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Author Vohra, Rakesh

Title Principles of Pricing : an Analytical Approach
Published Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2012


Description 1 online resource (262 pages)
Contents Cover; PRINCIPLES OF PRICING; Title; Copyright; Dedication; Contents; ONE: Introduction; 1.1 Genesis; 1.2 Acknowledgments; TWO: Buyer Behavior; 2.1 The Ultimatum; 2.2 Rational Buyer Model; 2.3 Warts; 2.4 Defense of the Rational Buyer Model; 2.5 Price Setting; 2.6 Key Points; THREE: Estimating Price Response; 3.1 Economic Value to the Customer; 3.1.1 Five Steps; 3.1.2 Psychology and EVC; 3.2 Key Points; FOUR: Uniform Posted Price; 4.1 Margin versus Volume; 4.1.1 Where Demand Curves Come From; Independent Private Values Model; Regression; 4.1.2 Elasticity of Demand; 4.2 Margin and Elasticity
4.2.1 Choosing Quantity4.3 The Relevance of Costs to Prices; 4.4 Break-Even Calculations; 4.5 The Sin of Cost-Plus Pricing; 4.6 Credibility; 4.7 Selling to One; 4.8 Many Products; 4.9 Negotiation; 4.10 Selling through an Intermediary; 4.10.1 First Vignette; 4.10.2 Second Vignette; Resale Price Maintenance; 4.11 Adverse Selection; 4.12 The Price Waterfall; 4.12.1 Using the Price Waterfall Methodology; 4.13 Key Points; 4.14 Technical Aside; 4.14.1 Elasticity of Demand; 4.14.2 The Markup Formula; FIVE: Auctions; 5.1 The BenchmarkModel; 5.1.1 English Ascending; 5.1.2 Sealed-Bid Second Price
5.1.3 Sealed-Bid First Price5.1.4 Dutch Descending; 5.1.5 Revenue Comparison; Using a Reserve; 5.1.6 Auctions versus Posted Price; 5.1.7 Auctions versus Posted Price (Encore); 5.1.8 An eBay Interlude; 5.2 Beyond Benchmark; 5.2.1 Risk; 5.2.2 Common Values; 5.2.3 Heterogeneous Bidders; 5.2.4 Violating the Rules; 5.2.5 Multiple Objects; 5.3 Key Points; 5.4 Technical Aside; 5.4.1 Sealed-Bid First Price; SIX: Price Discrimination; 6.1 The Third Degree; 6.2 The Second Degree; 6.2.1 Versioning; 6.2.2 Bundling; A Cable TV Interlude; Bundling and Entry Deterrence; Legality of Bundling
Bundling Multiple UnitsHow Many Bundles?; An Oncological Interlude; Nonlinear Pricing; 6.3 Revenue Management; 6.4 Gray Markets; 6.5 Legal Aspects of Price Discrimination; 6.6 Key Points; 6.7 Technical Aside; 6.7.1 Formulation of Example 15; 6.7.2 Analysis of Bundling; 6.7.3 Nonlinear Pricing; 6.7.4 Choosing a Protection Level; SEVEN: Pricing and Competition; 7.1 The Pricing Dilemma; 7.1.1 Objections to the PD; 7.1.2 A Silver Lining; 7.2 Repetition; Price Matching Guarantees; 7.2.1 Collusion and Signaling; 7.2.2 Predation; 7.3 Capacity; 7.3.1 Capacity Preemption
7.3.2 Pricing Using the Supply Curve7.4 Differentiation; 7.4.1 Differentiation and Substitutes; 7.4.2 Loyalty Programs; The Logic; 7.4.3 Competing with Complements; 7.5 Tale of the Inferior Entrant; 7.5.1 An Airline Interlude; 7.5.2 A TV Interlude; 7.5.3 Loyalty Discounts; 7.5.4 Retreating Brands; 7.6 Key Points; 7.7 Technical Aside; 7.7.1 Analysis of the Capacity Game; 7.7.2 Cournot Model; 7.7.3 Bertrand-Hotelling Model; EIGHT: Bringing It All Together; NINE: Appendix on Game Theory; 9.1 Representing the Game; 9.1.1 Simultaneous-Move Game; 9.1.2 Sequential Games; 9.2 Playing the Game
Summary Pricing drives three of the most important elements of firm success: revenue and profits, customer behavior and firm image. This book provides an introduction to the basic principles for thinking clearly about pricing. Unlike other marketing books on pricing, the authors use a more analytic approach and relate ideas to the basic principles of microeconomics. Rakesh Vohra and Lakshman Krishnamurthi also cover three areas in greater depth and provide more insight than may be gleaned from existing books: 1) the use of auctions, 2) price discrimination and 3) pricing in a competitive environment
This book provides an analytic basis for making pricing decisions
Notes 9.2.1 Dominated Strategies and the Price Game
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Author Krishnamurthi, Lakshman
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