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Author Erasmus, Michael

Title CoffeeScript Programming with jQuery, Rails, and Node.js
Published Birmingham : Packt Pub., 2012


Description 1 online resource (293 pages)
Contents Table of Contents; CoffeeScript Programming with jQuery, Rails, and Node.js; CoffeeScript Programming with jQuery, Rails, and Node.js; Credits; About the Author; About the Reviewers;; Support files, eBooks, discount offers and more; Why Subscribe?; Free Access for Packt account holders; Preface; What this book covers; What you need for this book; Who this book is for; Conventions; Reader feedback; Customer support; Downloading the example code; Errata; Piracy; Questions; 1. Why CoffeeScript?; CoffeeScript syntax; Semicolons and braces; Whitespace; Parenthesis
CoffeeScript has great function syntaxReturn isn't required; Function arguments; Where did the var keyword go?; CoffeeScript handles scope better; Top level var keywords; CoffeeScript has better object syntax; Inheritance; Overwhelmed?; Extending prototypes; A few other things CoffeeScript fixes; Reserved words and object syntax; String concatenation; Equality; The existential operator; List comprehensions; The while loop; Conditional clauses and logical aliases; Array slicing and splicing; Destructuring or pattern matching; => and @; Switch statements; Chained comparisons
Block strings, block comments, and stringsSummary; 2. Running CoffeeScript; The CoffeeScript stack; Node.js and npm; Node.js, npm, and CoffeeScript on Windows; Installing CoffeeScript on a Mac; Using the Apple installer; Using Homebrew; Installing CoffeeScript with npm; Installing CoffeeScript on Linux; Ubuntu and MintOS; Debian; Other distributions; Installing CoffeeScript with npm; Building Node.js from source; Building on Linux or Unix; Building on Windows; Using CoffeeScript; The coffee command; The REPL; Running .coffee files; Compiling to JavaScript; Watching; Putting it all together
Don't repeat yourself (DRY)Rails and JavaScript; Rails and CoffeeScript; Installing Rails; Installing Rails using RailsInstaller; Installing Rails using RVM; Got Rails installed?; Developing our Rails application; MVC; Running our application; Our todo_items resource; routes.rb; The controller; The view; The CSS; Our model; Migrations; The Rails console; Displaying the items in our view using ERB; Creating a partial; Adding new items; Let's try and add a to-do item; Adding a CoffeeScript view; CoffeeScript in the asset pipeline; Completing the to-do items; Removing tasks; Now, it's your turn
Summary 3. CoffeeScript and jQuery; Finding and changing elements; The function; Utility functions; Ajax methods; Using jQuery; Using CoffeeScript and jQuery in the browser; Compiling CoffeeScript; jQuery and CoffeeScript; Testing it all; Running a local web server; Our application; TodoMVC; Our initial HTML; Initializing our app; Adding a to-do item; Using localStorage; Displaying the to-do items; Showing the to-do items; Removing and completing items; Now, it's your turn!; Summary; 4. CoffeeScript and Rails; What makes Rails special?; Convention over configuration
It's a quick guide for programming CoffeeScript and then diving into programming with Rails, jQuery, and Node.js. This book is for web developers who would like to learn programming with CoffeScript. It is also for developers who have some experience in JavaScript and are curious to learn CoffeScript and build applications with it
Notes English
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Subject CoffeeScript (Computer program language)
Web applications -- Development
COMPUTERS -- Programming Languages -- JavaScript.
COMPUTERS -- Programming Languages -- VBScript.
CoffeeScript (Computer program language)
Form Electronic book
ISBN 9781849519595