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Author CIRP International Conference on Industrial Product Service Systems (4th : 2012 : Tokyo, Japan)

Title The philosopher's stone for sustainability : proceedings of the 4th CIRP International Conference on Industrial Product-Service Systems, Tokyo, Japan, November 8th-9th, 2012 / Yoshiki Shimomura and Koji Kimita (eds.)
Published Berlin ; New York : Springer, ©2013


Description 1 online resource
Contents Service Innovation in the Age of Sustainability / Hiroyuki Yoshikawa -- Planning and Development of Industrial Product-Service Systems / H. Meier -- New Dynamism in the Manufacturing Industry: Value-Sharing "Monozukuri" / Botaro Hirosaki -- Functional Product Development: Criteria for Selection of Design Methods on Strategic and Operational Levels / John Lindström, Daria Plankina, Håkan Lideskog, Magnus Löfstrand and Lennart Karlsson -- Modeling and Visualization of Product-Service Systems for Success of Business / T. Kasamatsu, T. Koga and K. Kaminisi -- Modularization of Products and Services for Configuring Product-Service Systems / C. Mannweiler and J.C. Aurich -- Developing New (Industrial) Product Service Systems with a Case-based Reasoning Approach / K. Kuntzky and C. Herrmann -- A Knowledge-Based Design Support Method for Product-Service Contents Design / Yutaro Nemoto, Fumiya Akasaka and Yoshiki Shimomura -- Attribute Based Product-Service System Design: Aerospace Case Study / J.A. Erkoyuncu, R. Roy and A. Harrison -- PSS-CAD: An Approach to the Integrated Product and Service Development / E. Uhlmann and H. Bochnig
An Ontology-based Approach for Product-Service System Design / S. Akmal, R. Batres and L.H. Shih -- Element Visualization ElViz: Graphical Representation of Planning-Relevant Dependencies between PSS-Elements / R. Orawski, D. Kammerl, S.A. Schenkl, C. Hepperle and M. Mörtl -- Domain Allocation in the Fuzzy Front End of IPS2 Development using Gamestorming / M. Köster and T. Sadek -- Intangibles in Design of PSS Value Propositions / M. Panarotto, Å. Ericson and T.C. Larsson -- How is Uncertainty Perceived and Managed in Design by PSS Providers? -- Relation to PSS Types Provided / Allan Ashok Kumar, Giang Chau Trinh and Tomohiko Sakao -- Management of Flexibility in IPS2-Business-Relationships / Marion Steven and Solmaz Alevifard -- Antecedents to the Successful Coordination of IPS2 Networks -- A Dynamic Capability Perspective on Complex Work Systems in the Engineering Sector. / Kai Externbrink, Uta Wilkens and Antje Lienert -- Knowledge-Sharing Network for Product-Service System Development: Is it atypical? / K. Chirumalla, A. Bertoni, Å. Ericson and O. Isaksson -- Service-Oriented Cost Uncertainties and Contracting for Availability / J.A. Erkoyuncu, C. Durugbo and R. Roy
Development Strategy of Service Engineering for Retail and Restaurant Services / T. Takenaka, H. Koshiba and Y. Motomura -- Productivity and Quality Assessment of Services Within Technical Product-Service Systems / S. Waltemode and J.C. Aurich -- Proposal of Handing-over Support System for Nursing-Care Service with Service Engineering Approach / H. Miwa, M. Nakajima, T. Fukuhara and T. Nishimura -- Innovating Product-Service Systems Through Augmented Reality: a Selection Model / I. Porcelli, M. Rapaccini, D.B. Espíndola and C.E. Pereira -- Supporting System for Tour Lineup Design based on Tour Service Modeling / K. Oizumi, Y. Meguro, C.X. Wu and K. Aoyama -- Managing Service Requirements Engineering: The Role of Information Systems / C. Durugbo and J.A. Erkoyuncu -- A Flight Rescheduling Support System based on the Modeling of Flight Service / Wu Chen Xi and Kazuhiro Aoyama -- Teamwork Assist System Proposal for Nursing-care Services Realizing Workplace Knowledge Sharing / T. Nishimura, T. Fukuhara, K.C. Yamada, M. Hamasaki and M. Nakajima, et al. -- Development and Changes in the Industrial Product Service Systems -- A Case Study of the Photocopier PSS / M. Matsumoto and K. Kamigaki
Antecedents of Value Co-Creation in B2B Networks / Tiina Valjakka, Minna Kansola, Taru Hakanen and Katri Valkokari -- Design and Engineering of Dynamic Business Models for Industrial Product-Service Systems / H. Meier and M. Boßlau -- A Road Map for Future Research on Industrial Product-Service Systems (IPS2): A Systematic Review / S.I. Cedergren, S.W. Elfving, J. Eriksson and V. Parida -- An Ontology of Business Models for Industrial Product-Service Systems / M. Rese, H. Meier, J. Gesing and M. Boßlau -- Planning Energy Efficiency in Manufacturing Process Chains -- an Innovative Approach for an Industrial Product-Service System / J. Wewiór, M. Swat, G. Seliger and D. Bähre -- Sustainable IPS2-Business Models for Galvanizing High Quality Sanitary Fittings / M. Herzog and T. Sadek -- A Workshop Method for Identifying Information Flows in IPS2 / D. Beverungen, E. Uhlmann, C. Stelzer, N. Raue and C. Gabriel, et al. -- Essay Regarding the B2B Type Manufacturer's Service Productivity Improvement Building upon Interactions between Service Employees, Customers and Products / K. Kamigaki and M. Matsumoto
Selling Product-Service Systems Means Selling Change / M. Rese, K. Maiwald and J. Gesing -- Collaborative Product/Service-Systems -- On Conceptualisation of PSS Offerings and Business Nets / K. Mougaard, L. Neugebauer, T.C. McAloone, N. Bey and J.B. Andersen -- Step-by-step Towards PSS -- Evaluating, Deciding and Executing / L. Neugebauer, K. Mougaard, T. McAloone, J.B. Andersen and N. Bey -- A Customers' Satisfaction Based Framework for Continuous Development of PSS / Felix Ng, Jenny Harding and Emma Rosamond -- Designing a Complex Service System in the Context of Factory Planning / G. Schuh, A. Kampker, P. Jussen, A. Meckelnborg and P. Burggräf -- Transformation Towards an IPS2 Business: A Deployment Approach for Process-based PSS Development Projects / Hoai Nam Nguyen, Patrick Müller and Rainer Stark -- Analyzing Customers Expectation on Service for Encouraging Participatory Design / S. Shimada, J. Ota and T. Hara -- Design for Customer -- Sustainable Customer Integration based upon a Customer-driven Solution Configurator / Alexander Burger and Jivka Ovtcharova -- Product Service System Challenges within Telecommunication: Reaching the Era of Mutual Dependency / S.W. Elfving and N. Urquhart
Analyzing Purchase Rate and Behavior Indices for Souvenir Shopping at a Tourist Site / Mitsuo Shimohata, Hiroyuki Miki, Naotsune Hosono and Shigeo Tachibana -- A Service Demand Forecasting Method using a Customer Classification Model / H. Koshiba, T. Takenaka and Y. Motomura -- Green Design for Baby Stroller from Product Service System Standpoint / Yun-Sian Jhang and Jui-Che Tu -- Requirements Engineering for Servitization in Manufacturing Service Ecosystems (MSEE) / S. Wiesner, M. Peruzzini, G. Doumeingts and K.-D. Thoben -- A Service Flow Simulation Method Using Multi-aspect Scene Transition Nets (STNs) Modeling / Takeshi Tateyama, Koji Kimita, Kentaro Watanabe, Ryosuke Chiba and Yoshiki Shimomura -- Developing Robust PSS Offerings / A. Dill, J. Mathias, A. Bohn and H. Birkhofer -- Membership-type Services in Manufacturing: Experiments with Human Subject and Multi-agent Simulation / Keisuke Okuda and Nariaki Nishino -- IPS2 Control System for the Integrated Support of Service Processes / E. Uhlmann and N. Raue -- Design of Cooperative Service Process for Effective PSS Development / Kentaro Watanabe and Yoshiki Shimomura
Turning Internal Product Knowledge into External Service Offers: Building PSS Capabilities / J. Wallin -- A Simulation Method of Dynamic Systems Applied to Backcasting Scenario Design / H. Komoto, K. Masui and S. Kondoh -- Environmental Benefits of PSS Strategies: A Bicycle Sharing System Case Study / Jorge Amaya, Alan Lelah and Peggy Zwolinski -- Formalizing Scenario Design Processes to Plan Long-term Business Strategies for Sustainability / Y. Kishita, M. Hirosaki, Y. Mizuno, H. Wada and S. Fukushige, et al. -- Life Cycle Oriented Prevention of Product Piracy in Technical Product-Service Systems / C. Bohr, J. -N. Kranz and J.C. Aurich -- Resource Consumption in Additive Manufacturing with a PSS Approach / N. Nopparat, B. Kianian, A.W. Thompson and T.C. Larsson -- Reuse/Sharing Business Design Method Considering the Difficulties for Product Transfer / Shinsuke Kondoh and Hitoshi Komoto -- Innovative Design and Assessment of Low-carbon Emission Concept Product Service Systems / J.L. Chen and Y. Liu -- A Method for Selecting Delivery Modes in Environmentally Benign Product Service System Design / E. Matsumoto, J. Ohtake, J. Okada and S. Takata
Car and Ride Sharing Concept as a Product Service System -- Simulation as a Tool to Reduce Environmental Impacts / K. Kuntzky, S. Wittke and C. Herrmann -- Promoting Reuse of Mechanical Parts Using Part Agents / Hiroyuki Hiraoka, Tatsuro Ueno, Masayuki Arita, Yusuke Shigeji and Kazuki Horii, et al. -- A Review of Maturity Models and their Application to PSS: Towards a PSS Maturity Model / R. Karni and M. Kaner -- Integration of TRIZ Problem Solving Tools in a Product-Service Engineering Process / Daniele Regazzoni, Giuditta Pezzotta, Stefano Persico, Sergio Cavalieri and Caterina Rizzi -- LCCA and TCO: a How-to Approach to Assess the Costs in the Customer's Eye / M. Rapaccini, I. Porcelli, N. Saccani, L. Cinquini and A. Lugarà -- IPS2 Design Process: A Comparative Study between Literature and Industrial Approaches / G.V. Annamalai Vasantha, R. Hussain, R. Roy and J.A. Erkoyuncu -- Real-time Task Accomplishment Simulation for Error Recognition in IPS2 / Michael Beckmann, Ulaş Yılmaz, Gloria Pöhler and Anne Wegerich -- Requirements for Transfer and Application of IPS2 Resource Planning -- Case-Study of a Global Machine Tool Manufacturer / H. Meier, H. Lagemann and T. Dorka
Managing Transition Towards PSS: a Production System Simulation Approach / M. Chalal, X. Boucher, G. Marques and M.A. Girard -- Influences of Production Equipment in IPS2 Use Phase Organization of Tools as an IPS2 Service Share / E. Uhlmann, C. Gabriel and C. Stelzer -- Clarifying Frontiers of PSS and Information and Communication Technologies / A. Lelah and D. Brissaud -- Towards Establishing Mass Customization Methods for Cloud-Compliant Services / Shigeru Hosono and Yoshiki Shimomura -- Knowledge-Based Multimodal User Support to Increase Availability in Industrial Product-Service Systems / J. Wewiór, U. Schmuntzsch, G. Seliger and M. Rötting -- Improving Maintenance Services for Machine Tools by Integrating Specific Software Functions / E. Uhlmann, F. Otto and C. Geisert -- Simulation Driven Design for Product-Service Systems / O. Isaksson, T.C. Larsson, M. Kokkolaras and M. Bertoni -- Research on Customer Value in PSS Design for Design Driving and Concept Evaluating / Xiuli Geng and Xuening Chu -- Warnings and Instructions as Key Elements for Integrated User Support in IPS2 / U. Schmuntzsch, C. Sturm, R. Reichmuth and M. Roetting
PSS For Preventing Product Imitation / S.A. Schenkl, D. Schneider, M. Mörtl and U. Lindemann -- Mechanism of Decision Making in Membership Services under Competitive Circumstances / Ryohei Kitagawa and Nariaki Nishino -- Condition Monitoring of Industrial Product Service Systems -- Helpful Selling Argument or Potential Marketing Pitfall? / M. Rese and J. Everhartz -- Adaptation of the Service Self Checklist for Industrial Product-Service Systems / F. Akasaka, H.N. Nguyen, Y. Nemoto, B. Lenz and Y. Shimomura, et al. -- Analysis of Critical Success Factors for PSS Implementation into B2B Operations / B. Lazzarotto, M. Borchardt, G. Pereira, M. Sellitto and C. Almeida -- Industrial Product-Service Systems (IPS2) as an integrative tool to combine product and service parts -- Consequences for the pricing of services and the impact of volatile revenues on the investment behavior of an IPS2-provider / J. Keine and M. Steven -- A Method for Supporting Service Cost Analysis / Y. Kurita, K. Uei, K. Kimita and Y. Shimomura -- Quantifying the Economic Potential of a PSS: Methodology and Case Study / Joris Van Ostaeyen, Karel Kellens, Adriaan Van Horenbeek and Joost R. Duflou -- Reference Marketing for Industrial Product Service Systems / M. Rese, D. Pick and K. Maiwald
Summary Industrial Product-Service Systems (IPS2), which is defined as "an integrated industrial product and service offering that delivers value in use," has expanded rapidly over the last decade. IPS2 has allowed us to achieve both high added value and high productivity and has enriched our QOL by improving the performance of products and services. We are now struggling with many awkward issues related to sustainability, but IPS2 is expected to be the "philosopher's stone" for solving these issues. Following the pattern of conferences held in Cranfield in 2009, Linköping in 2010, and Braunschweig in 2011, the fourth International CIRP Conference on Industrial Product-Service Systems, held on November 8-9, 2012, in Tokyo, will cover various aspects of IPS2. Topics planned for this year's conference reflect the latest IPS2 information in both the natural sciences and humanities and include case studies from various industries. IPS2 is still a relatively new field, so it is important to keep track of the entire context in order to promote more cross-sectional cooperation between multimodal fields and disciplines. The fourth International CIRP Conference on Industrial Product-Service Systems will serve as a vital platform for such collaborations and the discussion of new scientific ideas
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