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Author International Conference on Chemical, Biological and Environmental Engineering (2009 : Singapore)

Title Proceedings of the 2009 International Conference on Chemical, Biological and Environmental Engineering, CBEE 2009, Singapore, 9-11 October 2009 / editor Li Kai
Published Singapore ; Hackensack, N.J. : World Scientific Pub. Co., ©2010


Description 1 online resource (xv, 529 pages) : illustrations (some color)
Contents The future of biopharmaceutics' production / B. Bakhshandeh and Z. Shahrzad -- Density segregation of binary granular mixtures in bumpy vibrated beds / E.C.L. Wee -- Study on pyrolysis characteristics of electronic waste / J. Sun [and others] -- Microwave assisted activated carbon production based on biodiesel solid residue (Raphanus Sativus press cake) / A.S. Franca and D.L. Nunes -- Alternative uses for coffee husks -- a solid waste from green coffee production / A.S. Franca and L.S. Oliveira -- Use Of Crambe Abyssinica press cake as a biosorbent for wastewater treatment / L.S. Oliveira [and others] -- Design and operation of a mobile biodiesel production unit / L.S. Oliveira, A.N. Brasil and D.L. Nunes -- Characterization and separation of oil-in-water emulsion / A. Mandal [and others] -- Synthesis and rheology of an eco-friendly hydrofracturing fluid / K. Ojha, P. Bajpai and J.P. Singh -- The environmental effects caused by constructing Mamlu Reservoir dam in East Tehran / S. Boudaghpour -- Treatment of distillery spentwash by anaerobic baffled reactors / A.K. Dikshit, M.S. Chauhan and S.S. Singh -- Bacterial and fungal bioreactors for colour removal from distillery spentwash / S.S. Singh and A.K. Dikshit -- Application of noise mapping on environmental management / K.-T. Tsai [and others] -- Investigation on season effects on efficiency of individual selection system and performance response in silkworm / A. Seidavi [and others] -- Stabilization of heavy metals In sewage sludge using sorel cement / J. Ma [and others] -- Modeling of substrate degradation and microorganism growth in an UASB reactor / R. Rodriguez and L. Moreno -- Effects of chemical fertilizers on the Cr(VI) adsorption on paddy soil / J. Liu [and others] -- A study on the effect of fractional composition of nano size particles in coatings of CaCO3 on release rates of active constituents from fertilizer pellets / W.J.N. Fernando, A.L. Ahmad and N.M. Soon -- A case study of regional municipal solid waste management program in Taiwan / Y.-J. Chang, M.-D. Lin and S.-F. Yeh -- An experimental study on the effect of engine speed variation on premixed ratio, equivalence ratio and emissions of dual fuel HCCI engine / M.R. Kalateh and M. Ghazikhani -- Analysis of a single biomolecule transiting with nanopore / G. Cheng and J. Wang -- Characteristics and transport properties of two modified zero valent iron / Y.-H. Lin, M.-D. Lin and C. Liang -- Synthesis of visible light active N-doped titania photocatalyst / C. Kusumawardani, I. Kartini and Narsito -- Synthesis and activity test of two asymmetric dibenzalacetones as potential sunscreen material / S. Handayani -- Calcium carbide residue-ground fly ash mixture as a new material to encapsulate zinc / K. Somna, C. Jaturapitakkul and P. Kajitvichyanukul -- Effect of Cr[symbol]O[symbol] in cement clinker on microstructure and leachability of cement mortar / S. Sinyoung [and others] -- Preparation of zirconium dispersed in aluminium pillared montmorillonite and its activity in phenol hydroxylation / I. Fatimah, Narsito and K. Wijaya -- Copper (II) exchanged TiO[symbol]-pillared clay preparation from Indonesian montmorillonite : effect of titania precursor / I. Fatimah [and others]. Phosphate and nitrate removal in a laboratory-scale batch reactor by selected wastewater protozoa / A. Ob and M. Mnb -- Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) process for colour and Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) removal in landfill Leachte treatment / P. Palaniandy, M.N. Adlan and H.A. Aziz -- Molecular docking of 3-O-Micarocylmicaminocyl-5-O-Forosaminylerythronolide-B (MMFE) to RRNA 23S deinococcus radiodurans and the prediction of its antibiotic potency / W. Haryadi [and others] -- Treatment of dimethyl-sulfoxide-containing optoelectronics wastewater using airlift bioreactor With PVA-immobilized cell beads / S.-Y. He [and others] -- On site integrated landfill leachate treatment : recirculation and Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket Reactor (UASBR) / R. Taneja [and others] -- The application of varied impregnation methods on the characters of non-sulfided NiMo/USY catalyst / K.D. Nugrahaningtyas [and others] -- Preparation and characterization of NiMo/active natural zeolite catalysts / K.D. Nugrahaningtyas [and others] -- Multi-objective optimization for the design of a river monitoring network / H.-T. Ouyang [and others] -- Solubility measurements of ibuprofen in supercritical CO[symbol] by a dynamic method / M. Mirzajanzadeh, M. Ardjmand and F. Zabihi -- Correlation of the solubility of ibuprofen in supercritical carbon dioxide / M. Ardjmand and M. Mirzajanzadeh -- Identification and monitoring of pesticides in a well field in Delhi, India / P.K. Mutiyar, A.K. Mittal and A. Pekdeger -- Water treatment scheme for specific requirement of cooling : case study of ground water treatment at Delhi / S.S. Kolte and A.K. Mittal -- CFD-PBM modeling of vertical bubbly flows / M.R. Rahimi and H. Karimi -- Modeling of seawater intrusion for a small tropical island aquifer in East Malaysia / S.M. Praveena, A.Z. Aris and M.H. Abdullah -- A novel steady-state test cycle for emissions characterisation of a light-duty diesel engine fuelled with biodiesel / J.-H. Ng [and others] -- Influence of temperature on the remediation of PAH-contaminated soil using vegetable oil / E.V. Lau, S. Gan and H.K. Ng -- The strength and direction of the linkage between rural assets and environmental degradation in upland agricultural practices / P. Karyanto, M.H. Mohammad and F. Hashim -- Performance of the continuous flow of unvegetated constructed wetland with different filter media for removal of chemical oxygen demand and iron in landfill leachate treatment / A.M.D. Noor [and others] -- A primary mathematical model to differentiate bacterial growth from resuscitation of dormant bacteria / R. Sachidanandham -- Enhancement of Cu(II) adsorption capacity by surface-ionic imprinted biosorbent / A. Shofiyani [and others] -- On the efficiency of discrete particle modeling of gas-solid fluidized bed reactor / C.L. Wu, A.S. Berrouk and K. Nandakumar -- Impact factors of community health and welfare : application of FAHP / K.-Y. Wu and H.-D. Huang -- Hydrotalcite-like synthesis using magnesium from brine water / E. Heraldy [and others] -- Development of polysulfone-carbon molecular sieves mixed matrix membranes for CO[symbol] removal from natural gas / A.S. Wiryoatmojo, H. Mukhtar and Z. Man -- Life cycle assessment of waste co-processing in Chinese cement production / M.E. Boesch and S. Hellweg -- Optimal sizing, economic study and reliability of different configurations of photovoltaic systems / A.A. Hassan [and others] -- Environmental assessment of wastewater pollution in Al-Qassim industrial city / T.I. Sabry, S.M. Elkholy and I.S. Al-Salamah -- Cement/activated-carbon solidification/stabilization treatment of nitrobenzene / Z. Su [and others] -- Microstate segmentation of non-musician brain in simultaneously audio-visual perception / W. Sittiprapaporn -- An experimental study on the effects of EGR and equivalence ratio on CO and soot emissions of dual fuel HCCI engine / M.R. Kalateh and M. Ghazikhani -- Biodegadation of pharmaceutical organic pollutants by photosynthetic bacteria / E.I. Madukasi and C. He -- Wheat response to nitrogen and post-anthesis water deficit / A. Bahrani [and others] -- Biosorption of lead (II) and cadmium (II) from aqueous solutions by pre-treated nonliving alga padina pavonia / M. Nikazar, Majdian and F. Vahabzadeh -- Sonocatalytic degradation of various dyes in wastewater over heat-treated TiO[symbol catalysts and assisted by hydrogen peroxide / A.Z. Abdullah and Y.L. Pang -- Transportation of dangerous substances : a decisional support system for risk analysis / V. Torretta -- Sulfation of castor oil with development of emulsifiers / A.B.M. Elgellal and I.H. Al-Wahaib -- Investigation of fish species biodiversity in Haraz River / I. Piri, I.H. Nezhad and P. Amirian -- Investigation of hazardous waste, a case study of Fars Province In Iran / I.H. Nezhad, P. Amirian and I. Piri -- Nano-tungsten carbide prepared from palm kernel shell for catalytic decomposition of hydrazine / A.R. Yacob [and others] -- Methane reforming in a small channel reactor / M. Al Nakoua and M. El-Naas -- Palm date seeds and its application as activated carbon -- a review / Aniyankunju. Cm and S. Feroz -- The use of low grade diatomite to recover repeatingly used palm oil / L. Meesuk, P. Watthanakul and C. Attha-Aroon -- Investigation of grazing effects on composition and vegetation diversity / S.A. Javadi and E.Z. Esfehan -- Chemical activation of mango seed coat (Mangifera Indica L) -- preparation and characterization / B.G.P. Kumar [and others] -- Effect of process variables on microwave, convective, microwave-convective and sun drying of plaster of Paris / M. Ganesapillai and L.R. Miranda -- Response surface methodology study on removal of humic acid from aqueous solutions using anionic clay hydrotalcite / Y. Yasin, S.M. Sumari and A.H.A. Malek -- Moisture dependent geometrical properties of sunflower seed, azargol variety as a case study / R. Khodabakhshian [and others] -- Studies on the extracellular tannase from newly isolated Bacillus Thurangiences BN2 / P.D. Belur, G. Mugeraya and S. Subbalaxmi -- Biophysical properties of some Persian honeys / H. Tavakolipour and A.K. Ashtari -- Risk assessment of fluoride in Indian context / V. Chaudhary and M. Kumar -- Studies on fluidization characteristics for bio-chemical processes / K.S.K.R. Patnaik, P.V. Kumar and K. Sriharsha -- Toxicity evaluation of different urban solid waste compost on germination and growth parameters of Lepidium Sativum L / A.R. Astaraei -- Preparation of Pt-Sn/Al[symbol]O[symbol] catalyst : modeling of platinum and tin precursor adsorption onto alumina / M. Saeedizad [and others]
Influence Of blade absence on performance of DC type low-NO[symbol] burner for pulverized-coal fired boiler / Z. Wang, Y. Dong and S. Sun -- Carbon cycle in the drainage area of Yalong River / H. Kuang and M.S. Kuang -- Synthesis of mesoporous nanocrystalline TiO[symbol] with potato starch as pore template and its photocatalytic activity / C.S. Budhi and I. Kartini -- Surface water characterization at Semenyih Dam / N. Kantasamy and S.M. Sumari -- Benchmarking heavy metal contamination for Brownfield in Malaysia / A.H. Lee, H. Nikraz and T.H. Yung -- Assessment of heavy metals in soil, sediment, water and sugarcane plant around Ewekoro cement factory in Ogun state, Nigeria / O.O. Olujimi and I. Oluwadare -- Knoevenagel condensation : an efficient green approach / B. Shyam [and others] -- Onto-biology : clarifying also the standard clock for pre-biotic process, stem-cell, organs, brain, and societies / K. Naitoh -- Synthesis and photocatalytic performance of Ce/SiO[symbol]/TiO[symbol] with novel microspherical-like faveolate structure / Y. Miao [and others] -- Light transmission in fluidized bed / E. Shahbazali, A.A. Safekordi and N. Afrasiabi -- Rhizoremediation of polyaromatic hydrocarbons by arthrobacter SP., a rhizospheric isolate from populus deltoids / S. Bisht [and others] -- Formulation of an effective rhizobium bioinoculant using green fluorescent protein reporter system / P. Pandey [and others] -- Impact of temperature and applied chlorine dose on inactivatin and regrowth of HPC bacteria / B. Mahto and S. Goel -- Determination of physical properties of pomegranate during bulk drying in an inert medium fluidized bed dryer assisted infrared heat source / B. Honarvar, R. Keshavarz and A. Fazlali -- The characteristics of heat transfer at spirally shaped chemical reactor through a numerical analysis / J.-G. Lee [and others] -- Prospects of flexible design strategies for easy change and adaptation / N. Sadafi, M.F. Mzain and M. Jamil -- Iron doped microporous activated carbon (phenolic resin) as an adsorbent for arsenic removal / Aj. Sharma [and others] -- Effect of treated oil well effluent on soil exchange capacity / N. Emanuel and G. Kumar -- Utilisation of recycled paper mill sludge using circulation fluidised bed boiler / S. Mandavgane [and others] -- Orange juice pasteurization using ozone / F.E. Soetaredjo [and others] -- Conservation of bird life in an urban wetland : problems and concerns -- a case study / J.R. Louis [and others] -- Some observations on vertical transmission of the microsporidian parasite from the teak defoliator, hyblaea puera cramer / J. Bhattacharya, O.K. Remadevi and T.O. Sasidharan -- A high standard isolated insolated photovoltaic Egyptian safari rest red sea area / F.H. Fahmy -- Drying of mushroom using a solar tunnel dryer / M.A. Basunia, Y. Hikida and M.A. Rabbani -- Synthesis and photocatalytic performance of TiO[symbol] with novel shape / L. Min [and others]
Summary Held in Singapore from 9 to 11 October 2009, the 2009 International Conference on Chemical, Biological and Environmental Engineering (CBEE 2009) aims to provide a platform for researchers, engineers, academicians as well as industrial professionals from all over the world to present their research and development activities in chemical, biological and environmental engineering. Conference delegates will also have the opportunity to exchange new ideas and application experiences, establish business or research relations and find global partners for future collaboration
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