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Book Cover
Author Miller, Linda

Title Clinical Immunology and Serology
Edition 5th ed
Published Philadelphia : F. A. Davis Company, 2021


Description 1 online resource (638 p.)
Contents Cover -- Half Title Page -- Title Page -- Copyright Page -- Dedication -- Preface -- Contributors -- Reviewers -- Acknowledgments -- Contents -- Section I: Nature of the Immune System -- 1 Introduction to Immunity and the Immune System -- Immunity and Immunization -- Innate Versus Adaptive Immunity -- Cells of the Innate Immune System -- Leukocytes in Peripheral Blood -- Tissue Cells -- Cells of the Adaptive Immune System -- B Cells and Plasma Cells -- T Cells -- Innate Lymphoid Cells and Natural Killer Cells -- Organs of the Immune System -- Primary Lymphoid Organs
Secondary Lymphoid Organs -- 2 Innate Immunity -- External Defense System -- Internal Defense System -- Pattern Recognition Receptors -- Pattern Recognition Receptors and Disease -- Acute-Phase Reactants -- Inflammation -- Phagocytosis -- Action of Natural Killer Cells -- Innate Lymphoid Cells -- 3 Nature of Antigens and the Major Histocompatibility Complex -- Factors Influencing the Immune Response -- Traits of Antigens and Immunogens -- Epitopes -- Haptens -- Adjuvants -- Relationship of Antigens to the Host -- Major Histocompatibility Complex -- Genes Coding for MHC Molecules (HLA Antigens)
Expression of Class I and II MHC Molecules -- Structure of Class I MHC Molecules -- Structure of Class II MHC Molecules -- Role of Class I and II Molecules in the Immune Response -- The Class I MHC-Peptide Presentation Pathway -- The Class II MHC-Peptide Presentation Pathway -- Clinical Significance of MHC -- 4 Adaptive Immunity -- T-Cell Differentiation -- Double-Negative Stage -- Double-Positive Stage -- Single-Positive Stage -- Mature T Cells -- Stages in B-Cell Differentiation -- Pro-B Cells -- Pre-B Cells -- Immature B Cells -- Mature B Cells -- Plasma Cells
The Role of T Cells in the Adaptive Immune Response -- Antigen Presentation -- Actions of T Helper and T Regulatory Cells -- Action of Cytotoxic T Cells -- The Role of B Cells in the Adaptive Immune Response -- Immune Response to T-Dependent Antigens -- Immune Response to T-Independent Antigens -- 5 Antibody Structure and Function -- General Structure of Immunoglobulins -- Two-Dimensional Structure -- Treatment With Proteolytic Enzymes -- Hinge Region -- Isotypes, Allotypes, and Idiotypes -- Three-Dimensional Structure of Antibodies -- Antibody Classes -- Immunoglobulin G (IgG)
Immunoglobulin M (IgM) -- Immunoglobulin A (IgA) -- Immunoglobulin D (IgD) -- Immunoglobulin E (IgE) -- Immunologic Memory: Primary and Secondary Antibody Responses -- Antibody Specificity and Diversity -- Clonal Selection -- Immunoglobulin Genes -- Rearrangement of Heavy-Chain Genes -- Light-Chain Rearrangement -- Additional Sources of Diversity -- Immunoglobulin Class Switching -- Monoclonal Antibodies -- Hybridomas -- Clinical and Research Applications -- 6 Cytokines -- Introduction to Cytokines -- Cytokines in the Innate Immune Response
Summary Here's the practical introduction you need to understand the essential theoretical principles of clinical immunology and the serological and molecular techniques commonly used in the laboratory. You'll begin with an introduction to the immune system; then explore basic immunologic procedures; examine immune disorders; and study the serological and molecular diagnosis of infectious disease.An easy-to-read, student-friendly approach emphasizes the direct application of theory to clinical laboratory practice. Each chapter is a complete learning module with learning outcomes, chapter outlines, the
Notes Description based upon print version of record
Cytokines and the Innate Response to Extracellular Microbes
Form Electronic book
Author Stevens, Christine Dorresteyn
ISBN 9780803694415