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Biological Assays, High-Throughput -- See High-Throughput Screening Assays

Rapid methods of measuring the effects of an agent in a biological or chemical assay. The assay usually involves some form of automation or a way to conduct multiple assays at the same time using sample arrays

Biological assessment of water quality -- See Water quality biological assessment

Here are entered works on evaluation of the condition of a body of water based on surveys and other measurements of the resident biota. Works on testing to determine the degree of pollution of water by comparing its effect on a living organism with the effect of a standard preparation are entered under Water quality bioassay

Biological attachment mechanisms -- See Attachment mechanisms (Biology)


Biological Availabilities -- See Biological Availability

The extent to which the active ingredient of a drug dosage form becomes available at the site of drug action or in a biological medium believed to reflect accessibility to a site of action

Biological availability -- See Bioavailability

--subdivision Bioavailability under individual chemicals and groups of chemicals, e.g. Copper--Bioavailability
Biological Availability   27

Biological Availability, Nutritional -- See Nutritive Value

An indication of the contribution of a food to the nutrient content of the diet. This value depends on the quantity of a food which is digested and absorbed and the amounts of the essential nutrients (protein, fat, carbohydrate, minerals, vitamins) which it contains. This value can be affected by soil and growing conditions, handling and storage, and processing

Biological Board of Canada -- See Also the later heading Fisheries Research Board of Canada

Biological Board of Canada -- History : A science on the scales : the rise of Canadian Atlantic fisheries biology, 1898-1939 / Jennifer M. Hubbard  2006 1

Biological chemistry -- See Biochemistry

--subdivision Composition under individual animals and groups of animals, e.g. Fishes--Composition; Cattle--Composition

Biological chemists -- See Biochemists


Biological child psychiatry -- See Also the narrower term Pediatric neuropsychiatry

Biological child psychiatry.   4
Biological children of foster parents.   3
Biological children of foster parents -- Research -- Case studies. : Object Sharing Interviewing : Exploring the Experiences of Foster Parents? Own Children / Serbinski  2017 1

Biological Clock -- See Biological Clocks

The physiological mechanisms that govern the rhythmic occurrence of certain biochemical, physiological, and behavioral phenomena

Biological Clock Disturbance -- See Chronobiology Disorders

Disruptions of the rhythmic cycle of bodily functions or activities

Biological Clock Disturbances -- See Chronobiology Disorders

Disruptions of the rhythmic cycle of bodily functions or activities
  Biological clocks -- 3 Related Subjects   3
Biological Clocks.   16

Biological clocks, Daily -- See Circadian rhythms

Biological Clocks -- genetics : Photoperiodism : the biological calendar / edited by Randy J. Nelson, David L. Denlinger, David E. Somers  2010 1
Biological Clocks -- physiology   3
  Biological Communities -- 2 Related Subjects   2

Biological Community -- See Biota

The spectrum of different living organisms inhabiting a particular region, habitat, or biotope

Biological compatibility -- See Biocompatibility

--subdivision Biocompatibility under individual materials and types of materials, e.g. Metals--Biocompatibility

Biological complexity -- See Biocomplexity

Here are entered works on the properties emerging from the interplay of behavioral, biological, chemical, physical, and social interactions that affect, sustain, or are modified by living organisms, including humans

Biological constitution of human beings -- See Human beings Constitution


Biological Containment -- See Containment of Biohazards

Physical and biological barriers against the spread of potentially hazardous biologically active agents such as bacteria, viruses, recombinant nucleotides, contaminated bio-specimens, etc. Typically involves the use of specialized equipment, facilities, procedures, professional personnel and established protocols
Biological control.   25

Biological control agents -- See Biological pest control agents

Biological control agents.   26
Biological Control Agents -- economics : Biopesticides : state of the art and future opportunities / Aaron D. Gross, editor, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida, Joel R. Coats, editor, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa, Stephen O. Duke, editor, Agriculture Research Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture, University, Mississippi, James N. Seiber, editor, University of California, Davis, California ; sponsored by the ACS Division of Agrochemicals  2014 1
Biological Control Agents -- isolation & purification : Microbial-based biopesticides : methods and protocols / edited by Travis R. Glare and Maria E. Moran-Diez  2016 1
Agricultural pests -- Biological control   16
Agricultural pests -- Biological control -- Australia. : Soil insect pests in Australia : control alternatives to persistent organochlorine insecticides / P.G. Allsopp, B.E. Hitchcock  1987 1
Agricultural pests -- Biological control -- Handbooks, manuals, etc : Biological control in plant protection : a color handbook / Neil Helyer, Nigel D. Cattlin, and Kevin C. Brown  2014 1
Agricultural pests -- Biological control -- India. : Biopesticides for sustainable agriculture / O.P. Ameta ... [and others]  2013 1
Agricultural pests -- Biological control -- Periodicals : Journal of biopesticides  2008- 1
Algae -- Biological control. : Biomanipulation, tool for water management : proceedings of an international conference held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 8-11 August, 1989 / edited by R.D. Gulati ... [and others]  1990 1
Algae -- Biological control -- Congresses. : Biomanipulation, tool for water management : proceedings of an international conference held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 8-11 August, 1989 / edited by R.D. Gulati ... [and others]  1990 1
Aphids -- Biological control. : Aphid biodiversity under environmental change : patterns and processes / Pavel Kindlmann, A.F.G. Dixon, J.P. Michaud, editors  2010 1
Apples -- Diseases and pests -- Biological control -- Australia. : The use of honeybees as a transfer vector for core rot in apples : a report for the Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation / by Chris Archer  2002 1
Aquatic weeds -- Biological control.   3
Aquatic weeds -- Biological control -- Australia. : Biological control of water hyacinth : the weevils Neochetina bruchi and N. eichhorniae : biologies host ranges, and rearing, releasing and monitoring techniques for biological control of Eichhornia crassipes / M.H. Julien, M.W. Griffiths and A.D. Wright  1999 1
Arthropod pests -- Biological control.   3
Arthropod pests -- Biological control -- Australia. : Classical biological control of Arthropods in Australia / D.F. Waterhouse, D.P.A. Sands  2001 1
Arthropoda -- Biological control : A roadmap to the successful development and commercialization of microbial pest control products for control of arthropods / Willem J. Ravensberg  2011 1
Branchiura (Crustacea) -- Biological control : Cleaner fish biology and aquaculture applications / edited by Jim Treasurer  2018 1
Cats -- Biological control : Cats and conservationists : the debate over who owns the outdoors / Dara M. Wald and Anna L. Peterson  2020 1
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