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Author Yilbas, B. S., author

Title Heat transport in micro and nanoscale thin films / Bekir Sami Yilbas, Saad Bin Mansoor, Haider Ali
Published Amsterdam, Netherlands ; Oxford, England ; Cambridge, Massachusetts : Elsevier, 2018


Description 1 online resource (437 pages) : illustrations
Series Micro & Nano Technologies Series
Contents Front Cover; Heat Transport in Micro- and Nanoscale Thin Films; Copyright Page; Contents; Preface; Acknowledgment; 1 Introduction; 1.1 General Considerations; 1.2 Scale of Energy Transport; 1.3 Some Aspects of Statistical Approach for Micro/Nanoscale Transport; References; 2 Crystal Dynamics and Lattice Waves; 2.1 Introduction; 2.2 Elementary Crystallography; 2.2.1 Structure of Crystal Lattices; 2.2.2 Reciprocal Lattices; 2.2.3 Crystal Planes and Directions; 2.3 Lattice Vibration; 2.3.1 Chain of Identical Atoms; 2.3.2 Phonons; 2.3.3 Chain of Two Types of Atoms; 2.4 Phonon Scattering
2.4.1 Phonon Scattering With Impurities and Defects 2.4.2 Phonon Scattering With the Crystal Boundaries; 2.4.3 Phonon-Phonon Scattering; Normal Processes; Umklapp Processes; 2.5 Thermal Properties; 2.5.1 The Density of States; 2.5.2 Heat Capacity; 2.5.3 Thermal Conductivity; 2.6 Closing Remarks; References; 3 Some Aspects of Statistical Thermodynamics; 3.1 Introduction; 3.2 Statistical Mechanics; 3.2.1 Microstates and Macrostates; Macrostates; Microstates; 3.2.2 Probability Theory; Classical Probability; Statistical Probability
3.2.3 Probability Distributions Discrete Distributions; Continuous Distributions; 3.2.4 Phase Space; 3.3 Ensembles; 3.3.1 The Microcanonical Ensemble; Postulate 1: The Probability for All Microstates Are Equal; Postulate 2: Boltzmann Entropy Formula; Postulate 3: Largest Value of the Entropy Represents the Equilibrium State; 3.3.2 Canonical Ensembles; 3.3.3 Grand Canonical Ensemble; 3.4 Statistical Distributions; 3.4.1 Maxwell-Boltzmann Distribution; 3.4.2 Fermi-Dirac Distribution; 3.4.3 Bose-Einstein Distribution; 3.5 Closing Remarks; References
4 Analysis of Energy Transport Equations at Micro/Nanoscale 4.1 Introduction; 4.2 Hyperbolic Heat Equation and Applications; 4.2.1 Analysis and Solution of Hyperbolic Heat Equation; 4.2.2 Perturbation Solution for Hyperbolic Heat Equation; 4.2.3 Findings and Discussions; Temperature and Stress Fields; Perturbation Solution of Temperature Field; 4.3 Electron Kinetic Theory Approach for Energy Transfer in Metallic Films; 4.3.1 Formulation of Microscopic Energy Transport in Metallic Substrates; 4.3.2 Parabolic Heating Model; 4.3.3 Application of Laser Short-Pulse Heating
4.3.4 Findings of Numerical Simulations 4.4 Equation of Phonon Radiative Transfer; 4.4.1 Transport Properties of a Dielectric Material; 4.4.2 Heat Transfer Mechanism in a Thin Dielectric Film; 4.4.3 Boltzmann Transport Equation; 4.4.4 Equation of Phonon Radiative Transfer for Two-Dimensional Dielectric Thin Films; Heat Fluxes; Equilibrium Intensity Calculation; Physical Significance of Each Term in EPRT; Polarization and Modes of Phonons; Longitudinal Acoustic; Transverse Acoustic; Longitudinal Optical; Transverse Optical
Summary Heat Transport in Micro- and Nanoscale Thin Films presents aspects and applications of the principle methods of heat transport in relation to nanoscale films. Small-scale parts and thin films are widely used in the electronics industry. However, the drastic change in the thermal conductivity with reducing device size and film thickness modifies the energy transport by heat-carrying phonons in the film. Energy transfer in small-sized devices and thin films deviate from the classical diffusion to radiative transport. This book deals with micro/nano scale heat transfer in small scale devices and the thin films, including interface properties of cross-plane transport. The book fills the gap between applications of the physical fundamentals and energy transport at the micro- and nano scale, which will be valuable for academics, researchers and students in the fields of materials science and energy transport
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Subject Heat -- Conduction.
Thin films.
Heat -- Conduction
Thin films
Form Electronic book
Author Bin Mansoor, Saad, author
Ali, Haider, author
LC no. 2017936520
ISBN 032342998X