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Title [Industry]
Published 1903-
Table of Contents
Box 1:1500 planes a day : a program for the utilization of the automobile industry for mass production of defense planes / Walter P. Reuther 
Box 1:2Adjusting to technological and other change, 1970 / Canada Manpower Consultative Service Department of Manpower and Immigration 
Box 1:3Aids to materials handling, [1970] / Australia Department of Labour and National Service 
Box 1:4Allowances for fatigue : report number 2 of the Work Study Section Research Committee, 1959 / Australian Institute of Management, Melbourne Division 
Box 1:5Apprentice training, 1963 / E. G. Sterland 
Box 1:6Apprenticeship and changing conditions in industry / O. E. Nilsson 
Box 1:7Atmospheric conditions in Australian textile mills, 1945 / Australia Department of Labour and National Service Industrial Welfare Division 
Box 7:23Australia make it (souvenir programme), June 12th to June 21st, 1947 
Box 1:8Australia on wheels / Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries 
Box 7:24Australian industrial fair : Souvenir Guide, Exhibition buildings, Melbourne, March 17th - April 2nd [1949] 
Box 1:9Austria-Hungary : report on state encouragement to industry in Hungary, 1907 / Diplomatic and Consular Reports, Great Britain 
Box 1:10Automation in North America : a report on visits to industrial, commercial and research establishments in the U.S.A. and Canada, 1958 / S. B. Bailey 
Box 1:11Automation in the office, 1958 / Australian Council of Salaried and Professional Associations 
Box 1:12Automation in the railroad industry : the twentieth century challenge to management and labor, 1957 / W. P. Kennedy 
Box 1:13Automation : some classification and measurement problems, 1965 / P.E. Sultan 
Box 1:14Better living! : the key is productivity / Institute of Public Affairs 
Box 1:15Brisbane graving dock : one of the largest in the Southern Hemisphere, 1946 
Box 1 16:British Waste Fibres Ltd. : re-worked wook manufacturers 
Box 1:17Building Apprenticeship and Training Council : third report December 1946, 1947 
Box 1:18Campaign to raise productivity in British industry, [1955] / Australia Department of Labour and National Service 
Box 1:19Canadian labour relations in an era of technological change, 1967 / Jean-Réal Cardin 
Box 2:1Capacity for import replacement : an analysis of imports, a research study April, 1964 / Australian Industries Development Association 
Box 2:2Case for staggered holidays : an IWS review of the current situation, 1963 / Industrial Welfare Society 
Box 2:3CIO and the negro worker : together for victory, [194?] / Congress of Industrial Organizations 
Box 2:4CIO's program for Latin America, 1950 / CIO Committee on Latin American Affairs 
Box 7:22Commonwealth trades alphabet (Victorian Edition), 1922 
Box 7:18Concerning wool, [1943?] 
Box 2:5Consolidation of Australian development / Ulrich Ellis 
Box 2:6Disposal of trade effluent in England and Wales 1962 : a guide to present-day requirements for the disposal of trade effluent, 1962 / Federation of British Industries 
Box 2:7Dust explosions in factories : a new vertical-tube test apparatus, 1959 / K. C. Brown 
Box 2:8Dust hazards in Australian foundries, 1943 / A. A. Ross 
Box 2:9Dust in steel foundries : first report of a committee..., 1944 / Factory Department Ministry of Labour & National Service 
  Box 2:10British co-operatives, a consumers' movement? : no. 4, 1964 
  Box 2:11Butchers' shops, the customers' view : no. 6, 1964 
  Box 2:12Fair trading, protecting consumers : no. 8, 1964 
Box 2:13Everywhere : original Schnorr Disc Springs 
Box 2:14Experiment in industrial democracy : the results of fourteen years of self-government, [1930?] / William P. Hapgood 
Box 2:15Facts of industry : the case for publicity, 1926 
Box 2:16Focus on automation : management information systems - the next vital step, 1965 / John Diebold 
Box 2:17Foreman's place in industry, 1942 / John Storey 
Box 2:18From sixth form to industry : report of a conference of schools and industry, 1963 / Federation of British Industries 
Box 2:19Future of private industry, 1952 / Joan Mitchell 
Box 2:20General rules for wiring for the utilisation of electrical energy, 1912 / Fire Underwriters' Association of Victoria 
Box 7:27handbook of Australian bolts, nuts, rivets, screws, spikes, washers, electrical ironwork and other data / McPhersons Pty Ltd 
Box 2:21Hints on welding / Ministry of Munitions, Commonwealth of Australia 
Box 2:22Hiring procedures and selection standards in the San Francisco Bay area, 1955 / F. Theodore Malm 
Box 2:23History of the gas industry and its control / C. Crofts 
Box 2:24How apprenticeship can benefit you / State of California, Department of Industrial Relations, Division of Apprenticeship Standards 
Box 2:25Implications of the Crowther Report : report of the BACIE Spring Conference held at the Federation of British Industries, London 27 April 1960 / British Association for Commercial and Industrial Education 
Box 2:26Implications of the shorter working week for management, 1962 / Hugh Clegg 
Box 2:27In the automated office, 1964 / Trades Union Congress 
Box7:26Industrial abrasives, 1949 / McPhersons Ltd 
Box 3:1Industrial accidents sickness and other absences, 1962 / J. M. M. Hill 
Box 3:2Industrial Britain : synopsis of twelve talks to be broadcast, 1934 / John Hilton 
Box 3:3Industrial location : a geographical approach, 1959 / M. J. Wise 
Box 3:4Industrial welfare and personnel management : journal of the Industrial Welfare Society, November 1941 
Box 3:5Industrialist looks at planning : an address to the Town and Country Planning Association, [194?] / H. W. Healy 
Box 3:6Industry and the property owning democracy, 1954 / Russell Lewis 
Box 3:7Industry and trade, [1932?] / Henry Clay 
Box 3:8Industry : deadlock or destiny, 1967 / Lawson Wood 
Box 3:9Informative labelling : the Swedish system, 1963 / Research Institute for Consumer Affairs 
Box 3:10Inquiry into steelworks : industrial relations at Australian Iron & Steel Ltd. Port Kembla, final address to the inquiry, 1954 / E. Thornton 
Box 3:11Invisible panel warming, 1951 / Invisible Panel Warming Association 
Box 3:12Japanese paper mills, 1907 / Great Britain Foreign Office 
Box 7:25Precision tools / McPhersons Pty Ltd 
Box 3:13Know your sales people, 1951 / Johnson & Johnson 
Box 3:14Labor-management production committees 
  Box 3:15Shift work and shift differentials in Canadian manufacturing industries : Report no. 2, 1961 
  Box 3:16Sickness and accident provisions in Canadian industries : Report no. 3, 1961 
  Box 3:17Vacations with pay 1951-1961 : Repport no. 4, 1963 
Box 3:18Let's discuss, 1962 / Labour-Management Co-Operation Service, Department of Labour, Canada 
Box 3:19Lighting in factories and workshops, 5th ed. 1937 / Great Britain, Home Office 
Box 3:20Machinery's technical books for engineers, [1951?] / Machinery Publishing Co. Ltd. 
Box 7:19Made in South Australia : the making of glass bottles 
Box 3:21Manpower consultative service, 1965 / Department of Labour, Canada 
Box 3:22Measuring with a broken yardstick, 1957 / Irving Bernstein 
Box 4:1Modern mechanization and its effects on the structure of society, 1933 / Sir Arthur Salter 
Box7:20Mothproofing wool with "dieldrin", 1956 
Box 4:2Motivation : a manager's guide, 1983 / William A. Simpson 
Box 4:3National manpower mobilization policy, 1951 / U.S. Department of Labor 
  Box 4:4Accountability to parliament : no. 1, 1950 
  Box 4:5Powers of the minister : no. 2, 1951 
  Box 4:6Problems of promotion policy : no. 3, 1951 
  Box 4:7Men on the boards : a study of the composition of the boards of nationalised industry : no. 4, 1951 
  Box 4:8Miner's pension : no. 5, 1951 
  Box 4:9Extent of centralisation : a discussion based on a case study in the coal industry, part I : no. 6, 1951 
  Box 4:10Extent of centralisation : a discussion based on a case study in the coal industry, part II : no. 7, 1951 
  Box 4:11Future of the unions : no. 8, 1951 
  Box 4:12Patterns of organisation : no. 9, 1951 
  Box 4:13Framework of joint consultation : no. 10, 1952 
  Box 4:14Worker's point of view : a discussion of 'reporting back' based on a study in a coalfield : no. 11, 1952 
  Box 4:15Relations with the public : no. 12, 1953 
Box 5:1Natural lighting of industrial buildings : factory planning part II, 1948 / Industrial Welfare Division, Department of Labour and National Service, Commonwealth of Australia 
Box 5:2New industry for Victoria : more employment - greater returns from native timbers 
Box 5:3Occupational versatility and planned procrastination, 1961 / Alec Rodger 
Box 5:4Oil and the germs of war, [192?] / Scott Nearing 
Box 5:5Organizational structure and dynamics : a framework for theory, 1954 / E. Wight Bakke 
Box 5:6Ownership and control of the electricity supply industry in Australia, 1956 / E. A. Boehm 
Box 5:7Oxy acetylene welding, 1944 / Ministry of Munitions, Commonwealth of Australia 
Box 5:8Oxy-acetylene welding and metal cutting / R. Barker 
Box 7:14Peace in industry / Catholic Bishops of Australia 
Box 5:9Personal factor in industrial management, 1943 / Sir Herbert Gepp 
Box 5:10Perù : a sketch for capitalists, tradesmen and settlers : a report on the industries that can be developed and on those that might be introduced, [1903] / Department of Public Works, Lima-Peru 
Box 5:11Physicists and their place in industry : a conference between business leaders and the university held at the University of Melbourne on 24th May, 1960 
Box 5:12Pioneer Sugar Mill - 100 years, [198?] 
Box 5:13Post war problems, 1941 / Australian Industries Protection League 
Box 5:14Power behind their wings : an account of the part played by the Bristol Aeroplane Company in the development of the air-cooled radial aero-engine in Great Britain, [1939?] 
Box 5:15Power of natural gas 
Box 5:16Pressure piling system : technical data on piled foundation and underpinning for rapid vibrationless construction and repairs 
Box 5:17Problem of nationalization, 1921 / Viscount Haldane of Cloan 
Box 5:18Problem of organisation and management in industry, 1942 / Frank S. Daley 
Box 5:19Production engineering functions, 1944 / D. E. Callinan 
Box 5:20Productivity / Department of Labour and National Service, Commonwealth of Australia 
Box 5:22Quality : the TQM "how to" approach from NIES 
Box 6:1Rating practices and procedures : report no. 3 Work Study Section Research Committee, 1960 / Australian Institute of Management 
Box 6:2Reconstruction : a report by the Federation of British Industries 
Box 6:3Recording and analysing : labour turnover in industry, 1947 / Industrial Welfare Division, Department of Labour and National Service, Commonwealth of Australia 
Box 6:4Report of the New South Wales Board of Trade upon the rural industries and the question of a rural living wage : conclusions upon inquiry during 1920-1921, 1921 
Box 6:5Report upon lighting performance of safety lamps in coal mines in Lancashire and North Wales, 1946 / Ministry of Fuel and Power, Great Britain 
Box 6:6Reports of the Industrial Fatigue Research Board : no. 1 - the influence of hours of work and of ventilation on output in tinplate manufacture, 1919 / Medical Research Committee 
Box 6:7Reports of the Industrial Fatigue Research Board : no. 4 - the incidence of industrial accidents upon individuals with special reference to multiple accidents, 1919 / Medical Research Committee 
  Box 6:8Strengthening the research effort : no. 2, 1956 
Box 6:9Safe practices in factories / Department of Labour and Industry, Victoria 
Box 6:10Safety speeds production : a message for supervisors, 1943 / United States Department of Labor, Division of Labor Standards 
Box 6:11Scientific selection of personnel / K. S. Cunningham 
Box 6:12Seafood industry's strategic plan for achieving seafood excellence, 1st ed. 1998 / SeaQual 
Box 6:13Selection of welding electrodes, 1944 / Ministry of Munitions, Commonwealth of Australia 
Box 6:14Shell research at Thornton / Shell Petroleum 
Box 6:15Shorter work week : a report of the Department of Manufacture Committee, 1934 / Chamber of Commerce of the United States 
Box 6:16Skill impact of automation, 1964 / Paul Sultan 
Box 6:17Snowy Mountains Scheme 1949 - 1999 : the first 50 years - calendar of events, 2nd ed.  
Box 6:18Socialisation of industry / Labour Party 
Box 7:15Socialised industry, 1965 / G. H. Gray 
Box 6:19Statement by Sir John Monash, Chairman, on the Melbourne Electric Supply Company Bill delivered in the Legislative Council Committee room, on Tuesday, 9th December, 1924 
Box 6:20Statement of views of local government on electricity control in N.S.W., 1950 / R. T. C. Storey 
Box 7:16Statistics of Western Australia : non-rural primary industries 1968-69, 1971 / F. W. Sayer 
Box 7:17Statistics of Western Australia : non-rural primary industries 1969-70, 1972 / W. M. Barlett 
Box 6:21Steel square and its application to roofing / L. L. F. Roberts 
Box 6:22Story of rubber / Goodyear Tyre & Rubber Co. (Australia) Limited 
Box 6:23Studies in labour and capital no. v., 1923 / Federation of British Industries 
Box 6:24Success story : in 15 fruitful years, [196?] / Gas and Fuel Corporation of Victoria 
Box 6:25Supervisor's role in accident prevention, 1961 / Government Employees Compensation Branch, Department of Labour, Canada 
Box 7:1Test and certification of intrinsically safe electrical apparatus and circuits, 1946 / Ministry of Fuel and Power, Great Britain 
Box 7:2Three case studies in automation, 1957 / Political and Economic Planning 
Box 7:3Trade effluent disposal and water supplies in Western Germany, 1962 / Federation of British Industries 
Box 7:4Training for skilled occupations, 1962 / Department of Labour and National Service, Commonwealth of Australia 
Box 7:5Training of executives with special reference to post-war industry / D. G. L. Wood 
Box 7:6Two studies on hours of work, 1928 / Medical Research Council, Industrial Fatigue Research Board 
Box 7:7Water and power from the Snowy Mountains Scheme 
Box 7:8What automation means to you : a summary of the effects of the second industrial revolution on the American worker / Abraham Weiss 
Box 7:9Who owns Australia? / J. N. Rawling 
Box 7:10Wonthaggi coal mine dispute : statement by Railways Commissioners, 10th March, 1934 
Box 7:21Wool and the nation : a sketch of the wool industry in Australia, 1946 
Box 7:11Workers' participation in the ownership and control of industry, 1959 / Dr. Lloyd Ross 
Box 7:12Workers' status in industry / Labour Party 
Box 7:13You and automation : a study for group discussion, [195?] / South Australian Council of Social Service 


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Summary Consists of pamphlets collected over an extended period of time covering the broad subject area of industry. Includes material from a variety of countries, from 1903-, more specifically on
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Subject Gas and Fuel Corporation of Victoria
Shell Australia Limited
Snowy Mountains Hydro-Electric Scheme
Apprenticeship programs
Business and education
Coal mines and mining -- Victoria -- Wonthaggi
Consumer cooperatives -- Great Britain
Dust explosions
Electric wiring
Gas industry -- History
Glass manufacture
Hours of labor
Hydroelectric power plants -- New South Wales
Industrial accidents
Industrial engineering
Industrial hygiene
Industrial location
Industrial management
Industrial productivity
Industrial relations
Industrial safety
Industrial statistics -- Australia
Industries -- Technological innovations
Job evaluation
Labor unions
Management -- Employee participation
Materials handling
Oxyacetylene welding and cutting
Paper mills -- Japan
Personnel management
Petroleum industry and trade
Price maintenance
Professional ethics
Production (Economic theory)
Railroad engineering
Roofing, Iron and steel
Rubber industry and trade
Seafood industry
Shift systems
Steel founding
Textile industry -- Australia
Water resources development -- New South Wales
Wool industry -- Australia
Work environment