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Author Levy, A

Title Handbook of Conveying and Handling of Particulate Solids
Published Saint Louis : Elsevier Science, 2001


Description 1 online resource
Series Handbook of Powder Technology ; v. 10
Handbook of powder technology.
Contents Solids flowability measurement and interpretation in industry / T.A. Bell -- Flow properties of bulk solids : which properties for which application / J. Schwedes -- Investigation on the effect of filling procedures on testing of flow properties by means of a uniaxial tester / G.G. Enstad and K.N. Sjoelyst -- Characterization of powder flow behavior with the flexible wall biaxial tester / R.J.M. Janssen and B. Scarlett -- From discrete element simulations towards a continuum description of particulate solids / S. Luding, M. Lätzel and H.J. Herrmann -- Vibrational flow of cohesive powders / Th. Kollmann and J. Tomas -- Influence of the stress history on the time dependent behaviour of bulk solids / H. Zetzener and J. Schwedes -- Evaluation of the mechanical properties of powder for storage / M. Lubert, A. de Ryck and J.A. Dodds -- Particle adhesion and powder flow behaviour / J. Tomas
Determination of the influence of surface coating and particle size on flow properties of organic pigment powders / P. Marjanovic, M. McGarvey and R.B. McKay -- The conversion of the analytical simple shear model for the Jenike failure locus into principal stress space and implication of the model for hopper design / A.H. Birks, M.S.A. Bradley and R. Farnish -- Modelling flooding in a small vessel compared with experiments and numerical calculation / S. Kuchii and Y. Tomita -- Analysis and application of powder compaction diagrams / P. Mort -- Axial porosity distribution in a packed bed of deformable particles : a numerical study based on DEM / Q. Li, V. Rudolph, F. Wang, S-I. Kajikawa and M. Horio -- Flow properties of bulk solids and their use in solving industrial problems / J. Schwedes -- Silo failures : case histories and lessons learned / John W. Carson
The relationship between flow behaviour in a plane flow hopper and the Jenike design method / R.J. Berry, A.H. Birks, M.S.A. Bradley and R.J. Farnish -- Full scale silo tests and numerical simulations of the "cone in cone" concept for mass flow / Th. Schurich, Ch. Fürll and G.G. Enstad -- Stress condition of sliding bulk solids on silo walls / T. Yahiro -- Studies on thermal actions and forces in cylindrical storage silo bins / A. Lapko and J.A. Prusiel -- Silo discharge : dynamic effects of granular flow / J.-U. Böhrnsen and H. Antes -- Recent developments in feeder design and performance / A.W. Roberts -- Recent developments in belt conveying : bulk solid and conveyor belt interactions / A.W. Roberts -- Putting the pedal to the metal / G. Lodewijks, S. Kubo and A. Newman -- Mesoscopic nature of granular flows / I. Goldhirsch -- Using a kinetic theory approach incorporating interaction with the air to model granular flow down a chute / Y.H. Zhang and J.M. Reese
Numerical and experimental studies for the impact of projectiles on granular materials / K. Tanaka, M. Nishida, T. Kunimochi and T. Takagi -- Implementation of 3D frictional contact condition / M. Klisinski and E. Postek -- Numerical simulation of 3D iron ore flow / E. Postek and M. Klisinski -- Pneumatic conveying : transport solutions, pitfalls, and measurements / G.E. Klinzing -- Dilute-phase pneumatic conveying problems and solutions / P.W. Wypych -- Latest development of the direct technique for measurement of the pneumatic conveying characteristics of bulk materials / M.S.A. Bradley, L.M. Hyder, R.J. Farnish and A.R. Reed -- Dense phase (plug) conveying : observations and projections / G.E. Klinzing -- Operating limits of low-velocity pneumatic conveying / J. Yi and P.W. Wypych -- Granular jump in low velocity pneumatic conveying of solid particles in a horizontal pipeline / Y. Tomita, K. Funatsu and S. Harada
Two-layer model for non-suspension gas-solids flow of fine powders in pipes / D.J. Mason and A. Levy -- Pressure drop prediction of low-velocity slug-flow materials in the unstable zone / R Pan and P.W. Wypych -- Transportation boundaries for horizontal slug-flow pneumatic conveying / D.B. Hastie, R Pan, P.W. Wypych and P.R. Guiney -- The use of high pressure blow tanks for the pneumatic conveying of pelletised materials / David Mills -- Pneumatic conveying with Turbuflow-advantages against conventional dense phase conveying / M. Geweke and U. Gade -- The influence of a bend on the flow characteristics in pneumatic conveying systems / A. Levy -- A novel analytical model for the acceleration of particles following bends in pneumatic conveying systems / M.S.A. Bradley, R.J. Farnish, L.M. Hyder and A.R. Reed -- The design of pipeline systems for transporting ice into deep mines / T.J. Sheer, R. Ramsden and M. Butterworth
Experimental studies on pneumatic conveying of wet snow / T. Kobayashi and Y. Nohguchi -- Deposition velocities for slurry flows / C.A. Shook and R.J. Sumner -- Particle motion in sheared non-Newtonian media / K.C. Wilson -- Distribution and friction of particles in pipeline flow of sand-water mixtures / V. Matoušek -- Laminar and turbulent flow of dense kaolin and ash hydromixtures / P. Vlasak and Z. Chara -- Rheological characterization of industrial kaolin slurries / A. de Pretis, A. Papo and L. Piani -- Net positive suction head requirement for centrifugal slurry pumps / L. Whitlock, A. Sellgren and K. Wilson -- Slurry and tip clearance effects on the performance of an open impeller centrifugal pump / T. Engin, M. Gur and I. Calli -- Pneumatic capsule pipelines in Japan and future developments / Sanai Kosugi -- Drag reduction in hydraulic capsule pipeline / T.R. Marrero and G.S. Kuhlman
A contribution to hydrotransport of capsules in bend and inclined pipeline sections / P. Vlasak and V. Berman -- Recent developments in the drying technologies for the production of particulate materials / A.S. Mujumdar -- DEM simulation of industrial issues in fluidized bed reactors / M. Horio and S. Kajikawa -- Rheologic and flow properties of fluidised bulk solids / L. Kósa and A. Verba -- Drying kinetics simulation by means of artificial neural networks / E. Tomczak and W. Kaminski -- Production of powder-like material from suspension by drying on inert particles / A. Szalay, E. Pallai and T. Szentmarjay -- Segregation of powders : mechanisms, processes and counteraction / G.G. Enstad -- Countering segregation / L. Bates -- An investigation of degradation and segregation in typical coal handling processes / D. McGlinchey, P. Marjanovic and M.G. Jones
A system for the reduction of air current segregation in silos / Are Dyrøy, Morten Karlsen, Gisle G. Enstad and Sunil de Silva -- Segregation-free particle mixing / J. Gyenis -- Bulk-solids mixing : overview / L.T. Fan -- A double stochastic model of the mixing of solid particles / Cs. Mihálykó and É.O. Mihálykó -- Investigation of flow regimes in continuous mixer tubes / J. Szépvölgyi Jr. and S. Endoh -- Description of grinding in a ball mill using statistical moments / A. Heim and T. Olejnik -- A Markov chain model to describe the residence time distribution in a stirred bead mill / H. Berthiaux, F. Espitalier, J.C. Kiefer, M. Niel and V.E. Mizonov -- Simulation of interaction of opposed gas-particle jets / S. Voropayev, D. Eskin, O. Vasilkov and I. Dorokhov -- Simulation of gas-particle flows in jet-vortex mills / D. Eskin and S. Voropayev -- Contribution to the theory of roll press design / M. Hubert, A. Molnár and I. Jaššo
Drum granulation conditions for raw material with different particle size distributions / T. Gluba -- Fugitive and non-fugitive dust generation and control in conveying of powders : reality, technology and human attitude / M.E. Fayed -- Evaluation of air pollution level by means of artificial neural network : multilayer perceptron / W. Kaminski -- Dust explosion hazard considerations for materials handling plants / P.W. Wypych -- A de-dusting device for removing fines from pellets and granules / S.R. de Silva and F.O. von Hafenbrädl -- Assessment of a multistage gravity separation in turbulent air flow / J. Tomas and T. Gröger -- TriboMechanical classification : a new technology for size classification of bulk powders / B. Eiderman, R. Asimow, M. Voskoboinik and H.K. Levy -- Particle surface inspection with Fourier-wavelets transform / M. Takei, H. Li, M. Ochi, Y. Saito and K. Horii -- The crucial role of on-line measurement in bulk solids handling / J.R. Pugh
Application of non-invasive techniques for imaging fluidized beds : a review / T. Dyakowski and A.J. Jaworski -- Electrical tomography techniques for multiphase flow applications / R.C. Waterfall, W.W. Loh, Arko, J. Cory and G.P. Lucas -- Sedimentation kinetics monitor / D. Kamugasha and H. Mahgerefteh -- Effect of mass loading on gas-solids motion and particle segregation patterns / E.N. Jones, C.U. Yurteri and J.L. Sinclair -- Measurement of the dynamic behavior of bulk solids using optical flow analysis / Michael Ostendorf and Jörg Schwedes
Summary This handbook presents comprehensive coverage of the technology for conveying and handling particulate solids. Each chapter covers a different topic and contains both fundamentals and applications. Usually, each chapter, or a topic within a chapter, starts with one of the review papers. Chapter 1 covers the characterization of the particulate materials. Chapter 2 covers the behaviour of particulate materials during storage, and presents recent developments in storage and feeders design and performance. Chapter 3 presents fundamental studies of particulate flow, while Chapters 4 and 5 present t
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Subject Bulk solids handling.
Conveying machinery.
Bulk solids handling
Conveying machinery
Form Electronic book
Author Kalman, Christopher J
Kalman, H
ISBN 9780080533285