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Book Cover
Author McGeady, T. A

Title Veterinary Embryology
Edition 2nd ed
Published Oxford : Wiley, 2013


Description 1 online resource (391 pages)
Contents Title Page; Contents; Preface; Acknowledgements; 1 Division, Growth and Differentiation of Cells; The cell cycle; Mitosis; Meiosis; 2 Gametogenesis; Spermatogenesis; Oogenesis; 3 Fertilisation; Capacitation; Cellular events in the process of fertilisation; Barriers to polyspermy; Ovum activation; In vitro fertilisation; Comparative fertilisation rates; Sex determination; Parthenogenesis; Sex ratio; Chromosomes of domestic animals; 4 Cleavage; Cleavage in primitive chordates, amphibians, avian species and mammals; Stem cells; 5 Gastrulation; Primitive chordates; Amphibians; Avian species
MammalsEstablishment of left-right symmetry in vertebrates; Twinning; 6 Aspects of Cell Signalling and Gene Functioning During Development; Cellular messengers and receptors; Types of signalling; Induction and competence; Paracrine signalling during development; Apoptosis; Morphogens; Differentiation; Gene structure and organisation; X-chromosome inactivation; DNA methylation and parental imprinting in mammals; Promoters, enhancers and silencers; Transcription factors; Gene systems essential for development; Experimental measurement of gene expression; Experimental evaluation of gene function
Concluding comments7 Establishment of the Basic Body Plan; 8 Coelomic Cavities; Pleural and pericardial cavities; Diaphragm; Peritoneal cavity; Omenta; 9 Foetal Membranes; Development of the foetal membranes; Birds; Mammals; 10 Forms of Implantation and Placentation; Implantation; Placentation in mammals; Functional aspects of the placenta; 11 Cardiovascular System; Development of the cardiac tubes; Molecular aspects of cardiac development; Formation of the cardiac chambers; Conducting system of the heart; Developmental anomalies of the cardiovascular system
12 Embryological and Post-natal Features of HaematopoiesisEmbryological aspects of haematopoiesis; Cell differentiation and maturation during haematopoiesis; Stem cells in human adults and mature animals; Immunodeficiency; Inherited defects in natural immunity; 13 Nervous System; Dorsal-ventral patterning of the neural tube; Neural crest; Differentiation of the cellular components of the neural tube; Spinal nerves; Myelination of peripheral nerve fibres; Changes in the relative positions of the spinal cord and the developing vertebral column; Anomalies of the spinal cord
Differentiation of the brain sub-divisionsVentricular system of the brain and cerebrospinal fluid circulation; Molecular aspects of brain development; Brain anomalies; Brain stem and spinal cord; Cranial nerves; Peripheral nervous system; Autonomic nervous system; Enteric nervous system; Meninges; 14 Muscular and Skeletal Systems; Differentiation of somites; Muscular system; Skeletal muscle; Cytodifferentiation of muscle; Skeletal system; Skeletal anomalies; 15 Digestive System; Molecular regulation of alimentary tract development; Oesophagus; Stomach; Liver; Pancreas; Spleen
Summary A thorough appreciation of the cellular, molecular and tissue changes which precede the birth of an animal is a fundamental requirement for understanding normal structural development and also abnormal processes which result in congenital defects. This textbook provides information relevant to many subjects taught in preclinical, paraclinical and clinical years. Early chapters describe and explain sequential events relating to the division, growth and differentiation of cells and to the formation of foetal membranes, implantation and placentation. Succeeding chapters trace the origin, growth,
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Subject Cells.
MEDICAL -- Veterinary Medicine -- Food Animal.
MEDICAL -- Veterinary Medicine -- Small Animal.
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Author Quinn, P. J
FitzPatrick, E. S
Ryan, M. T
Cahalan, S
ISBN 9781118708170