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Bio-inspired Engineerings -- See Biomimetics

An interdisciplinary field in materials science, ENGINEERING, and BIOLOGY, studying the use of biological principles for synthesis or fabrication of BIOMIMETIC MATERIALS
bio-inspired materials. : Advanced technologies for next generation integrated circuits / edited by Ashok Srivastava and Saraju P. Mohanty  2020 1

Bio-invasions -- See Biological invasions

Here are entered works on processes in which organisms become established in a region where they previously did not exist and then rapidly expand their range

Bio-logging (Animal radio tracking) -- See Animal radio tracking

--subdivision Radio tracking under individual animals and groups of animals, e.g. Fishes--Radio tracking
Bio medical Engineering : Biomaterials principles and applications / edited by Joon B. Park and Joseph D. Bronzino  c2002 1

Bio-MEMS -- See BioMEMS


Bio-Monitoring -- See Environmental Monitoring

The monitoring of the level of toxins, chemical pollutants, microbial contaminants, or other harmful substances in the environment (soil, air, and water), workplace, or in the bodies of people and animals present in that environment

Bio-organic chemistry -- See Bioorganic chemistry


Bio-pics -- See Biographical films

Here are entered works on films that depict lives of real people

Bio-piracy -- See Biopiracy

Here are entered works on the commercial development and patenting of naturally occurring biological materials, or indigenous biological knowledge, by technologically advanced countries or organizations, without fair compensation to the indigenous groups or nations where the materials or knowledge were originally discovered

Bio-process engineering -- See Biochemical engineering

Bio reactors : Sequencing batch reactor technology / by Peter A. Wilderer, Robert L. Irvine, Mervyn C. Goronszy and Nazik Artan, and others  2001 1

Bio-swales -- See Bioswales


Bio-terrorism -- See Bioterrorism


Bioabsorbable Implant -- See Absorbable Implants

Implants constructed of materials designed to be absorbed by the body without producing an immune response. They are usually composed of plastics and are frequently used in orthopedics and orthodontics

Bioabsorbable Implants -- See Absorbable Implants

Implants constructed of materials designed to be absorbed by the body without producing an immune response. They are usually composed of plastics and are frequently used in orthopedics and orthodontics
Bioaccumulation.   4
Arsenic -- Bioaccumulation : Arsenic & rice / Andrew A. Meharg, Fang-Jie Zhao  2012 1
Dioxins -- Bioaccumulation -- Australia.   2
Dioxins -- Bioaccumulation -- Australia -- Victoria -- Port Phillip Bay region : Assessment of dioxin levels found in Port Phillip Bay fish and mussels / Environment Protection Authority  1991 1
Heavy metals -- Bioaccumulation : Heavy metals in Scleractinian corals / Sofia B. Shah  2021 1
Mercury -- Bioaccumulation   2
Mercury -- Bioaccumulation -- Florida -- Everglades : Mercury and the Everglades : a synthesis and model for complex ecosystem restoration. Volume III, Temporal trends of mercury in the Everglades, synthesis and management implications / Curtis D. Pollman, Donald M. Axelrad, Darren G. Rumbold, editors  2021 1
Mercury -- Bioaccumulation -- Japan -- Minamata-shi. : Mercury pollution in Minamata / Hisashi Yokoyama  2018 1
Organic compounds -- Bioaccumulation. : Persistent organic pollutants : environmental behaviour and pathways of human exposure / edited by Stuart Harrad  2001 1
Persistent pollutants -- Bioaccumulation   2
Persistent pollutants -- Bioaccumulation -- North Pacific Ocean : Persistent organic pollutants in the ecosystems of the North Pacific / Vasiliy Tsygankov  2023 1
Pollutants -- Bioaccumulation : Gut remediation of environmental pollutants : potential roles of probiotics and gut microbiota / Xiangkai Li, Pu Liu, editors  2020 1
  Bioacoustics -- 7 Related Subjects   7
Bioacoustics.   21
Bioacoustics -- Data processing : Methods in ecoacoustics : the acoustic complexity indices / Almo Farina, Peng Li  2021 1
Bioacoustics -- Periodicals : Bioacoustics (Berkhamsted : Online)  2011 1
Bioacoustics -- Research   3

Bioactivation (Metabolism) -- See Biotransformation (Metabolism)

  Bioactive compounds -- 3 Related Subjects   3
Bioactive compounds   89
Bioactive compounds -- Analysis   2
Bioactive compounds -- Biotechnology   8
Bioactive compounds -- Biotechnology -- Congresses : Advanced bioactive compounds countering the effects of radiological, chemical and biological agents : strategies to counter biological damage / edited by Grant N. Pierce, Volodymyr I. Mizin, and Alexander Omelchenko  2013 1
Bioactive compounds -- Conformation : Bioactive conformation II / editor, Thomas Peters  2008 1
Bioactive compounds -- Congresses   5
Bioactive compounds -- Effect of temperature on.   4
Bioactive compounds -- Handbooks, manuals, etc : Handbook of food bioactive ingredients : properties and applications / Seid Mahdi Jafari, Ali Rashidinejad, Jesus Simal-Gandara, editors  2023 1
Bioactive compounds -- Health aspects   5
Bioactive compounds -- Industrial applications : Industrial application of functional foods, ingredients and nutraceuticals : extraction, processing and formulation of bioactive compounds / edited by C. Anandharamakrishnan, S. Parthasarathi  2023 1
Bioactive compounds -- Physiological effect : Bioactive compounds : health benefits and potential applications / editor, Maira Rubi Segura Campos  2019 1

Bioactive Compounds, Plant -- See Phytochemicals

A broad range of biologically active compounds which occur naturally in plants having important medicinal and nutritional properties
Bioactive compounds -- Synthesis   6
Bioactive compounds -- Therapeutic use : Bioactive natural products. Part B / edited by Atta-ur-Rahman  2000 1
Bioactive compounds -- Toxicology : Effects of Persistent and Bioactive Organic Pollutants on Human Health  2013 1
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