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Author Langley, Richard.

Title The Doctor Who error finder : plot, continuity, and production mistakes in the television series and films / R.H. Langley
Published Jefferson, N.C. ; London : McFarland, 2005


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 MELB  791.4572 Lan/Dwe  AVAILABLE
Description xiii, 345 pages ; 26 cm
Contents Machine derived contents note: Acknowledgments vii -- Preface 1 -- I. The First Doctor 7 -- Pilot: An Unearthly Child 9 -- (A) 100,000 Bc 11 -- (B) The Mutants 13 -- (C) Inside the Spaceship 15 -- (D) Marco Polo 16 -- Pause to Consider: Missing Stories 17 -- (E) The Keys of Marinus 18 -- (F) The Aztecs -- (G) The Sensorites -- (H) The Reign of Terror -- (J) Planet of Giants -- (K) The Dalek Invasion of Earth -- Pause to Consider: Anachronisms -- (L) The Rescue -- (M) The Romans -- (N) The Web Planet -- (P) The Crusade -- (Q) The Space Museum -- (R) The Chase -- (S) The Time Meddler -- (T) Galaxy 4 -- (T/A) Mission to the Unknown -- (U) The Myth Makers -- (V) The Daleks' Master Plan -- (W) The Massacre of St. Bartholemew's Eve -- Pause to Consider: The First Doctor and His Lines -- (X) The Ark -- (Y) The Celestial Toymaker -- (Z) The Gunfighters -- (AA) The Savages -- (BB) The War Machines -- (CC) The Smugglers -- (DD) The Tenth Planet -- II. The Second Doctor -- (EE) The Power of the Daleks -- Pause to Consider: Audio Tapes -- (FF) The Highlanders -- (GG) The Underwater Menace -- (HH) The Moonbase -- (JJ) The Macra Terror -- (KK) The Faceless Ones -- (LL) The Evil of the Daleks -- (MM) The Tomb of the Cybermen -- (NN) The Abominable Snowmen -- (OO) The Ice Warriors -- (PP) The Enemy of the World -- (QQ) The Web of Fear -- (RR) Fury from the Deep -- (SS) The Wheel in Space -- (TT) The Dominators -- (UU) The Mind Robber -- (VV) The Invasion -- (WW) The Krotons -- Pause to Consider: Accents -- (XX) The Seeds of Death -- (YY) The Space Pirates -- (ZZ) The War Games -- III. The Third Doctor -- (AAA) Spearhead from Space -- (BBB) Doctor Who and the Silurians -- (CCC) The Ambassadors of Death -- (DDD) Inferno -- (EEE) Terror of the Autons -- (FFF) The Mind of Evil -- (GGG) The Claws of Axos -- (HHH) Colony in Space -- (JJJ) The Daemons -- (KKK) Day of the Daleks -- (MMM) The Curse of Peladon -- (LLL) The Sea Devils -- (NNN) The Mutants -- Pause to Consider: CSO -- (OOO) The Time Monster -- (RRR) The Three Doctors -- (PPP) Carnival of Monsters -- (QQQ) Frontier in Space -- (SSS) Planet of the Daleks -- (TTT) The Green Death -- (UUU) The Time Warrior -- (WWW) Invasion of the Dinosaurs -- (XXX) Death to the Daleks -- (YYY) The Monster of Peladon -- (ZZZ) Planet of the Spiders -- IV. The Fourth Doctor -- (4A) Robot -- (4C) The Ark in Space -- (4B) The Sontaran Experiment -- (4E) Genesis of the Daleks -- (4D) Revenge of the Cybermen -- (4F) Terror of the Zygons -- (4H) Planet of Evil -- (4G) Pyramids of Mars -- (4J) The Android Invasion -- (4K) The Brain of Morbius -- (4L) The Seeds of Doom -- (4M) The Masque of Mandragora -- Pause to Consider: The "Time Lords' Gift" -- (4N) The Hand of Fear -- (4P) The Deadly Assassin -- (4Q) The Face of Evil -- (4R) The Robots of Death -- (4S) The Talons of Weng-Chiang -- (4V) The Horror of Fang Rock -- (4T) The Invisible Enemy -- (4X) Image of the Fendahl -- (4W) The Sun Makers -- (4Y) Underworld -- (4Z) The Invasion of Time -- The Search for the Key to Time [stories 5A through 5F] -- (5A) The Ribos Operation -- (5B) The Pirate Planet -- (5C) The Stones of Blood -- (5D) The Androids of Tara -- (5E) The Power of Kroll -- (5F) The Armageddon Factor -- (5J) Destiny of the Daleks -- (5H) City of Death -- (5G) The Creature from the Pit -- (5K) Nightmare of Eden -- (5L) The Horns of Nimon -- (5M) Shada -- (5N) The Leisure Hive -- (5Q) Meglos -- The E-Space Trilogy [stores 5R through 5S] -- (5R) Full Circle -- (5P) State of Decay -- (5S) Warrior's Gate -- (5T) The Keeper of Traken -- (5V) Logopolis -- V. The Fifth Doctor -- (5Z) Castrovalva -- (5W) Four to Doomsday -- (5Y) Kinda -- (5X) The Visitation -- (6A) Black Orchid -- (6B) Earthshock -- (6C) Time-Flight -- Pause to Consider: Boom Mike Shadows -- (6E) Arc of Infinity -- (6D) Snakedance -- The Guardian Trilogy [stories 6F through 6H] -- (6F) Mawdryn Undead -- (6G) Terminus -- (6H) Enlightenment -- (6J) The King's Demons -- (6K) The Five Doctors -- (6L) Warriors of the Deep -- (6M) The Awakening -- (6N) Frontios -- (6P) Resurrection of the Daleks -- (6Q) Planet of Fire -- (6R) The Caves of Androzani -- VI. The Sixth Doctor -- (6S) The Twin Dilemma -- (6T) Attack of the Cybermen -- (6V) Vengeance on Varos -- (6X) The Mark of the Rani -- (6W) The Two Doctors -- (6Y) Timelash -- Pause to Consider: Astronomy -- (6Z) Revelation of the Daleks -- (7a/7b/7c) -- The Trial of a Time Lord: -- The Mysterious Planet -- Mindwarp -- The Ultimate Foe -- Time Inc. -- VII. The Seventh Doctor -- (7D) Time and the Rani -- (7E) Paradise Towers -- (7F) Delta and the Bannermen -- (7G) Dragonfire -- (7H) Remembrance of the Daleks -- (7L) The Happiness Patrol -- (7K) Silver Nemesis -- (7J) The Greatest Show in the Galaxy -- (7N) Battlefield -- (7Q) Ghost Light -- (7M) The Curse of Fenric -- (7P) Survival -- VIII. The Eighth Doctor -- Dr. Who [1996 TV movie] -- IX. The Forgotten Doctor: The Peter Cushing Movies -- Dr. Who and the Daleks -- Daleks-Invasion Earth 2150 AD -- X. Related Programs -- K-9 and Company-A Girl's Best Friend -- Dimensions in Time -- The Curse of Fatal Death -- Index
Summary "This collection of errors appearing in Doctor Who, from every episode of the original television series, the movies, and the spin-offs. Presenting over 4000 errors, plus about 1500 other items of interest, it includes transmitted bloopers such as microphones or equipment visible in a shot, obvious strings, anachronisms, unsteady sets, and actors having trouble walking"--Provided by publisher
Notes Includes index
Bibliography Includes bibliographical references (page 6) and index
SUBJECT Doctor Who (Television program) -- Miscellanea
Doctor Who (Television program : 1963-1989) -- Miscellanea.
Subject Doctor Who (Television program) -- Miscellanea
Genre/Form Trivia and miscellanea.
LC no. 2005006382
ISBN 0786419903 softcover alkaline paper