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Description The Peter Lang Publishing Group specializes in the humanities and social sciences.
Subject area Humanities
  Social Sciences
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Peter Lang Aesthetics, empathy and education / edited by Boyd White, Tracie Costantino
Peter Lang Art therapy research in practice / [edited by] Andrea Gilroy
Peter Lang The audience commodity in a digital age : revisiting a critical theory of commercial media / edited by Lee McGuigan, Vincent Manzerolle
Peter Lang Avatar, assembled : the social and technical anatomy of digital bodies / edited by Jaime Banks
Peter Lang Between enlightenment and disaster : dimensions of the political use of knowledge / Linda Sangolt (ed.)
Peter Lang Black women in reality television docusoaps : a new form of representation or depictions as usual? / Adria Y. Goldman & Damion Waymer
Peter Lang Boys' bodies : speaking the unspoken / edited by Michael Kehler, Michael Atkinson
Peter Lang Case analyses for intellectual property law and new media / Steven L. Baron, Edward Lee Lamoureux, Claire Stewart
Peter Lang Case studies of nonprofit organizations and volunteers / edited by Jennifer Mize Smith, Michael W. Kramer
Peter Lang Citizen Journalism : global perspectives. Volume 2 / Einar Thorsen, Stuart Allan (eds.)
Peter Lang The collaborative enterprise : creating values for a sustainable world / edited by Antonio Tencati and Laszlo Zsolnai
Peter Lang Commercialised history : popular history magazines in Europe : approaches to a historico-cultural phenomenon as the basis for history teaching / Susanne Popp, Jutta Schumann, Miriam Hannig (editions.)
Peter Lang Communication : motivation, knowledge, skills / Sherwyn P. Morreale, Brian H. Spitzberg, J. Kevin Barge
Peter Lang A communication perspective on the military : interactions, messages, and discourses / edited by Erin Sahlstein Parcell & Lynne M. Webb
Peter Lang Comparing selected modern methods of teaching English to young learners / Katarzyna Rokoszewska
Peter Lang Constructing Memory : Architectural Narratives of Holocaust Museums / Stephanie Shosh Rotem
Peter Lang Consuming Bollywood : gender, globalization, & media in the Indian diaspora / Anjali Ram
Peter Lang Consumer satisfaction : advancements in theory, modeling, and empirical findings / Alessandro M. Peluso
Peter Lang Contemporary Asian modernities : transnationality, interculturality, and hybridity / Yiu-Wai Chu & Eva Kit-Wah Man, (eds)
Peter Lang The convergence crisis : an impending paradigm shift in advertising / Joanna L. Jenkins