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Author Abu-Rub, Haithem.

Title High Performance Control of AC Drives with Matlab / Simulink Models
Published Hoboken : John Wiley & Sons, 2012


Description 1 online resource (502 pages)
Contents 880-01 High Performance Control of AC Drives with Matlab/simulink Models; Contents; Acknowledgment; Biographies; Preface; 1 Introduction to High Performance Drives; 1.1 Preliminary Remarks; 1.2 General Overview of High Performance Drives; 1.3 Challenges and Requirements for Electric Drives for Industrial Applications; 1.3.1 Power Quality and LC Resonance Suppression; 1.3.2 Inverter Switching Frequency; 1.3.3 Motor Side Challenges; 1.3.4 High dv/dt and Wave Reflection; 1.3.5 Use of Inverter Output Filters; 1.4 Organization of the Book; References; 2 Mathematical and Simulation Models of AC Machines
880-01/(S 7.6.2 Matlab/Simulink of MPC for Five-Phase VSI -- 7.6.3 Using Eleven Vectors with γ = 0 -- 7.6.4 Using Eleven Vectors with γ = 1 -- 7.7 Summary -- 7.8 Problems -- References -- 8 Sensorless Speed Control of AC Machines -- 8.1 Preliminary Remarks -- 8.2 Sensorless Control of Induction Motor -- 8.2.1 Speed Estimation using Open Loop Model and Slip Computation -- 8.2.2 Closed Loop Observers -- 8.2.3 MRAS (Closed-loop) Speed Estimator -- 8.2.4 The Use of Power Measurements -- 8.3 Sensorless Control of PMSM -- 8.3.1 Control system of PMSM -- 8.3.2 Adaptive Backstepping Observer -- 8.3.3 Model Reference Adaptive System for PMSM -- 8.3.4 Simulation Results -- 8.4 MRAS-based Sensorless Control of Five-Phase Induction Motor Drive -- 8.4.1 MRAS-based Speed Estimator -- 8.4.2 Simulation Results -- References -- 9 Selected Problems of Induction Motor Drives with Voltage Inverter and Inverter Output Filters -- 9.1 Drives and Filters -- Overview -- 9.2 Three-Phase to Two-Phase Transformations -- 9.3 Voltage and Current Common Mode Component -- 9.3.1 Matlab/Simulink Model of Induction Motor Drive with PWM Inverter and Common Mode Voltage -- 9.4 Induction Motor Common Mode Circuit -- 9.5 Bearing Current Types and Reduction Methods -- 9.5.1 Common Mode Choke -- 9.5.2 Common Mode Transformers -- 9.5.3 Common Mode Voltage Reduction by PWM Modifications -- 9.6 Inverter Output Filters -- 9.6.1 Selected Structures of Inverter Output Filters -- 9.6.2 Inverter Output Filters Design -- 9.6.3 Motor Choke -- 9.6.4 Matlab/Simulink Model of Induction Motor Drive with PWM Inverter and Differential Mode (Normal Mode) LC Filter -- 9.7 Estimation Problems in the Drive with Filters -- 9.7.1 Introduction -- 9.7.2 Speed Observer with Disturbances Model -- 9.7.3 Simple Observer based on Motor Stator Models -- 9.8 Motor Control Problems in the Drive with Filters -- 9.8.1 Introduction
2.1 Preliminary Remarks2.2 DC Motors; 2.2.1 Separately Excited DC Motor Control; 2.2.2 Series DC Motor Control; 2.3 Squirrel Cage Induction Motor; 2.3.1 Space Vector Representation; 2.3.2 Clarke Transformation (ABC to aß); 2.3.3 Park Transformation (aß to dq); 2.3.4 Per Unit Model of Induction Motor; 2.3.5 Double Fed Induction Generator (DFIG); 2.4 Mathematical Model of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor; 2.4.1 Motor Model in dq Rotating Frame; 2.4.2 Example of Motor Parameters for Simulation; 2.4.3 PMSM Model in Per Unit System; 2.4.4 PMSM Model in a-ß (x-y)-Axis; 2.5 Problems; References
3 Pulse Width Modulation of Power Electronic DC-AC Converter3.1 Preliminary Remarks; 3.2 Classification of PWM Schemes for Voltage Source Inverters; 3.3 Pulse Width Modulated Inverters; 3.3.1 Single-Phase Half-bridge Inverters; 3.3.2 Single-Phase Full-bridge Inverters; 3.4 Three-phase PWM Voltage Source Inverter; 3.4.1 Carrier-based Sinusoidal PWM; 3.4.2 Third-harmonic Injection Carrier-based PWM; 3.4.3 Matlab/Simulink Model for Third Harmonic Injection PWM; 3.4.4 Carrier-based PWM with Offset Addition; 3.4.5 Space Vector PWM; 3.4.6 Discontinuous Space Vector PWM
3.4.7 Matlab/Simulink Model for Space Vector PWM3.4.8 Space Vector PWM in Over-modulation Region; 3.4.9 Matlab/Simulink Model to Implement Space Vector PWM in Over-modulation Regions; 3.4.10 Harmonic Analysis; 3.4.11 Artificial Neural Network-based PWM; 3.4.12 Matlab/Simulink Model of Implementing ANN-based SVPWM; 3.5 Relationship between Carrier-based PWM and SVPWM; 3.5.1 Modulating Signals and Space Vectors; 3.5.2 Relationship between Line-to-line Voltages and Space Vectors; 3.5.3 Modulating Signals and Space Vector Sectors; 3.6 Multi-level Inverters
3.6.1 Diode Clamped Multi-level Inverters3.6.2 Flying Capacitor Type Multi-level Inverter; 3.6.3 Cascaded H-Bridge Multi-level Inverter; 3.7 Impedance Source or Z-source Inverter; 3.7.1 Circuit Analysis; 3.7.2 Carrier-based Simple Boost PWM Control of a Z-source Inverter; 3.7.3 Carrier-based Maximum Boost PWM Control of a Z-source Inverter; 3.7.4 Matlab/Simulink Model of Z-source Inverter; 3.8 Quasi Impedance Source or qZSI Inverter; 3.8.1 Matlab/Simulink Model of qZ-source Inverter; 3.9 Dead Time Effect in a Multi-phase Inverter; 3.10 Summary; 3.11 Problems; References
Summary A comprehensive guide to understanding AC machines with exhaustive simulation models to practice design and controlNearly seventy percent of the electricity generated worldwide is used by electrical motors. Worldwide, huge research efforts are being made to develop commercially viable three- and multi-phase motor drive systems that are economically and technically feasible. Focusing on the most popular AC machines used in industry - induction machine and permanent magnet synchronous machine - this book illustrates advanced control techniques and topologies in practice and recently deployed. Exa
Notes 4 Field Oriented Control of AC Machines
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SCIENCE -- System Theory.
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Author Iqbal, Atif
Guzinski, J
ISBN 9781119969235