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Title [Religion. Part 2]
Published 1883-
Table of Contents
Box 12:3Brief historical survey of St. james', West Melbourne, 1839-1944 / Rev. J.L. Watt, Rev. R.J. Rowell 
Box 12:4Collins Street Independent Church, Melbourne, founded 1839 / Ministers and illustrated by Evelyn M. Baxter 
Box 11:18Massacre on the roads, 1958 / Catholic Bishops of Australia 
Box 5:1Missionary challenge of Spain and France : working among the Spanish people in Spain and South France, 1955 / Rev. H. Robinson 
Box 10:9Montini story : a portrait of Paul VI, 1963 / Gerard Eyre Noel 
Box 10:10Moral code : an episcopal statement concerning the observance of the ten commandments in Australia, 1966 / Social Justice Sunday 
Box 5:2Moral equivalent of war / William James 
Box 5:3Moral issues of the war, 1940 / W. R. Matthews 
Box 10:11Moral rearmament : the battle for peace / H. W. Austin 
Box 10:12Moral stigmata of degeneration / Arthur MacDonald 
Box 5:4Moru district Papua, [194?] / London Missionary Society 
Box 5:5Moses : a lecture / Henry George 
Box 5:6Mothers' Union [objectives and prayer], [192?] 
Box 5:7Myth or history in the old testament, 1912 1812-1897 / S. Laing 
Box 5:8Natural law as a basis of social justice, 1959 / Catholic Bishops of Australia 
Box 5:9The need for faith in a scientific age : address delivered in the Bute Hall, University of Glasgow, on the occasion of his installation as Rector, 21st October, 1960, 1961 / Rt. Hon. Viscount Hailsham 
Box 5:10New Guinea gets you : the story of a pilgrimage November 17th, 1945 to January 10th, 1946, 1946 / Norman F. Cocks 
Box 5:11Nogut yu giaman, 1969 
Box 12:3Open Secrets of Freemasonry, 1922 
Box 10:14Our Lady of Fatima, 1975 / Bernard O'Connor 
Box 10:15Overseas tribute to skill and philanthropy / Mahomed Allum 
  Box 10:13Morality without God, no.2 / Chapman Cohen 
Box 5:12Redemption songs : a choice collection of 1000 hymns and choruses for evangelistic meetings, soloists, choirs, and the home 
Box 6:1Papuan pages : an account of a journey made in Papua-New Guinea in October and November, 1947, [1949] / Rec. W. H. Rainey 
Box 10:16Passing and the permanent : a sermon in the memory of the Rev. John Nisbet, 1899 / George Clarke 
Box 6:2Pastoral letter from heads of the Christian Churches in Australia and A.T.I.M. survey on the employment of young people, [197?] / Australian Trade & Industry Mission 
Box 6:3Patron saints of the British Isles, 1943 / R. F. Heath 
Box 6:4Pattern for peace [a twenty-point programme of social reconstruction], [194?] / Episcopal Committee on Catholic Action 
Box 6:5Paul Modak / Reg. P. D. Snow 
Box 10:17Peace beyond understanding : Mary McKillop Mother Mary of the Cross , 1966 / J. Hannon 
Box 6:6Peace in industry / Standing Committee of the Catholic Bishops of Australia 
Box 6:7People had a mind to work : a bridge of understanding and concern between the Church, trade and industry, 1961 / Rev. Lawrence E. Styles 
Box 6:8People with a past in BCA, [1969?] / Bush Church Aid Society of Australia 
Box 10:18Peoples book for holy week and easter, 1967 / J. D. Simonds 
Box 11:1Plotting Americas pogroms, 1934 / John L. Spivak 
Box 6:9Policeman's story : a true life history (Gospel temperance tracts) / Frederick Sessions 
Box 6:10Pope and the Jews : the struggle of the Catholic Church against anti-semitism during the war, 1945 / A. C. F. Beales 
Box 11:2Poverty of the people in Australia, 1944 / F. Oswald Barnett 
Box 6:11Poverty, power & the Church : a reflection on the social and political responsibilities of Christians, 1980 / Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace 
Box 11:3Prayer book : compiled for use in hospitals and institutions, 1974 / Alphonse Coan 
Box 11:4Prayers for retreats, 1967 / P. Murphy 
Box 11:5Presbyterian church : bet bet, 1968 / John J. Alderson 
Box 11:6Primer on meditation, [1972] 
Box 6:12Price of an enduring peace : group of studies, [1943?] / United Council of Church Women U.S.A. 
Box 6:13PWMU : 71st annual report for the 12 months ended 30th June, 1961 / Presbyterian Women's Missionary Union of Victoria 
Box 6:14Quaker message : a personal affirmation, 1972 / L. Hugh Doncaster 
Box 6:15Reading and character : a paper read at the twelfth annual meeting of the Catholic Educational Association, St. Paul, Minn., July, 1915, 1916 / Rev. James J. Daly 
Box 11:7Redemptorst mission book, [1977] 
Box 6:16Red Shield huts for Australian troops, 1941 / Salvation Army 
Box 6:17Re-evaluation of Islam in Turkey, [1959] / Fareed S. Jafri 
Box 6:18Religion and human liberty : or, the Bible the charter of man's rights, [1906] / Rev. James O'Dwyer 
Box 12:1Religion and science : considered in their historical relations, 1928 / Charles Singer 
Box 6:19Religion for the modern man and woman : a new order for Christianity in harmony with science and the spirit of the age, 1947 / Edgar W. Pritchard 
Box 6:20Religion in national life : address to the University Association of Canberra, 6 October 1933, 1933 / S. Angus 
Box 6:21Religious ceremony : opening of Parliament House, 9 May, 1988, 1989 / Office of Multicultural Affairs, Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet 
Box 11:8Review of eighty years at St. Stephens congregation Surrey Hills 1887-1967, 1967 / Presbyterian Church of Australia 
Box 7:1Right order in human society : translated from the Latin text of the encyclical letter "Mater et magistra", 1962 / with an explanation by the Rev. Dr. John Farrar 
Box 7:2Ritual of the first degree, or degree of sincerity : senior ceremonies, 1939 / Methodist Order of Knights 
Box 7:3Road to peace, 1965 / Kenneth Johnstone 
Box 7:4Role of the Christian moralist in present day Australia, 1973 / Honourable Dame Enid Lyons 
Box 7:5Roll on, wagon wheels! (Robert Moffat of South Africa), 1956 / H. F. Frame 
Box 11:9Royal empire society bibliographies, no. 13, : best book on Australia and New Zealand an annotated bibliography, 1946 / Evans Lewin 
Box 7:6Rudolf Eucken's philosophy of religion, 1908 / W. Tudor Jones 
Box 7:7Sacrafietuda, [1959?] / H. W. Crittenden 
Box 7:8Justin De Jacobis, C.M. : hero of Ethiopia, [1975?] / D. F. Bourke 
Box 7:9Science and religion : an address delivered in St. John's Church, Camberwell, on Sunday evening, 19th August, 1883 being a review of Mr. Justice Higinbotham's lecture, 1883 / Rev. A. W. Cresswell 
Box 7:10Science and the purpose of life, 1912 / Fridtjof Nansen 
Box 7:11Scripture Union almanac, 1904 
Box 7:12Service of devotion for "the three hours", 1911 / Rev. G. I. Swinnerton 
Box 12:2Seven human temperaments / Geoffrey Hodson 
Box 12:3Sex relatinos without marriage : a defence of the christian standard / A. Herbert Gray 
Box 7:13Shall the spell be broken? : rectorial address to the University of Aberdeen delivered on 6 February 1943, 1943 1889-1952 / Right Hon. Sir Stafford Cripps, Sir, 
Box 7:14Shorter catechism agreed upon by the Assembly of Divines at Westminster with scripture proofs, [19--] / Westminster Assembly 
Box 7:15Sin in the camp, 1984 / A. James Wilson 
Box 7:16Sivarai Momokani / Stanmore Missionary Press 
Box 7:17Smiling through / Mission to Lepers 
Box 7:18Social credit and Christian philosophy, 1956? / Eric D. Butler 
  Box 11:19Socialisation, 1948 / Archbishops and Bishops of the Catholic Church in Australia 
  Box 11:20Christian education in a democratic community, 1949 / Archbishops and Bishops of the Catholic Church in Australia 
  Box 11:21Morality in public life, 1950 / Archbishops and Bishops of the Catholic Church in Australia 
  Box 11:22Future of Australia, 1948 / Archbishops and Bishops of the Catholic Church in Australia 
  Box 11:23Food or famine : a critical moral issue, 1952 / Archbishops and Bishops of the Catholic Church in Australia 
  Box 11:24Big cities, 1955 / Archbishops and Bishops of the Catholic Church in Australia 
Box 7:19Social questions - the responsible society in a world perspective : an ecumenical survey, 1954 / World Council of Churches 
Box 8:1Some Greek and Roman ideas of a future life, [1915] / Cyril Bailey 
Box 8:2South of the clouds, [194?] / John B. Kuhn 
Box 12:4St. James' Old Cathedral Pioneers' Service 
Box 8:3Story of Sakya the leper Lama / A. Donald Miller 
Box 8:4Sunday morning and the children, 1927? / A. R. Browne-Wilkinson 
  Box 11:10Tolerance and the intolerate, 1961 / Richard K. Ullmann 
Box 8:5Task of the Church in relation to industry : a report prepared by a working party of the Social and Industrial Council, 1959 / Social and Industrial Council (Church of England) 
Box 8:6Teachings of Islam : service to God and humanity, [1948?] / Mahomet Allum 
Box 11:11Thanksgiving for harvest : a form of prayer, 1862 / House of Convocation of the Province of Canterbury 
Box 8:7Three flies : an address by a missionary 
Box 8:8Three hours' service for Good Friday : with hymns and prayers / Right Rev. C. J. Ridgeway 
Box 11:26Twenty-fourth annual report 1965-66 : Jewish council to combat fascism and anti-semitism, [1966] / Trevaks, Todd 
Box 8:9Valley of decision : the Christian dilemma in the nuclear age / T. R. Milford 
Box 11:12Way of the mass : prayerful meditations on the mass, 1980 / William Dunphy 
Box 8:10Way to world peace, 1930 / H. G. Wells 
Box 11:25Welcome to country : respecting indigenous culture for travellers in Australia, 2004 / Department of the Environment and Heritage  
Box 8:11What do you read? : an episcopal statement on popular reading and the encouragement of good literature, 1961 / Catholic Church 
Box 8:12What we all believe : the great spiritual ideals of the peoples of the world, 1951 / Ruth Cranston 
Box 11:13Whats wrong with abortion?, 1968 / H. P. Dunn 
Box 8:13Who are these Unitarians? / Victor James 
Box 8:14 Why Catholic schools?, [196?] / Father J. P. Kelly 
Box 8:15Why I accept the Genesis record, 1959 / John Raymond Hand 
Box 8:16Why not hold a seance, 1972 / Ron Ellis 
Box 8:17Word of truth in the restoration of the true gospel of Salvation unto mankind / George Ernest Hyde 
Box 8:18Young worker faces life, 1960 / Monsignor Joseph Cardijn 
Box 11:14Youth in the service of the kingdom 1893 or 4-1940 / Robin R. Adair 


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Series [Pamphlet collection]
Summary Consists of pamphlets collected over an extended period of time covering the broad subject area of religion. Includes material from a variety of countries, from 1883-, more specifically on missions, individual religions, and their views on various social issues.
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Subject Moses (Biblical leader)
Eucken, Rudolf, 1846-1926
Higinbotham, George, 1826-1892.
MacKillop, Mary, Saint, 1842-1909
Moffat, Robert, 1795-1883
Catholic Church -- Pastoral letters and charges
Methodist Church of Australasia
Methodist Order of Knights (Australia)
Mission to Lepers
Mothers' Union
Parliament House (Canberra, A.C.T.)
Presbyterian Church
Bible and evolution
Catholic action
Christian education
Christian patron saints -- Biography.
Christianity and justice -- Catholic Church
Christianity -- Philosophy
Christianity -- 20th century
Labor -- Religious aspects -- Christianity
Labor -- Religious aspects -- Christianity -- Australia
Labor -- Religious aspects -- Christianity -- Great Britain
Church and social problems
Church and social problems -- Australia -- Catholic Church
Church history
Christian civilization
Communism and Christianity -- Catholic Church
Conduct of life
Ethics -- Australia
Freemasonry -- Australia
Holy week
Hymns, English
Industrial relations -- Australia
International cooperation
Islam and politics -- Turkey
Islam -- Doctrines
Jews -- Persecutions
Literature and morals
Missionaries -- South Africa -- Biography
Missions -- China
Missions -- France
Missions -- India
Missions -- Papua New Guinea
Missions -- South Africa.
Missions -- Spain
Moral re-armament
Myth in the Old Testament
Natural law
Papuans -- Social life and customs
Peace -- Religious aspects -- Christianity
Philosophy, Modern
Popes -- Biography
Prayers and devotions
Presbyterian Church
Presbyterian women
Reconstruction (1939-1951) -- Australia
Religion and science
Religion and sociology
Religion -- Philosophy
Rites and ceremonies -- Australia
Science -- Moral and ethical aspects
Self control
Social credit
Social ethics
Social justice
Society of Friends
War -- Religious aspects -- Christianity
World War, 1939-1945 -- Great Britain
World War, 1939-1945 -- Moral and ethical aspects
World War, 1939-1945 -- Religious aspects
SUBJECT Australia -- Moral conditions
Papua New Guinea -- Religion
Turkey -- Politics and government
Subject Young Christian Workers' Movement of Australia