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Description Open Textbook Library includes a range of free textbooks focusing on Accounting & Finance, Business, Management & Marketing, Computer Science & Information Systems Economics, Engineering, Foreign Languages, Education, Humanities & Language, Law, Mathematics & Statistics, Natural & Physical Sciences, Social Sciences.
Subject area Multi-disciplinary
Other name Open Text Book Library


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Authorised users Open Access
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Open Textbook Library Abnormal Psychology / Alexis Bridley
Open Textbook Library About Writing : A Guide / Robin Jeffrey
Open Textbook Library Abstract Algebra : Theory and Applications / Thomas W. Judson
Open Textbook Library AC Circuits / Chad Davis
Open Textbook Library AC Electrical Circuit Analysis : A Practical Approach / James Fiore
Open Textbook Library Academic Success / Cristy Bartlett
Open Textbook Library Accounting Principles : A Business Perspective / Roger Hermanson, James Edwards, Michael Maher
Open Textbook Library Active Calculus 2.0 Matt Boelkins
Open Textbook Library Active Calculus Multivariable / Steve Schlicker, David Austin, Matthew Boelkins
Open Textbook Library Advanced Academic Grammar for ESL Students / Rebecca Haider
Open Textbook Library Advanced Business Law and the Legal Environment / Don Mayer, Daniel Warner, George Siedel, Jethro Lieberman, Alyssa Martina
Open Textbook Library Advanced Community College ESL Composition : An Integrated Skills Approach / Edgar Perez
Open Textbook Library Advanced High School Statistics First Edition / David Diez, Christopher Barr, Mine Çetinkaya-Rundel
Open Textbook Library Advanced problems in mathematics : preparing for university / Stephen Siklos
Open Textbook Library Advanced Public Speaking / Lynn Meade
Open Textbook Library Advanced Waterworks Mathematics / Michael Alvord, Regina Blasberg
Open Textbook Library The Adventure of Physics - Vol. IV : The Quantum of Change / Christoph Schiller
Open Textbook Library The Adventure of Physics - Vol. I : Fall, Flow, and Heat / Christoph Schiller
Open Textbook Library The Adventure of Physics - Vol. II : Relativity / Christoph Schiller
Open Textbook Library The Adventure of Physics - Vol. III : Light, Charges, and Brains / Christoph Schiller