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Title Pfenninger & Fowler's procedures for primary care / editor in chief, Grant C. Fowler ; section editors, Beth A. Choby [and six others]
Edition Fourth edition
Published Philadelphia, PA : Elsevier, [2020]


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Description xxiv, 1693 pages : color illustrations ; 29 cm
Contents Section 1: Anesthesia. Procedural sedation and analgesia ; Pediatric sedation and analgesia ; Nitrous oxide sedation ; Topical anesthesia ; Local anesthesia ; Local and topical anesthetic complication ; Peripheral nerve blocks and field blocks ; Oral-facial anesthesia ; Bier block ; Epidural anesthesia and analgesia ; Procedures to treat headaches -- Section 2: Dermatology. Acne therapy: surgical and physical approaches ; Approach to various skin lesions ; Cryosurgery ; Dermoscopy ; Flaps and plasties ; Fungal studies (and scabies): collection and procedures and tests ; Incisions: planning the direction of the incision ; Laceration and incision repair ; Laceration and incision repair: needle selection ; Laceration and incision repair: suture selection ; Laceration and incision repair: suture tying ; Nail plate, nail bed, and nail matrix biospy ; Nail bed repair ; Radiofrequency surgery (modern electrosurgery) ; Skin biopsy ; Skin grafting ; Hypertrophic scars and keloids ; Unna paste boote: treatment of venous stasis ulcers and other disorders ; Wart (verruca) treatment ; Pilonidal cyst and abscess: current management ; Wood's light examination ; Maggot treatment for chronic ulcers -- Section 3: Aesthetic medicine. Introduction to aesthetic medicine ; Cosmeceuticals and skin care ; Gingival melanin hyperpigmentation ; Lasers and pulsed-light devices: hair removal ; Lasers and pulsed-light devices: photofacial rejuvenation ; Lasers and pulsed-light devices: acne ; Lasers and pulsed-light devices: skin tightening ; Lasers and pulsed-light devices: leg telangiectasia ; Lasers: tattoo removal ; Fractional laser resurfacing ; Nonablative radiowave skin tightening with the Ellman S5 Surgitron (PelleveĢ procedure) ; Epilation of isolated hairs (including trichiasis) ; Botulinum toxin ; Tissue filler ; Microdermabrasion and dermal infusion ; Skin peels ; Photodynamic therapy ; Cellulite treatments ; Thread lift using barbed suspension sutures for facial rejuvenation ; Radiofrequency-assisted upper blepharoplasty for the correction of dematochalasis ; Body piercing -- Section 4: Eyes, ears, nose, and throat. Mucocele removal ; Chalazion and hordeolum ; Tonometry ; Audiometry ; Tympanometry ; Typanocentesis and myringotomy ; Cermun impaction removal ; Earlobe repair ; Nasolaryngoscopy ; Indirect mirror larygoscopy ; Tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy ; Allergy testing and immunotherapy ; Fine-needle aspiration cytology and biospy -- Section 5: Cardiovascular and respiratory system procedures. Antibiotic prophylaxis ; Office electrocardiograms ; Preoperative evaluation ; Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring ; Ambulatory electrocardiography: holter and event monitoring ; Stress ECG testing ; Echocardiography ; Stress echocardiography ; Noninvasive venous and arterial studies of the lower extremities ; Sclerotherapy ; Ambulatory phlebectomy ; Endovenous vein ablation ; Pulmonary function testing -- Section 6: Gastrointestinal system procedures. Clinical anorectal anatomy and digital examination ; Anoscopy ; High-resolution anoscopy and anal pap smear ; Anal fissure, lateral sphincterotomy, and anal fistula ; Perianal abscess incision and drainage ; Office treatment of hemorrhoids ; Removal of perianal skin tags (external hemorrhoidal skin tags) ; Flexible sigmoidoscopy ; Colonscopy ; Esophagogastroduodenoscopy ; Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy placement and replacement ; Video capsule endoscopy ; Esophageal foreign body removal ; Inguinal hernia reduction -- Section 7: Urinary system procedures. Bladder catherization (and urethral dilation) ; Diagnostic cystourethroscopy ; Office testing and treatment options for interstitial cystitis (painful bladder syndrome) ; Suprapubic tap or aspiration ; Bedside urodynamic studies -- Section 8: Male reproductive system. Adult circumcision ; Androscopy ; Dorsal slit for phimosis ; Prostate massage ; Prostate and seminal vesicle ultrasonography and biopsy ; Self-injection therapy for the treatment of erectile dysfunction ; Vacuum devices for erectile dysfunction ; Implantable hormone pellets for testosterone deficiency in adult men ; Sperm banking ; Vasectomy ; Manual testicular detorsion -- Section 9: Gynecology and female reproductive system. Pregnancy termination: first-trimester suction aspiration ; Pregnancy termination: medication abortion ; Emergency contraception ; Barrier contraceptives: cervical caps, condoms, and diaphragms ; Fertility awareness-based methods of contraception (natural family planning) ; Bartholin cyst and abscess: word catheter insertion marsupialization ; Breast biopsy ; Pap smear and related techniques for cervical cancer screening ; Human papillomavirus DNA typing ; Wet smear and potassium hydroxide preparation ; Cervical polyps ; Colposcopic examination ; Cryotherapy of the cervix ; Cervical stenosis and cervical dilation ; Loop electrosurgical excision procedure for treating cervical intraepithelial neoplasia ; Cervical conization ; Endometrial biopsy ; Hysteroscopy ; Permanent female sterlization (tubal ligation) ; Insertion of essure (hysteroscopically assisted female sterilization) ; Endometrial ablation ; Hysterosalpingography and sonohysterography ; Intrauterine device insertion and removal ; Insertion and removal of nexplanon ; Pessaries ; Treatment of noncervical condlyomata acuminata ; Vulvar biopsy ; Treatment of the adult victim of sexual assault -- Section 10: Obstetrics. Postcoital test (Sims-Huhner test) ; Obstetric ultrasound ; Cervical cerclage ; Amniocentesis ; External cephalic version ; Antepartum fetal monitoring ; Induction of labor ; Amniotomy ; Fetal scalp electroce application ; Intrauterine pressure catheter insertion ; Transcervical amnioinfusion ; Intrathecal (spinal) analgesia in labor ; Paracervical block ; Pudendal anesthesia ; Low spinal (saddle block) anesthesia ; Vaginal delivery ; Forceps-and vacuum-assisted deliveries ; Episiotomy and repair of the perineum ; Symphysiotomy ; Cesarean delivery ; Culdocentesis (colpocentesis) ; Dilation and curettage -- Section 11: Pediatrics. Neonatal resuscitation. Pediatric arterial puncture and venous mini-cutdown ; Umbilical vessel catheterization ; Dorsal penile and subcutaneous ring block for newborn circumcision ; Newborn circumcision and office meatotomy ; Pediatric suprapubic bladder aspiration ; Tongue-tie snipping (frenotomy) for ankyloglossia ; Management of young female as possible victim of sexual abuse -- Section 12: Orthopedics and sports medicine. Musculoskeletal ultrasound ; Extensor tendon repair ; Nursemaid's elbow: radial head subluxation ; Shoulder dislocations ; Ankle and foot splinting, casting, and taping ; Cast immobilization and upper extremity splinting ; Knee braces ; Fracture care ; Compartment syndrome evaluation ; Joint and soft tissue aspiration and injection (arthorcentesis) ; Trigger-point injection ; Ganglion treatment ; Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, phonophoresis, and iontophoresis ; Acupuncture ; Podiatric procedures ; Body fat analysis ; Office nerve conduction ; Muscle biopsy -- Section 13: Urgent care. Burn treatment ; Fishhook removal ; Foreign body removal from skin and soft tissue ; Incision and drainage of an abscess ; Subungual hematoma evacuation ; Ingrown toenails ; Ring removal from and edematous finger ; Skin stapling ; Tick removal and prevention of infection ; Tissue glues ; Topical hemostatic agents ; Corneal abrasions and removal of corneal or conjunctival foreign bodies ; Slit-lamp examination ; Auricular hematoma evacuation ; Reduction of dislocated temporomandibular joint (with temporomandibular joint syndrome exercises) ; Removal of foreign bodies from the ear and nose ; Management of epsitaxis ; Peritonsillar abscess drainage ; Management of dental injuries and reimplanatation of an avulsed tooth ; Management of fecal impaction ; Gastrointestinal decontamination ; Diagnostic peritoneal lavage ; Tube thoracostomy and emergency needle decompression of tension pneumothorax ; Anaphylaxis ; Prevention and treatment of wound infections ; Emergency department, hospitalist, and office ultrasound (POCUS) ; Heimlich maneuver ; Zipper injury management -- Section 14: Hospitalist. Nasogastric and nasoenteric tube insertion and removal ; Thoracentesis ; Abdominal paracentesis ; Bone marrow aspiration and biopsy ; Lumbar puncture ; Tracheal intubation ; Criothyroid catheter insertion, criothyroidotomy, and tracheostomy ; Mechanical ventilation ; Arterial puncture and percutaneous arterial line placement ; Intraosseous vascular access ; Venous cutdown ; Central venous catheter insertion ; Swan-Ganz (pulmonary artery) catheterization ; Pericardiocentesis ; Electrical cardioversion ; Temporary pacing ; Drawing blood cultures ; Blood products and blood banking ; Principles of x-ray interpretation -- Appendix A: Commonly used instruments and equipment -- Appendix B: Informend consent -- Appendix C: Latex allergy guidelines -- Appendix D: Supplier information -- Appendix E: Resources for learning and teaching procedures -- Appendix F: Universal precautions -- Appendix G: Neoplasms of the skin: ICD-10 diagnostic codes -- Appendix H: Pearls of practice -- Appendix I: Universal procedural traning in family medicine -- Appendix J: Outline for a comprehensive operative note -- Appendix K: Management guidelines for abnormal cervical cancer screening tests and histologic findings -- Appendix L: Buying major office equipment -- Appendix M: Special considerations in geriatric patients
Notes "Expert consult"--Cover page 2
Bibliography Includes bibliographical references and indexes
Subject Primary care (Medicine)
Primary Health Care -- methods
Diagnostic Techniques and Procedures
Surgical Procedures, Operative -- methods
Primary Health Care
Primary care (Medicine)
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Author Fowler, Grant C., editor
LC no. 2018944863
ISBN 9780323476331
Other Titles Pfenninger and Fowler's procedures for primary care
Procedures for primary care