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Author Annual Congress on Advanced Engineering and Technology (2014 : Hong Kong, China), author.

Title Advanced engineering and technology : proceeding of the 2014 Annual Congress on Advanced Engineering and Technology (CAET 2014), Hong Kong, 19-20 April 2014 / editors, Liquan Xie, Department of Hydraulic Engineering, Tongji University, Shanghai, China, Dianjian Huang, National Research Center of Work Safety Administration, Beijing, China
Published Leiden, The Netherlands : CRC Press/Balkema, [2014]


Description 1 online resource (739 pages) : illustrations
Contents Integration of hot-water cooling and evaporative cooling system for datacenter / M.H. Kim, S.W. Ham & J.W. Jeong -- Commissioning of desiccant and evaporative cooling-assisted 100% outdoor air system / M.H. Kim & J.W. Jeong -- Liquid desiccant system performance for cooling water temperature variation in the absorber / J.Y. Park & J.W. Jeong -- Mechanical analysis on the tower-girder fixed region of Chongqing Jiayue bridge / Y. Pan & Y. Deng -- The development of intelligent aided system for safety assessment of buildings in post-earthquake based on web / B. Sun, L. Zhang, H. Chen & X. Chen -- Impact of PV/T system on energy savings and CO2 emissions reduction in a liquid desiccant-assisted evaporative cooling system / E.J. Lee & J.W. Jeong -- Study on multi-zone airflow model calibration process and validation / S.K. Han & J.W. Jeong -- Impact of demand controlled ventilation on energy saving and indoor air quality enhancement in underground parking facilities / H.J. Cho & J.W. Jeong -- Technique for detecting vertical prestress based on vibration principle / X. Shu, M. Shen, X. Zhong, T. Yang & H. Chen -- Influence analysis of ground asymmetric load on spandrel with different bases of existing open trench tunnels / S. Zeng, J. Cao, Q. Pu & H. Liu -- Sensitivity analysis of prestressing loss of long-curved tendons in tensioned phase / J. Tian, X. Fang, L. Qin, W. Xie & J. Tong -- Numerical analysis of the wind field on a low-rise building group / C. Zhang & W.B. Yuan -- Modeling of a tunnel form building using Ruaumoko 2D program / N.H. Hamid & S.A. Anuar -- A simplified design method for CFST frame-core wall structure with viscous dampers / F. Ren, C. Wu & J. Liang -- Experiment research on the bending behavior of stainless steel reinforced concrete slabs / Y. Zhang, G. Zhang, X. Zhou & Z. Chen -- Effect of geogrid-confinement on swelling deformation of expansive soil / J. Ding, R. Chen & J. Liu -- A micro-mechanics study of saturated asphalt concrete / Y. Yuan & Y.H. Zhao -- Numerical analysis of SRC columns with different cross-section of encased steel / H.J. Jiang, Y.H. Li & Z.Q. Yang -- Modeling hysteresis loops of corner beam-column joint using Ruaumoko program / A.G. Kay Dora & N.H. Hamid -- Prediction of ship resistance in muddy navigation area using RANSE / Z. Gao, H. Yang & Q. Pang -- Numerical analysis of depth effects on open flow over a horizontal cylinder / Y. Zhu, L. Xie & X. Liang -- Choice of azimuth axis and stability analysis of surrounding rock of Lianghekou underground powerhouse / Z.Z. Wang, J.H. Zhang, H.Y. Zeng, C.G. Liao & D.Q. Hou -- Experimental study on the chloride-permeation resistance of marine concrete mixed with slag and fly ash / S. Cheng, Su Cheng & C. Hu -- Experiments on coupling effect of upward seepage on slope soil detachment / X. Liang, L. Xie & Y. Zhu -- Seismic safety evaluation of gravity dam in aftershocks / S. Fan, J. Chen & S. Lv -- Research on the features of the wide range continuous rainstorms in Guangxi in the conditions of three types of trough / W. Liang, M. Huang, M. Qu & X. Li
Precipitation analysis in Wuhan, China over the past 62 years / S. Deng, B.H. Lu, H.W. Zhang & E. Akwei -- Climatological anomalies of 500 hPa height fields for heavy rainfalls over the Huaihe River Basin / J. He, G.H. Lu, Z.Y. Wu, H. He, Y. Yang & J.Y. Huang -- A method on long-term forecasting of meteorological droughts in the southwest of China / G.H. Lu, L. Dong & Z.Y. Wu -- Comparison on river flow regime between pre- and post-dam / X.S. Ai, J.J. Tu, Z.Y. Gao, S. Sandoval-Solis & Q.J. Dong -- Spatial-temporal variation and trend of meteorological variables in Jiangsu, China / Z.Y. Wu, Y. Mao, G.H. Lu, Y. Yang & J.H. Zhang -- Trichloroethylene biodegradation under sulfate reduction conditions / Y. Guo & K. Cui -- Tidal range analysis of the central Jiangsu coast based on the measured tide level data / Y. Kang & X. Ding -- Research of Linyi Municipal groundwater resources management information system based on GIS / Z. Cui, J. Yu, W. Cui, X. Gao, Y. Li & G. Ren -- Evolution of water exchanging period in Lvdao lagoon induced by different water depth / X. Pan, D. Li, B. Liang & P. Du -- Mechanics analysis of arch braced aqueduct / X. Lu, C. Li, Y. Ye & Y. Zhao -- Spatial coupling relationship between settlement and land and water resources -- based on irrigation scale -- a case study of Zhangye Oasis / L.C. Wang, R.W. Wu & J. Gao -- Numerical simulation of tidal current near the artificial island sea area / Z. Yin, Z. Wang, T. Xu, N. Ma & W. Chi -- Using ANN and SFLA for the optimal selection of allocation and irrigation modes / J.X. Xu, Y.J. Yan, Y. Zhao, H.Y. Zhang & Y. Gao -- Influences of cement temperature on the performance of concrete mixed with superplasticizer / S.-Y. Wang, W.-K. Guo & Z.-Y. Gao -- Application of ceramic filter in seawater desalination pretreatment / Y. Lv, J. Yang, J. Shi & H. Liang -- Simulation of sedimentation in the channel of Lianyungang Harbor by using 3D sediment transport model of FVCOM / B. Yan, H. Yang, Q. Zhang & Y. Wu -- Assessment based on Monte Carlo for sample rotation under stratified cluster sampling / Y. Fu, G. Gao & S.X. Liu -- Reliability and validity evaluation based on Monte Carlo simulations by computer in three-stage cluster sampling on multinomial sensitive question survey / S. Yang, K. Chen, X. Chen, J. Shi, W. Li, Q. Du, Z. Jin & G. Gao -- Parameter estimation for sample rotation of successive survey in stratified sampling and its application / S. Liu, Y. Fan & G. Gao -- Earthquake influence field dynamic assessment system / B. Sun, X. Chen, H. Chen & Y. Zhong -- Analysis of safety-accident on residential building construction / H.-B. Zhou, X.-X. He, X. Lu, M.-S. Zhou & L. Feng -- Study on the harmony of emergency management to urban major accidents / D. Huang -- The prediction of razor clams shelf-life based on kinetics model / Q. He, X.-D. Lin, L. Wang, L.-N. Feng & M. Xiong -- DEA model evaluating the supply efficiency of rural productive public goods in Hubei Province, China / F. Luo, Y. Zhou, C. Sun & L. Chen -- The experimental study of the compressive mechanical behaviors of the H-shaped grouted masonry dry-stacked without mortar / N. Lou, G. Yi & L. Zhang -- Evaluation based on Monte Carlo simulation under stratified three-stage sampling / K.J. Chen, Y.B. Fan & G. Gao
Nonlinear stability analysis for composite laminated shallow spherical shells in hydrothermal environment / S.-Y. Jiang, Y.-S. Deng & J.-C. Xu -- Evidential uncertainty quantification in fatigue damage prognosis / H. Tang, J. Li & L. Deng -- Side force proportional control with vortex generators fixed on tip of slender / J. Zhai, W.W. Zhang, C.Q. Gao, Y.H. Zhang & L. Liu -- Characteristic of unsteady aerodynamic loads with a synthetic jet at airfoil trailing edge / C.Q. Gao, W.W. Zhang, J. Zhai & X.B. Liu -- Simulation analysis on surface subsidence near tunnel influenced by lining partially flooded in seepage field / Z. Jiang, F. Ma, X. Dong & X. Zhang -- Numerical simulation and dynamic response analysis of wedge water impact / Y.Q. Zhang, F. Xu & S.Y. Jin -- Aeroelastic study on a flexible delta wing / J.G. Quan, Z.Y. Ye & W.W. Zhang -- Efficient numerical simulation based on computational fluid dynamics for the dynamic stability analysis of flexible aircraft / W.G. Liu, R. Mei, W.W. Zhang & Z.Y. Ye -- Hydro-mechanical analysis on the fluid circulation in a coaxial cylinder rheometer / J. Xing, S. Ding & J. Xu -- Analysis of adhesively bonded pipe joints under torsion by finite element method / J.Y. Wu, H. Yuan & J. Han -- Plastic deformation of Honeycomb sandwich plate under impact loading in ansys / Q. Huan & Y. Li -- The responses of self-anchored suspension bridges to aerostatic wind / T.-F. Li, C.-H. Kou, C.-S. Kao, J. Jang & P.-Y. Lin -- Distribution features and protection for heritage in the metropolitan area / Y. Zhang, X. Xi & X. Wang -- Landscape planning for city parks with rainwater control and utilization / Y. Yang & X. Xi -- The study on the evolution of wind-sand flow with non-spherical particle / S. Ren, Y. Luo & X. Hu -- Comprehensive ecosystem assessment based on the integrated coastal zone management in Jiaozhou Bay area / C. Wang, J. Dai, Z. Guo & Q. Li -- Spatial variation and source apportionment of coastal water pollution in Xiamen Bay, Southeast China / Q. Li, C. Wang, Y. Ouyang & J. Dai -- Isolation and identification and characterization of one phthalate-degrading strain from the active sludge of sewage treatment plant / B. Li, J. Cao, C. Xing, Z. Wang & L. Cui -- Seedling emergence and growth of Ricinus communis L. grown in soil contaminated by lead/zinc tailing / X. Yi, L. Jiang, Q. Liu, M. Luo & Y. Chen -- The acute toxicity of the organic extracts from two effluents of different wastewater treatments / H. Zhao, Z. Huang & B. Li -- Aerobic degradation of highly chlorinated biphenyl by Pseudomonas putida HP isolated from contaminated sediments / C. Wang, J. Cui, J. Wang, S. Cui & Y. Sun -- Research on transport and diffusion of suspended sediment in reclamation project / X. Guo, C. Chen & J. Tang -- Isolation and characteristics of two novel crude oil-degrading bacterial strains / Y. Gao, X. Gong, H. Li, M. Ma, J. Wang, S. Cui & C. Wang -- The challenges of water resources and environmental impact of China mainland unconventional gas exploration and development / T. Yue, S. Hu, J. Peng, F. Chu & Y. Zhang -- Optimization of 4-chlorophenol in the electrochemical system using a RSM / H. Wang & Z.Y. Bian -- Integrated watershed management framework for abating nonpoint source pollution in the Lake Dianchi Basin, China / C. Wang, M. Peng, R. Zhou, S. Yang, Z. He, C. Duan, G. Zhi, Z. Li & L. He -- Study and analysis on spatio-temporal variation of water quality of the middle and lower reaches of Hanjiang River / L. Song & T. Li -- Different ratio of rice straw and vermiculite mixing with sewage sludge during composting / M. Yu, Y.X. Xu, H. Xiao, W.H. An, H. Xi, Y.L. Wang, A.L. Shen, J.C. Zhang & H.L. Huang -- Heavy metal contamination in surface sediments of the Pearl River Estuary, Southern China / M. Song, P. Yin, L. Zhao, Z. Jiao & S. Duan
The design of water pollutant emission allowance control scheme in the city of Shenzhen, China / X. Xiao, X. Ma & P. Song -- Enhanced waste activated sludge digestion by thermophilic consortium / Y.L. Wang, Z.W. Liang, S.Y. Yang & Y. Yang -- The effects of reversible lane's application on vehicle emissions in Chaoyang Road in Beijing / X. Yao, L. Lei & J. Yang -- Research on system evaluation framework of green elderly community for Chinese population change in next decade / Z. Qiu, Y. Ming & J. Wang -- The survey of EEWHdaylight evaluation system by LEED-daylight standard : taking Beitou Library as an example / Y.M. Su & Y.S. Wu -- Slaughterhouse wastewater treatment by hydrolysis and Bardenpho process / A. Li, Y. Zhang, H. Guo & T. Pan -- Effects of the construction of large offshore artificial island on hydrodynamic environment / N. Zhang, C. Chen & H. Yang -- The thinking and exploration on building a characteristic apartment system for the aged in city / J. Dai, Z. Wang & Z. Qiu -- Effect of membrane characteristics of alginate-chitosan microcapsule on immobilized recombinant Pichia pastoris cells / Q. Li, W. Deng, Q. Zhang, Y. Zhao & W. Xue -- Working characteristics of natural circulating evaporator / F. Zhang, Y. Zhong, H. Du, X. Liu, L. Yu & H. Yang -- Guaranteed appropriate hydrolysis of meat by adding bromelain and zinc sulfate / L. He, L. Xue, Q.J. Zhu, S. Song, M. Duan, L. Deng, J. Chen & X. Zhang -- Isolation and identification of a pectinase high-yielding fungus and optimization of its pectinase-producing condition / S.Y. Jiang, Y.Q. Guo, L.Z. Zhao, L.B. Yin & K. Xiao -- Study on flavonoids content and antioxidant activity of muskmelon with different pulp color / X. Sun, T. Li, L. Jiang & X. Luo -- Flavonoids intake estimation of urban and rural residents in Liaoning Province / Z. Wu, L. Yang, S. Li, W. Chen, D. Jiang, Y. Wang, Q. Zhang & X. Zhang -- Effect of 6-Benzyladenine, Gibberellin combined with fruit wax coating treatment on the lignification of postharvest Betel nut / Y.G. Pan & W.W. Zhang -- A new approach for recycling potash from the mother liquor B in beet sugar industry / S.-M. Zhu, W. Long, X. Fu, L. Zhu & S.-J. Yu -- Review of Brettanomyces of grape wine and its inhibition methods / W. Lin, X. You & T. Feng -- Extraction technology of crude polysaccharide from Stropharia rugoso-annulata / J.C. Chen, P.F. Lai, M.J. Weng & H.S. Shen -- Study on dietary fiber extracted from bean curd residue by enzymic method / H. Lai, G. Su, W. Su, S. Zhang & S. Shou -- Protective effects of Portulaca oleracea on alloxan-induced oxidative stress in HIT-T15 pancreatic [beta] cells / J.L. Song & G. Yang -- Study of gas-oil diffusion coefficient in porous media under high temperature and pressure / P. Guo, H. Tu, A. Ye, Z. Wang, Y. Xu & Z. Ou -- The significance of biomarkers in nipple discharge and serum in diagnosis of breast cancer / G.P. Wang, M.H. Qin, Y.A. Liang, H. Zhang, Z.F. Zhang & F.L. Xu -- Experimental study on minimum miscible pressure of rich gas flooding in light oil reservoir / P. Guo, Z. Ou, A. Ye, J. Du & Z. Wang -- The traumatic characteristics of inpatients injured in Lushan Earthquake / Y.M. Li, J.W. Gu, C. Zheng, B. Yang & N.Y. Sun -- Study on immunomodulatory activity of a polysaccharide from blueberry / X. Sun & X. Meng -- Effects of sodium additives on deacidification and weight gain of squid (Dosidicus gigas) / Y.N. Wang, S.W. Liu, G.B. Wang, Z.B. Li & Q.C. Zhao -- Preservation effects of active packaging membrane from allyl isothiocyanate molecularly imprinted polymers cooperating chitosan on chilled meat / K. Lu, Y. Huang, J. Wu & Q. Zhu -- Optimization of acid hydrolysis and ethanol precipitation assisted extraction of pectin from navel orange peel / L.B. Yin, K. Xiao, L.Z. Zhao, J.F. Li & Y.Q. Guo -- Optimization of ultrasonic-assisted enzymatic extraction of phenolics from broccoli inflorescences / H. Wu, J.X. Zhu, L. Yang, R. Wang & C.R. Wang
Summary Advanced Engineering and Technology contains 110 technical papers from the 2014 Annual Congress on Advanced Engineering and Technology (CAET 2014, Hong Kong, 19-20 April 2014, including the 4th Workshop on Applied Mechanics and Civil Engineering, AMCE 2014). The contributions focus on advanced theories and technologies related to building engineering, geotechnical engineering, road and bridge engineering, hydraulic engineering, environmental engineering, pollution and control, water resources and water treatment, mechanics in engineering, water and soil conservat
Bibliography Includes bibliographical references and index
Notes Online resource; title from PDF title page (ebrary, viewed April 8, 2014)
Subject Engineering -- Congresses
Technology -- Congresses
Genre/Form Conference papers and proceedings
Form Electronic book
Author Xie, Liquan, 1972- editor.
Huang, Dianjian, 1976- editor.
ISBN 9781315764740