Analysis of Configuration Evolution of a Novel Type of Electric Loader with Metamorphic Functions / Ganwei Cai, Yuchen Pan, Hongzhou Wang and Jian S. Dai -- Analysis of Freedom Degrees of Self-Help Chair for the Old Based on the Principle of Metamorphic Mechanism / Ju-Jiang Cao, Yu-Qi Wang and Ji-Wei Sun -- The Variable Graph of Metamorphic Mechanisms or Variable Topology Mechanisms / Chuan-He Liu -- Type Synthesis of Planar Parallel Mechanism Incorporating Actuated Limb with Zero/One Constraint with Set Conception / Gang Dong, Yimin Song and Tao Sun -- Dynamics Modeling and Analysis of Compaction Force of Crawler on Cone Lamp Pole / Nan-Jiang Gu and Zhong-Bin Liu -- Deformation Discipline of the Flexspline in Harmonic Drives with Engagement Output / Huimin Dong, Zhi Chen, Chunmao Zhang and Delun Wang -- Development of a New Steering Mechanism for Automobiles / R. Venkatachalam and A. Padma Rao -- Constructing Rolling Mechanisms Based on Tetrahedron Units / Yao-Bin Tian and Yan-An Yao -- A Compliant 5-bar Tristable Mechanism Utilizing Metamorphic Transformation / Guimin Chen, Yi Liu and Yanjie Gou
pt. 3. pt. III, Reconfigurable Parallel Mechanisms. Type Synthesis of Partially Decoupled 2-DOF Parallel Mechanisms with Two 1T1R Operational Modes / Xianwen Kong -- Reconfiguration and Actuation Scheme of 3rTPS Metamorphic Parallel Mechanisms with Parallel Constraint Screws / Dongming Gan, Jian S. Dai, Jorge Dias and Lakmal Seneviratne -- Topological Structure Synthesis of 3-Translation Parallel Mechanisms / Huiping Shen, Tongzhu Yu, Jiaming Deng, Zheng Wang and Tingli Yang -- Development of Reconfigurable Spherical Motion Generator / Shiu Hang Ip, Chao Chen, Richard P.H. Chen and Denny Oetomo -- Reconfiguration Analysis of a Fully Reconfigurable Parallel Robot / Allan Daniel Finistauri and Fengfeng Xi -- Type-Changeable Kinematic Pair Evolved Reconfigurable Parallel Mechanisms / Ketao Zhang, Evangelos Emmanouil, Yuefa Fang and Jian S. Dai -- Developing a New Concept of Self Reconfigurable Intelligent Swarm Fixtures / Luis de Leonardo, Matteo Zoppi, Li Xiong, Serena Gagliardi and Rezia Molfino -- Configuration Change and Mobility Analysis of a New Metamorphic Parallel Mechanism Used for Bionic Joint / Guoguang Jin and Boyan Chang -- Optimal Design of a New Parallel Kinematic Machine for Large Volume Machining / Yan Jin, Zhuming Bi, Colm Higgins, Mark Price and Weihai Chen, et al. -- A Study of the Instantaneous Kinematics of the 5-RSP Parallel Mechanism Using Screw Theory / Ernesto Rodriguez-Leal, Jian S. Dai and Gordon R. Pennock -- Experimental Modal Analysis for a 3-DOF PKM Module / Jun Zhang, Hai-Wei Luo and Tian Huang -- Analysis on Motion Characters for A 3-PRS Parallel Mechanism / Zheng Gao, Rui Su, Jianting Zhao and Hongrui Wang -- Effect of Different Terrain Parameters on Walking / Shahram Mohseni-Vahed and Yun Qin
pt. 4. Bio-Reconfiguration Techniques and Biomedical Devices. Bi-Behavioral Prosthetic Knee Enabled by a Metamorphic Compliant Mechanism / Shannon Zirbel, Shane Curtis, Rachel Bradshaw, Luke Duffield and Greg Teichert, et al. -- A Novel Actuator with Reconfigurable Stiffness for a Knee Exoskeleton: Design and Modeling / Nikos C. Karavas, Nikos G. Tsagarakis, Jody Saglia and Darwin G. Galdwell -- Bio-Inspired Dynamic Model for a Reconfigurable Multiple Continuum Arm Robot / Rongjie Kang, David T. Branson, Emanuele Guglielmino and Darwin G. Caldwell -- A Novel Reconfigurable Unit for High Dexterous Surgical Instrument / Linan Zhang, Shuxin Wang, Jianmin Li, Xiaofei Wang and Chao He, et al. -- Design and Kinematics Analysis of a Novel MR-Compatible Robot for Needle Insertion / Chaochao Cheng, Shan Jiang, Jun Liu and Jinlong Lou -- A Flexible-Waist Quadruped Robot Imitating Infant Crawl / Cheng Liu, Xiuli Zhang, Dongdong Li and Kunling Zhou -- Design and Analysis of a Portable Reconfigurable Minimally Invasive Surgical Robot / Chao He, Shuxin Wang, Xiaofei Wang, Anlin Zhang and Dongchun Liu -- A Passive Robotic Platform for Three-Dimensional Scanning of Ex Vivo Soft Tissue / Jichun Li, Jelizaveta Zirjakova, Wei Yao, Kaspar Althoefer and Prokar Dasgupta, et al. -- Design and Fabrication of DNA Origami Mechanisms and Machines / Hai-Jun Su, Carlos Ernesto Castro, Alexander Edison Marras and Michael Hudoba -- Multibody Modelling Applied to Origami Carton Folding / Ferdinando Cannella, Jian S. Dai and Daniele Clari
pt. 5. Analysis and Design of Reconfigurable Robots. Hardware Design and Testing of ModRED: A Modular Self-Reconfigurable Robot System / S.G.M. Hossain, Carl A. Nelson and Prithviraj Dasgupta -- Structures and Characteristics in Reconfigurable Modular Robots / B. Madhevan and M. Sreekumar -- Typical 3 + 3 Gait Motion Analysis of a Radial Symmetrical Six-Legged Robot Based on Metamorphic Theory / Xilun Ding and Kun Xu -- An Automatic Dynamics Generation Method for Reconfigurable Modular Robot / Wenbin Gao and Hongguang Wang -- A Kind of Architecture and Key Technologies for Developing Modular Robot / Hongxing Wei, Jingtao Lei and Tianmiao Wang -- Metamorphic Mechanism Analysis of a Chinese Massage Robot End-Effector / Lv-Zhong Ma, Peng Fei, Jun Zhang and Guanghong Zhao -- Roller Skating Analysis of a Novel Quadruped Robot with Extendable Body / Xilun Ding and Hao Chen -- Performance Analysis of a Quadruped/Biped Reconfigurable Walking Robot with Parallel Leg Mechanism / Hongbo Wang, Xing Hu, Lingfeng Sang, Zhen Xu and Jianjun Wang -- Intelligent Fingertip Sensing for Contact Information Identification / Hongbin Liu, Xiaojing Song, Joao Bimbo, Kaspar Althoefer and Lakmal Senerivatne -- Conceptual Design and Kinematic Analysis of a Five-Fingered Anthropomorphic Robotic Hand / Pramod Kumar Parida, B.B. Biswal and Rabindra Narayan Mahapatra -- Dynamic Analysis of Cable-Driven Humanoid Arm Based on Lagrange's Equation / Jianhua Wang, Xiang Cui, Weihai Chen and Yan Jin -- Reconfiguration of System for Waste Collection with Robotics Methodologies / Alberto Rovetta
pt. 6. Control of Reconfigurable Robots. Study on Decentralized Control of Reconfigurable Manipulator Based on Third-Order ESO / Yanli Du, Yanfeng Qiao, Zhiqian Wang, Mujun Xie and Yuanchun Li -- A Combined Backstepping Terminal Sliding Mode Algorithm Based Decentralized Control Scheme for Reconfigurable Manipulators / Bo Zhao, Zhiqian Wang, Yanfeng Qiao, Keping Liu and Yuanchun Li -- Underactuated Gripper That Is Able to Convert from Precision to Power Grasp by a Variable Transmission Ratio / Stefan A.J. Spanjer, Ravi Balasubramanian, Aaron M. Dollar and Just L. Herder -- Transparency Analysis of a Force Sensorless Master-Slave Control by Force Feedback Based Virtual Impedance Controller with Time Delay / Ryosuke Horie, Kiyotoshi Komuta and Toshiyuki Murakami -- Friction Compensation and Control Strategy for the Dexterous Robotic Hands / Vahid Aminzadeh, Rich Walker, Ugo Cupcic, Hugo Elias and Jian S. Dai -- On the Task Specific Evaluation and Optimisation of Cable-Driven Manipulators / Darwin Lau, Kishor Bhalerao, Denny Oetomo and Saman K. Halgamuge -- Motion Coordination Strategy of Quadruped Robot Inspired by the Locomotion of Animal / Hongkai Li and Zhendong Dai -- Robotics Studies in Europe / Valentina Resaz, Fabrice Meriaudeau, David Fofi and Matteo Zoppi
pt. 7. Deployable Mechanisms and Applications of Reconfigurable Mechanisms. Deployable Masts Based on the Bennett Linkage / Hongwei Guo and Zhong You -- Structural Synthesis of Ancient Chinese Chu State Repeating Crossbow / Kuo-Hung Hsiao and Hong-Sen Yan -- Duality of the Platonic Polyhedrons and Isomorphism of the Regular Deployable Polyhedral Mechanisms (DPMs) / Guowu Wei and Jian S. Dai -- A Brief Survey on Inflatable Deployment Space Structures' Research and Development / Jinguo Liu and Shufeng Sun -- A Novel Surface Deployable Antenna Structure Based on Special Form of Bricard Linkages / Ji Cui, Hailin Huang, Bing Li and Zongquan Deng -- Geometric and Combined Analysis of the Color-Flipping Ball / Duanling Li, Guochao Bai, Qizheng Liao and Zhanjiang Du -- Forward Displacement Analysis of Two Foldable 3US Parallel Mechanisms / Yun Qin and Jian S. Dai -- A Reconfigurable Linkage and Its Applications in Lift Mechanism / Jing-Shan Zhao, Zheng-Fang Yan and Fu-Lei Chu -- Dynamic Analysis on Crank-Connecting Rod Mechanism of Reciprocating Pumps with Crankshaft-Bushing Clearance / Lixin Xu, Yuhu Yang, Yonggang Li and Chongning Li -- Design and Analysis of a Biphasic Variable Impedance Actuator / Bo Han, Matteo Zoppi and Rezia Molfino -- H-Beam Cutting System Based on Pro/E Model-Driven Technology / Wenbin Duan, Juliang Xiao and Gang Wang -- The Typical Box-Taking Mechanism and Its Development Trend of Automatic Cartoning Machine / Jujiang Cao, Lei Zhang and Long Li -- A 'Multilink Spatial Hyper Redundant' Manipulator / Praveen Jagadeesan, Sabarish Sivaprakasham, Dinesh Kumar and M. Madhu
Summary Advances in Reconfigurable Mechanisms and Robots I provides a selection of key papers presented in The Second ASME/IFToMM International Conference on Reconfigurable Mechanisms and Robots (ReMAR 2012) held on 9th -11th July 2012 in Tianjin, China. This ongoing series of conferences will be covered in this ongoing collection of books. A total of seventy-eight papers are divided into seven parts to cover the topology, kinematics and design of reconfigurable mechanisms with the reconfiguration theory, analysis and synthesis, and present the current research and development in the field of reconfigurable mechanisms including reconfigurable parallel mechanisms. In this aspect, the recent study and development of reconfigurable robots are further presented with the analysis and design and with their control and development. The bio-inspired mechanisms and subsequent reconfiguration are explored in the challenging fields of rehabilitation and minimally invasive surgery. Advances in Reconfigurable Mechanisms and Robots I further extends the study to deployable mechanisms and foldable devices and introduces applications of reconfigurable mechanisms and robots. The rich-content of Advances in Reconfigurable Mechanisms and Robots I brings together new developments in reconfigurable mechanisms and robots and presents a new horizon for future development in the field of reconfigurable mechanisms and robots
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Subject Adaptive control systems.
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Form Electronic book
Author Dai, Jian S
Zoppi, Matteo
Kong, Xianwen
ISBN 9781447141419