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Habit contractions -- See Tic disorders

Here are entered works on involuntary, sudden, rapid, recurrent, nonrhythmic, movements or vocalizations. Works on intentional, repetitive, non-spasmodic behaviors that serve no constructive, socially acceptable purpose are entered under Stereotyped behavior (Psychiatry)
Hàbit de fumar. : Alcohol and tobacco : medical and sociological aspects of use, abuse and addiction / Otto-Michael Lesch [and more]  2020 1
  Habit, Diet -- 2 Related Subjects   2
  Habit, Dietary -- 2 Related Subjects   2

Habit Disturbance -- See Habits

Acquired or learned responses which are regularly manifested

Habit Disturbances -- See Habits

Acquired or learned responses which are regularly manifested

Habit, Eating -- See Feeding Behavior

Behavioral responses or sequences associated with eating including modes of feeding, rhythmic patterns of eating, and time intervals

Habit, Ecclesiastical -- See Clergy Clothing

Here are entered works on the clothing worn by clergy in daily life and on the street. Works on the distinctive attire and insignia worn by clergy and their assistants when performing liturgical and other services of the church are entered under Church vestments
Habit -- Fiction. : Peggy / by Anna Walker  2012 1
  Habit, Food -- 2 Related Subjects   2
Habit in literature. : Habit in the English Novel, 1850-1900 : Lived Environments, Practices of the Self / Sean O'Toole, Assistant Professor of English, Baruch College, USA  2013 1
Habit -- Juvenile fiction.   2
Habit (Philosophy)   9
Habit -- Pictorial works -- Juvenile fiction. : Peggy / by Anna Walker  2012 1
Habit -- Political aspects : Revolutionary routines : the habits of social transformation / Carolyn Pedwell  2021 1
Habit -- Psychological aspects.   2

Habit, Riding -- See Riding habit


Habit, Smoking -- See Smoking

Willful or deliberate act of inhaling and exhaling SMOKE from burning substances or agents held by hand
Habit -- Social aspects.   3
Habit -- Social aspects -- United States : The racial mundane : Asian American performance and the embodied everyday / Ju Yon Kim  2015 1

Habit Spasm -- See Tics

Habitual, repeated, rapid contraction of certain muscles, resulting in stereotyped individualized actions that can be voluntarily suppressed for only brief periods. They often involve the face, vocal cords, neck, and less often the extremities. Examples include repetitive throat clearing, vocalizations, sniffing, pursing the lips, and excessive blinking. Tics tend to be aggravated by emotional stress. When frequent they may interfere with speech and INTERPERSONAL RELATIONS. Conditions which feature frequent and prominent tics as a primary manifestation of disease are referred to as TIC DISORDERS. (From Adams et al., Principles of Neurology, 6th ed, pp109-10)
  Habit spasms -- 2 Related Subjects   2

Habitable planets -- See Also Exobiology

Here are entered works on the study of processes occurring in outer space that are relevant to biology, especially the origin and evolution of life. Works on the biology of humans or other earth life while in outer space are entered under Space biology. Works on life indigenous to outer space are entered under Life on other planets. Works on the prospective use of the science of anthropology in dealing with intelligent beings in outer space, or establishing earth colonies on extraterrestrial bodies, are entered under Extraterrestrial anthropology
Habitable planets.   14
Habitação popular. : The challenge of slums : global report on human settlements, 2003 / United Nations Human Settlements Programme  2003 1
Habitação popular -- América latina. : Slum Upgrading and Participation : Lessons from Latin America  2003 1
Dechêne, Louise, 1928-2000. Habitants et marchands de Montréal au XVIIe siècle : Habitants et marchands, vingt ans après : lectures de l'histoire des XVIIe et XVIIIe siècles canadiens / sous la direction de Sylvie Dépatie [and others] = Habitants et marchands, twenty years later : reading the history of Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century Canada / edited by Sylvie Dépatie [and others]  1998 1

Habitat -- See Ecosystem

A functional system which includes the organisms of a natural community together with their environment. (McGraw Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, 4th ed)
habitat.   4
Habitat 67 (Housing Complex) : Beyond Habitat / Moshe Safdie ; edited by John Kettle  1970 1
African elephant -- Habitat -- Kenya -- Amboseli National Park : The Amboseli elephants : a long-term perspective on a long-lived mammal / edited by Cynthia J. Moss, Harvey Croze, and Phyllis C. Lee  2011 1
Albatrosses -- Habitat. : Albatrosses / Terence Lindsey ; principal photographer, Rod Morris  2008 1
Algae -- Habitat : Algae and cyanobacteria in extreme environments / edited by J. Seckbach  2007 1
Amphibians -- Habitat. : Wildest India: Western Ghats - Monsoon Mountains - Ep 4 Of 5 / Director: Hoare, Hannah  2011 1
Animals -- Habitat -- Australia -- Pictorial works -- Juvenile fiction : The last dance / Sally Morgan  2019 1
Apes -- Habitat -- Conservation -- Africa : Infrastructure development and ape conservation / [edited by] Helga Rainer, Alison White and Annette Lanjouw  2018 1
Apes -- Habitat -- Conservation -- Asia : Infrastructure development and ape conservation / [edited by] Helga Rainer, Alison White and Annette Lanjouw  2018 1
Aquatic animals -- Habitat.   7
Habitat aquatique -- Alaska -- Alaska, Golfe de l' : Long-term ecological change in the northern Gulf of Alaska / edited by Robert B. Spies  2007 1
Astyanax mexicanus -- Habitat : Biology and evolution of the Mexican cavefish / edited by Alex C. Keene, Masato Yoshizawa and Suzanne E. McGaugh  2016 1
Bats -- Habitat.   11
Bats -- Habitat -- Conservation. : Bats in the anthropocene : conservation of bats in a changing world / Christian C. Voigt, Tigga Kingston, editors  2016 1
Beavers -- Habitat.   2
Benthic animals -- Habitat -- Congresses. : Benthic habitats and the effects of fishing : proceedings of Symposium on Effects of Fishing Activities on Benthic Habitats--Linking Geology, Biology, Socioeconomics, and Management, held in Tampa, Florida, USA, 12-14 November 2002 / edited by Peter W. Barnes, James P. Thomas  2005 1
Benthos -- Habitat. : Mapping the seafloor for habitat characterization / edited by Brian J. Todd and H. Gary Greene  2007 1
Benthos -- Habitat -- Maps   4
Benthos -- Habitat -- Scandinavia : Assessment of marine benthic quality change in gradients of disturbance  2009 1
Birds -- Habitat.   36
Birds -- Habitat -- America : Ecology and management of neotropical migratory birds : a synthesis and review of critical issues / edited by Thomas E. Martin and Deborah M. Finch  1995 1
Birds Australia -- Habitat.   2
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