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Endocrine Pancreas, Artificial -- See Insulin Infusion Systems

Portable or implantable devices for infusion of insulin. Includes open-loop systems which may be patient-operated or controlled by a pre-set program and are designed for constant delivery of small quantities of insulin, increased during food ingestion, and closed-loop systems which deliver quantities of insulin automatically based on an electronic glucose sensor

Endocrine surgery -- See Endocrine glands Surgery


Endocrine Surgical Procedure -- See Endocrine Surgical Procedures

Surgery performed on any endocrine gland
Endocrine Surgical Procedures   20
Endocrine Surgical Procedures -- methods   10

Endocrine symptoms of general diseases -- See Endocrine manifestations of general diseases


Endocrine Syndrome, Paraneoplastic -- See Paraneoplastic Endocrine Syndromes

Syndromes resulting from inappropriate production of HORMONES or hormone-like materials by NEOPLASMS in non-endocrine tissues or not by the usual ENDOCRINE GLANDS. Such hormone outputs are called ectopic hormone (HORMONES, ECTOPIC) secretion

Endocrine system -- See Health - Endocrine system

Endocrine system.   15
Endocrine System -- anatomy & histology : Histologic basis of mouse endocrine system development : a comparative analysis / Matthew Kaufman, Alexander Yu. Nikitin, John P. Sundberg  2010 1

Endocrine system - Diabetes -- See Health - Endocrine system - Diabetes

Topical term modified 21/2/07

Endocrine System Disease -- See Endocrine System Diseases

Pathological processes of the ENDOCRINE GLANDS, and diseases resulting from abnormal level of available HORMONES

Endocrine System Diseases -- See Also Endocrinology

A subspecialty of internal medicine concerned with the metabolism, physiology, and disorders of the ENDOCRINE SYSTEM
Endocrine System Diseases   206
Endocrine System Diseases -- chemically induced   6
Endocrine System Diseases -- complications   4
Endocrine System Diseases -- congenital : Congenital endocrinopathies : new insights into endocrine diseases and diabetes / volume editors, Renata Lorini Genova [and others]  2007 1
Endocrine System Diseases -- diagnosis   19
Endocrine System Diseases -- diagnostic imaging : Nuclear endocrinology / Doina Piciu  2017 1
Endocrine System Diseases -- drug therapy   3
Endocrine System Diseases -- etiology   4
Endocrine System Diseases -- genetics   3
Endocrine System Diseases -- immunology   2
Endocrine System Diseases -- metabolism   2
Endocrine System Diseases -- nursing. : Advances in endocrine disorders / guest editor: June Hart Romeo  2007 1
Endocrine System Diseases -- pathology   4
Endocrine System Diseases -- Periodicals   4
Endocrine System Diseases -- physiopathology   18
Endocrine System Diseases -- physiopathology -- Examination Questions   2
Endocrine System Diseases -- psychology.   2
Endocrine System Diseases -- surgery.   6
Endocrine System Diseases -- therapy   8
Endocrine System Diseases -- veterinary   2
Endocrine System -- drug effects   2
Endocrine System -- embryology : Histologic basis of mouse endocrine system development : a comparative analysis / Matthew Kaufman, Alexander Yu. Nikitin, John P. Sundberg  2010 1
Endocrine System -- metabolism   2
Endocrine System -- pathology : A case-based guide to clinical endocrinology / Terry F. Davies, editor  2015 1
Endocrine System -- physiology.   16
Endocrine System -- physiopathology   6

Endocrine Systems -- See Endocrine System

The system of glands that release their secretions (hormones) directly into the circulatory system. In addition to the ENDOCRINE GLANDS, included are the CHROMAFFIN SYSTEM and the NEUROSECRETORY SYSTEMS

Endocrine therapy -- See Hormone therapy

--subdivision Hormone therapy under individual diseases and types of diseases, e.g. Cancer--Hormone therapy; also subdivision Diseases--Hormone therapy under individual organs and regions of the body, e.g. Heart--Diseases--Hormone therapy; and subdivision Therapeutic use under individual hormones and groups of hormones, e.g. Estrogen--Therapeutic use; Steroid hormones--Therapeutic use
Endocrine toxicology.   24
Endocrine toxicology -- Australia. : Endocrine disrupting chemicals in the Australian riverine environment : a pilot study on estrogenic compounds / Mike Williams ... [and others]  2007 1
Endocrine toxicology -- Congresses.   4
Endocrine toxicology -- Methodology   2
Endocrine toxicology -- Periodicals : Endocrine disruptors (Austin, Tex.)  2013 1
Endocrinologia.   5

Endocrinological gastroenterology -- See Gastrointestinal hormones

Endocrinologie.   10
endocrinologie comportement : Hormones and behaviour : a psychological approach / Nick Neave  2008 1
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