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Author Noelle, Christine

Title State and Tribe in Nineteenth-Century Afghanistan : the Reign of Amir Dost Muhammad Khan (1826-1863) / Christine Noelle
Published Hoboken : Taylor and Francis, 2012


Description 1 online resource (465 pages)
Contents Cover; State and Tribe in Nineteenth-Century Afghanistan: The Reign of Amir Dost Muhammad Khan (1826-1863); Copyright; CONTENTS; ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS; PREFACE; ABBREVIATIONS; INTRODUCTION; Chapter 1 DOST MUHAMMAD KHAN'S FIRST REIGN AND THE FIRST ANGLO-AFGHAN WAR; THE POLITICAL SETTING IN THE EARLY NINETEENTH CENTURY; The Alikozais; The Popalzais; The Barakzais; DOST MUHAMMAD KHAN'S ASSUMPTION OF POWER; The Power Struggle among the Muhammadzais (1818-1826); The Beginnings of Muhammadzai Rule; Dost Muhammad Khan's Person; DOST MUHAMMAD KHAN'S SPHERE OF INFLUENCE 1826-1839
Kabul in the Early Nineteenth CenturyThe Qizilbash; Sunni-Shi'a Frictions; Kohistan; Bamiyan and Bihsud; Dost Muhammad Khan's Consolidation of Power; THE FIRST ANGLO-AFGHAN WAR (1839-1842) AND AMIR DOST MUHAMMAD KHAN'S RESUMPTION OF POWER; The Events Leading up to the British Invasion; Amir Dost Muhammad Khan's Perspective; The British Occupation of Afghanistan; The Principal Participants in the Uprising of 1841-1842; Administrative Measures Taken by Amir Dost Muhammad Khan after his Resumption of Power; Chapter 2 AMIR DOST MUHAMMAD KHAN'S POLICIES IN TURKISTAN
AFGHAN TURKISTAN -- THE GEOGRAPHICAL AND ETHNOGRAPHICAL SETTINGPhysical Features; The Inhabitants; HISTORICAL OVERVIEW; The Origin of the Uzbeks; The Chingizid System of Government; The Rise of Amirid States; Afghan Turkistan under the Sadozais; THE UZBEK PRINCIPALITIES OF THE EARLY NINETEENTH CENTURY; Maimana; Qilich 'Ali of Tashqurghan (Khulm); Mazar-i Sharif and Balkh; Mir Murad Beg of Qunduz; Mir Wali of Tashqurghan; DOST MUHAMMAD KHAN'S INTERVENTION IN TURKISTAN; The Beginnings of Afghan Administration; The Extension of Afghan Authority in Western Turkistan; The Conquest of Qunduz
THE EFFECTS OF THE AFGHAN ADMINISTRATIONAdministrative Measures Taken by the Afghan Government; The Socio-Political Setting in Qataghan and Badakhshan; The Organization of the Afghan Administration; Chapter 3 THE POSITION OF THE PASHTUN TRIBES IN THE MUHAMMADZAI STATE; PASHTUN ORGANIZATION IN THE LIGHT OF MODERN ANTHROPOLOGY; The Concept of 'Tribe'; The Pashtuns; The Yusufzais of Swat; The Mohmand Agency; The Pashtun Tribes of Khost; The Ghilzais; THE PASHTUNS IN HISTORY; The Border Tribes; The Tribes of the Khyber Region; Kurram, Khost and Zurmat; Bajaur; The Mohmands of La'lpura
The Western Reaches of the Kabul RiverKunar; The Jabbar Khel Ghilzais; The Babakr Khel Ghilzais; The Hotak and Tokhi Ghilzais; The Historical Origins of the Leading Families; The Position of the Leadership in the Early Nineteenth Century; Dost Muhammad Khan's Policies towards the Hotaks and Tokhis; Revenues Raised among the Ghilzais; Chapter 4 DOST MUHAMMAD KHAN'S OCCUPATION OF QANDAHAR AND HIS ADMINISTRATION; THE DURRANIS; Durrani History and Organization; The Policies of the Qandahar Sardars; Dost Muhammad Khan's Occupation of Qandahar; DOST MUHAMMAD KHAN'S ADMINISTRATION
Summary With the exception of two short periods of direct British intervention during the Anglo-Afghan Wars of 1839-42 and 1878-80, the history of nineteenth-century Afghanistan has received little attention from western scholars. This study seeks to shift the focus of debate from the geostrategic concern with Afghanistan as the bone of contention between imperial Russian and British interests to a thorough investigation of the sociopolitical circumstances prevailing within the country. On the basis of unpublished British documents and works by Afghan historians, it lays the groundwork for a better understanding of the political mechanisms at work during the early Muhammadzai era by analysing them both from the viewpoint of the center and the pierphery
Notes The Structure of Dost Muhammad Khan's Government
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Subject Dōst Moḥammad Khān, Amir of Afghanistan, 1793-1863.
SUBJECT Dōst Moḥammad Khān, Amir of Afghanistan, 1793-1863 fast
Afghanistan -- History -- 19th century.
Subject Afghanistan
Genre/Form History
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ISBN 9781136603181