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Experimentation on oneself in medicine -- See Self-experimentation in medicine


Experimentation, Therapeutic Human -- See Therapeutic Human Experimentation

Human experimentation that is intended to benefit the subjects on whom it is performed

Experimentations, Embryo -- See Embryo Research

Experimentation on, or using the organs or tissues from, a human or other mammalian conceptus during the prenatal stage of development that is characterized by rapid morphological changes and the differentiation of basic structures. In humans, this includes the period from the time of fertilization to the end of the eighth week after fertilization
Experimentauswertung : Statistical analysis of designed experiments / Helge Toutenburg, Shalabh  2009 1
Experimenteel onderzoek.   5
Experimenteel ontwerp.   4
Experimentele filmkunst.   3
Experimentele natuurkunde. : Physics, fun and beyond : electrifying projects and inventions from recycled and low-cost materials / Eduardo de Campos Valadares ; translated by Michael Hugh Knowles, Heather Jean Blakemore, and Eduardo de Campos Valadares  2006 1
Experimentele poëzie. : Diasporic avant-gardes : experimental poetics and cultural displacement / edited by Carrie Noland and Barrett Watten  2009 1
Experimentele psychologie. : The volunteer subject / [by] Robert Rosenthal [and] Ralph L. Rosnow  1975 1
Experimentell patologi. : Experimental surgical models in the laboratory rat / edited by Alfredo Rigalli, Verónica Elina Di Loreto  2009 1
Experimentell poesi -- historia -- Kina. : Chinese poetry in times of mind, mayhem and money / by Maghiel van Crevel  2008 1
Experimentell skönlitteratur. : Transgressive fiction : the new satiric tradition / Robin Mookerjee  2013 1
Experimentelle Literatur   2
Experimentelle Lyrik   2
Experimentelle Musik : New musical figurations : Anthony Braxton's cultural critique / Ronald M. Radano  1993 1
Experimentelle Ökonomik. : Bounded rationality and public policy : a perspective from behavioural economics / Alistair Munro  2009 1
Experimentelle Physiologie : The Helmholtz curves : tracing lost time / Henning Schmidgen ; translated by Nils F. Schott  2014 1
Experimentelle Psychologie   2
Experimentelle Versuchsforschung : Experimental design and analysis for psychology / Hervé Abdi [and others]  2009 1
Experimentelle Wirtschaftsforschung   2
Experimenten.   3
Experimenter characteristics. : Supervising practices for postgraduate research in art, architecture and design / edited by Brent Allpress [and others]  2012 1

Experimenter effects on animal experimentation -- See Animal experimentation Effect of experimenters on


Experimenter effects on psychological research -- See Psychology Research Effect of experimenters on

Experimentfilm. : Experimental Filmmaking : Break the Machine / Kathryn Ramey  2016 1
Experiments   39
Experiments and observations on electricity (Franklin, Benjamin) : The Story Of Electricity: Spark - Ep 1 of 3 / Director: Usborne, Tim  2011 1
Juvenile Nonfiction -- Science & Nature -- Experiments & Projects.   2
SCIENCE -- Experiments & Projects.   4

Experiments, Animal -- See Animal Experimentation

The use of animals as investigational subjects
Experiments -- Fiction.   3
Experiments -- Juvenile fiction : The strange affair of Adelaide Harris / Leon Garfield ; illustrated by Fritz Wegner  1971 1
Experiments -- Juvenile literature   2

Experiments, Thought -- See Thought experiments


Expert evidence -- See Evidence, Expert


Expert Opinion -- See Expert Testimony

Presentation of pertinent data by one with special skill or knowledge representing mastery of a particular subject

Expert Opinions -- See Expert Testimony

Presentation of pertinent data by one with special skill or knowledge representing mastery of a particular subject
Expert Panel on the Constitutional Recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples : It's our country : Indigenous arguments for meaningful constitutional recognition and reform / edited by Megan Davis & Marcia Langton  2016 1

Expert System -- See Expert Systems

Computer programs based on knowledge developed from consultation with experts on a problem, and the processing and/or formalizing of this knowledge using these programs in such a manner that the problems may be solved
Expert Systems   72
  Expert systems (Computer science) -- 4 Related Subjects   4
Expert systems (Computer science)   491
Expert systems (Computer science) -- Congresses   263
Expert systems (Computer science) -- Design : Granular computing : analysis and design of intelligent systems / Witold Pedrycz  2018 1
Expert systems (Computer science) -- Developing countries : Expert Systems in Developing Countries : Practice and Promise  2019 1
Expert systems (Computer science) -- Evaluation. : Handbook for evaluating knowledge-based systems : conceptual framework and compendium of methods / by Leonard Adelman and Sharon L. Riedel  1997 1
Expert systems (Computer science) -- Industrial applications.   12
Expert systems (Computer science) -- Industrial applications -- Case studies. : Experts in organizations : a knowledge-based perspective on organizational change / Armand Hatchuel and Benoît Weil ; translated by Liz Libbrecht  1995 1
Expert systems (Computer science) -- Industrial applications -- Congresses   8
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