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Title [Trade]
Published 1871-
Table of Contents
Box 1:1A.L.P. decisions on defence and foreign relations, [1963] 
Box 1:2Adapt or perish : the dilemma of nuclear politics, 1959 / John Bowle 
Box 1:3Adaptable Commonwealth : a summary of the proceedings of the Commonwealth Relations Conference 1949, 1950 / F. H. Soward 
  Box 1:4Aid or trade? / Johathan Power 
Box 1:5Aid for developing countries, 1963 / Sir John Maud 
Box 1:6Asia and the western world, 1957 / Tano Jodai 
Box 1:7Australia and Japan : Canberra's clamitous attack on Australian prosperity, [193?] / John H. C. Sleeman 
Box 1:8Australia and the future of the pacific / Australian Army Education Service 
Box 1:9Australia and the OECD, [1991] / OECD 
  Box 6:10Agriculture, June 2005 / Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade 
  Box 6:11Dispute settlement, June 2006 / Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade 
  Box 6:12Doha round, June 2006 / Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade 
  Box 6:13Intellectual property rights, June 2006 / Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade 
  Box 6:14Non-agrivultural products (industrials), June 2006 / Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade 
  Box 6:15Trade in services, June 2006 / Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade 
Box 6:16Australia-China free trade agreement negotiations, December 2006 / Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade 
Box 6:17Australia-Malaysia free trade agreement negotiations, July 2006 / Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade 
Box 1:10Australia in the Colombo Plan : progress report to 31st December, 1963 / Department of External Affairs 
Box 1:11Australian customs tariff : some facts and their consequences, how the consumer pays, 1933 / R. D. Westmore 
Box 1:12Australian foreign policy, 1966 / Arthur A. Calwell 
Box 1:13Australian trade with Asia / Ian Shannon 
Box 1:14Australia's aid to developing countries to 30 June 1966, 1966 / Department of External Affairs 
Box 1:15Australia's foreign policy : the next phase / P. C. Spender 
Box 6:18Australia's free trade agreements : an essential guide [2006] / Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade 
Box 1:16Australia's place among the English speaking peoples, [1942] / J. H. Rhodes 
Box 1:17Australia's trade with central Europe, 1903 / H. L. E. Ruthning 
Box 1:18Balfour declaration : origins and background, 1940 / Mrs Edgar Dugdale 
Box 1:19Baltic States as a British market in the past and future / Dr. V. Raud 
Box 6:7Bonding with the US : the EFIC solution / Export Finance and Insurance Corporation 
Box 1:20Britain's interest in Atlantic Union / Barbara Ward 
Box 1:21Britain's purpose in Africa, 1955 / Kenneth Bradley 
Box 1:22Canada and the European Community 
Box 1:23Canada and international standards : Canadian participation in the work of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) 
Box 1:24Canada and the Commonwealth, 1980 / External Affairs Canada 
Box 1:25Central African territories : comparative survey of native policy, 1951 
Box 1:26Central African territories : report of conference on closer association London, March 1951, 1951 
Box 2:1CER what's it all about? : an exporter's question and answer guide to the Australia New Zealand Closer Economic Relations - Trade Agreement, 1986 
Box 2:2Chatham House ninth annual dinner : proceedings 29th June, 1939 
Box 2:3Cheap loaf or, some free trade fallacies, 1890 / S. Cunliffe Lister 
Box 2:4Common grain price, 1963 / European Economic Community Commission 
Box 2:5Common market threat to the British Commonwealth / Australian League of Rights 
Box 2:6Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting in London 8-15 June 1977 : final communiqué, 1977 
Box 2:7:Commonwealth Secretariat : at the service of all Commonwealth Governments and a visible symbol of the spirit of co-operation which animates the Commonwealth, [197?] 
Box 2:8Commonwealth today : Commonwealth of Nations is a voluntary association..., 1977 
Box 2:9Consultation and co-operation in the Commonwealth, rev. ed. 1963 
Box 2:10Co-operation between Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic, 1954 / A. G. Donaldson 
Box 2:11Co-operation of nations, 1927 / Rt. Hon. The Viscount Cecil of Chelwood 
Box 2:12Cyprus : touchstone for democracy, 1958 
Box 2:13Democracy and development in Southeast Asia : report of the seminar programme no. 10 January, 1967 / James McAuley 
  Box 2:14Australia and the empire : no. 20 
  Box 2:15Our foreign policy : no. 21 
Box 2:16Dying peace, 1933 / Vigilantes 
Box 2:17ECE in action : the story of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, 1949 
Box 3:1ECGD credit insurance and financial support services : aids to export expansion, [1971] / Department of Trade and Industry 
Box 3:2EFTA : European Free Trade Association, [1959] 
Box 3:3Empire trade co-operation, 1936 / Dr. Earle Page 
Box 3:4Feasibility of establishing trade testing facilities in Austria, Italy and Yugoslavia, 1986 / Department of Employment and Industrial Relations 
Box 3:5Federalism and international relations, 1968 / Paul Martin 
Box 3:6French policy towards Germany since the war, 1954 / Robert Schuman 
Box 3:7GATT : will the new round make it work?, 1987 / John McDonnell 
Box 3:8Germany and England / Robert Blatchford 
Box 3:9Great Britain and the Spanish change of policy towards Morrocco in June 1878, 1958 / C. J. Bartlett 
  Box 3:10Bahrain : 1983 
  Box 3:11Bangladesh : 1985 
  Box 3:12Belgium and Luxembourg : 1982  
  Box 3:13Brazil : 1983 
  Box 3:14Britain : 1981 
  Box 3:15Brunei : 1982 
  Box 3:16Burma : 1985 
  Box 3:17Canada : 1984 
  Box 3:18China : 1983 
  Box 3:19Denmark : 1984 
  Box 3:20Egypt : 1982 
  Box 3:21Finland : 1984 
  Box 3:22France : 1983 
  Box 3:23FR Germany : 1984 
  Box 3:24Greece : 1982 
  Box 3:25Hong Kong : 1983 
  Box 3:26Hungary : 1982 
  Box 3:27India : 1982 
  Box 4:1Indonesia : 1982 
  Box 4:2Iran : 1984 
  Box 4:3Israel : 1981 
  Box 4:4Italy : 1983 
  Box 4:5Japan : 1983 
  Box 4:6Kenya : 1981 
  Box 4:7Malaysia : 1981 
  Box 4:8Mauritius : 1982 
  Box 4:9Netherlands : 1983 
  Box 4:10Nigeria : 1981 
  Box 4:11Norway : 1984 
  Box 4:12Pakistan : 1983 
  Box 4:13Peru : 1981 
  Box 4:14Romania : 1981 
  Box 4:15Saudi Arabia : 1982 
  Box 4:16Singapore : 1981 
  Box 4:17Spain : 1984 
  Box 4:18Sri Lanka : 1983 
  Box 4:19Sweden : 1984 
  Box 4:20Switzerland : 1981 
  Box 4:21Thailand : 1984 
  Box 4:22United Arab Emirates : 1981 
  Box 4:23United States of America : 1983 
  Box 4:24Venezuela : 1981 
  Box 4:25Yugoslavia : 1982 
Box 5:1I.L.O in brief, 1933 / League of Nations 
Box 5:2Impending calamity : can it be averted:, 1965 / Gunnar Myrdal 
Box 6:9International legislation and foreign commercial treaties in relation to certain improper trade descriptions applied to Australian wines, 1922 / Wilkinson, W. Percy 
Box 5:3Investigation into wool marketing, 1959 / G. D'A. Chislett 
Box 5:4Japan and China : Australia's necessity to look to her trade, [193?] / a Labour Supporter 
Box 6:19Key messages on the benefits of an Australia-China free trade agreement, [2006] / Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade 
  Box 5:5Foreign affairs and the public / John Price 
Box 5:6Monopolies mergers and restrictive practices, 1964 / Secretary of State for Industry, Trade and Regional Development 
  Box 5:7America's peace aims : no. 3, 1942 
  Box 5:8Atlantic Charter : no. 9 
  Box 5:9British Commonwealth and the U.S.A. in the post-war world : no. 10 
  Box 5:10Crisis of culture, the U.S.S.R. and the West / John MacMurray 
  Box 5:11Australian trade policy, imperial preference or world markets? / Edward Masey 
Box 5:12Rapport de M. Ferdinand de Lesseps : au nom du Conseil d'Administration, 1871 
Box 5:13Record on Suez : a chronology of events, 1956 
Box 5:14Ruin of the world's agriculture and trade, [1896] / Doctor G. Rühland 
Box 5:15Slaying a slander : result of twenty five years of Victorian protection, 1897 / Benj Hoare 
Box 5:16Short guide to the Maastricht Treaty, [1992] 
Box 5:17Solving the problems of international trade : a London Chamber of Commerce report 
Box 5:18Some problems of freer trade : Australia under pressure, 1977 / Sir John Crawford 
Box 5:19Specific duties and free list : showing the rates of duty under the previous tariff, and the duties under the present tariff-old and new, 1892 / New South Wales 
Box 6:8Tariff of the colony of Victoria, 1889 / J. B. Patterson 
Box 5:20Thunder from the left : the radical critique of development assistance, 1971 / Sarah Jackson 
  Box 5:21Citizen and foreign policy / Karl Polanyi 
Box 6:1Trade and commerce : at your service,1965 / Department of Trade and COmmerce, Ottawa 
Box 6:20Trade at a glance 2006, 2006 / Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade 
Box 6:21Trade development and poverty reduction, May 2006 / Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade 
Box 6:2Trade diversion policy, 1936 / Norman Cowper 
Box 6:3Truth and fancy about Institute of pacific relations, 1953 / William L. Holland 
Box 6:4United Kingdom and the European Economic Community, 1961 / British Information Services in Australia 
  Box 6:5French-Indo-China and the French colonies in the pacific area : no. 2, 1940 
  Box 6:6Middle East Autralia's front line, no. 3, 1941 / N.S.W. Branch, Australian Institute of Interantional Affairss 


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