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Title Atlas of mammalian chromosomes / edited by Alexander S. Graphodatsky, Polina L. Perelman, Stephen J. O'Brien
Edition Second edition
Published Hoboken, NJ : Wiley Blackwel, 2020


Description 1 online resource
Contents Cover -- Title Page -- Copyright Page -- CONTENTS -- Acknowledgments -- Contributors -- Foreword 1 -- Foreword 2 -- Introduction -- MAMMALIA Time Tree -- MONOTREMATA Time Tree -- Order Monotremata -- Family Tachyglossidae -- Tachyglossus aculeatus (F): Short-Beaked/Short-Nosed Echidna -- Tachyglossus aculeatus (M): Short-Beaked/Short-Nosed Echidna -- Family Zaglossidae -- Zaglossus bruijni (F): Long-Beaked/Long-Nosed Echidna -- Zaglossus bruijni (M): Long-Beaked/Long-Nosed Echidna -- Family Ornithorhynchidae -- Ornithorhynchus anatinus (F): Platypus -- Ornithorhynchus anatinus (M): Platypus
MARSUPIALIA Time Tree -- Order Didelphimorphia -- Family Didelphidae -- Marmosops incanus: South American Mouse Opossum -- Marmosa sp.: Mouse Opossum -- Micoureus demerarae: Woolly Mouse Opossum -- Thylamys elegans: Elegant Fat-Tailed Mouse Opossum -- Metachirus nudicaudatus: Brown Four-Eyed Opossum -- Monodelphis domestica: Short-Tailed Opossum -- Monodelphis domestica (Ideogram): Short-Tailed Opossum -- Caluromys philander: Bare-Tailed Woolly Opossum -- Philander opossum: Black Four-Eyed Opossum -- Didelphis marsupialis: Common/Large American Opossum -- Didelphis virginiana: Virginia Opossum
Order Paucituberculata -- Family Caenolestidae -- Rhyncholestes raphanurus: Chilean "Shrew" Opossum -- Order Microbiotheria -- Family Microbiotheriidae -- Dromiciops australis: Monito del Monte -- Order Dasyuromorphia -- Family Dasyuridae -- Antechinus flavipes: Yellow-Footed Marsupial "Mouse"/Antechinus -- Planigale maculata: Flat-Skulled Marsupial "Mouse"/Pygmy Planigale -- Sminthopsis crassicaudata: Fat-Tailed Marsupial "Mouse"/Dunnart/Sminthopsis -- Ningaui sp.: Ningauis -- Antechinomys laniger: Kultarr -- Dasyuroides byrnei: Kowari -- Dasyurus maculatus: Spotted-Tailed/Tiger Quoll
Dasyurus hallucatus: Northern Quoll/Northern Native "Cat"/Njanmak -- Dasyurus viverrinus: Eastern Quoll/Native "Cat" -- Sarcophilus harrisii: Tasmanian Devil -- Order Peramelemorphia -- Family Thylacomyidae -- Macrotis (Thylacomys) lagotis: Greater Bilby/Bilby/Rabbit-Eared Bandicoot -- Isoodon obesulus: Short-Nosed Bandicoot -- Perameles nasuta: Long-Nosed Bandicoot -- Order Notoryctemorphia -- Family Notoryctidae -- Notoryctes typhlops: Marsupial Mole -- Order Diprotodontia -- Family Phascolarctidae -- Phascolarctos cinereus: Koala -- Family Vombatidae
Vombatus ursinus: Common/Coarse-Haired Wombat -- Lasiorhinus latifrons: Southern Hairy-Nosed/Soft-Furred Wombat -- Family Phalangeridae -- Trichosurus vulpecula: Common Brush-Tailed Possum -- Family Potoroidae -- Potorous tridactylus: Long-Nosed Potoroo -- Family Macropodidae -- Thylogale billardierii: Red-Bellied Pademelon -- Thylogale thetis: Red-Necked Pademelon -- Petrogale xanthopus celeris: Yellow-Footed Rock Wallaby -- Petrogale xanthopus xanthopus: Yellow-Footed Rock Wallaby -- Petrogale lateralis lateralis: Black-Footed Rock Wallaby -- Petrogale penicillata: Brush-Tailed Rock Wallaby
Summary "A stunning visual collection of the banded metaphase chromosome karyotypes from some 850 species of mammals, the Atlas of Mammalian Chromosomes represents an unabridged compendium of the state of this genomic art form. Bringing together information currently scattered throughout the cytogenetics literature for scores of published and unpublished species, the atlas features high quality karyotype images for nearly every mammal studied to date, making it the most comprehensive assemblage of high resolution chromosome photographs available, a critically invaluable resource for todays comparative genomics era. For every available species, the atlas presents the best karyotype produced, the common and Latin name of the species, the published citation, and the contributing authors. Nearly all karyotypes are G banded, revealing the chromosomal bar codes of homologous segments among related species. Addressing the mandate of the Human Genome Project to annotate the genomes of other organisms as well, this edition offers a step forward in our understanding of species formation, of genome organization, and of DNA script for natural selection. It is an invaluable resource for geneticists, mammalogists, and biologists interested in comparative genomics, systematics, and chromosome structure. The book will include karyotypes of 1000 of the 5000 species of mammals. These images provide the starting point for a new dynamic field called "ComparativeGenomics" which is driven by the whole genome sequence discernment of biological species. When the atlas was first published, only three mammals were sequenced (human, mouse and rat). Today nearly 300 non-human mammal species enjoy genome sequence empowerment. This practice has become mainstream rigor, with genome sequencing being planed for nearly all mammal species in the coming decade. Updating the atlas will ignite the starting point for so many of these exciting new research endeavors"--Provided by publisher
Bibliography Includes bibliographical references and index
Notes Print version record and CIP data provided by publisher
Subject Karyotypes -- Atlases
Mammals -- Atlases
Genre/Form atlases.
Scientific atlases
Form Electronic book
Author Graphodatsky, Alexander, editor
Perelman, Polina L., editor
O'Brien, Stephen J, editor
LC no. 2019045130
ISBN 9781119418054