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Description APA PsycARTICLES is a source of full-text scientific articles in the science of psychology and behaviour. The database contains articles published by the American Psychological Association (APA) and affiliated organizations. It includes all journal articles, letters to the editor and errata from each journal.
Subject area Psychology
  Social Work
  Health Sciences and Allied Health
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Other name Psyc Articles
  Ebsco PsycArticles


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Click for full text Access catalogue record Dates for online coverage
Psycarticles American journal of orthopsychiatry 01 Oct. 1930-
Psycarticles The American psychologist 01 Jan. 1946-
Psycarticles Archives of scientific psychology 04 Feb. 2013 - 31 July 2021
Psycarticles Asian American journal of psychology (Online) 01 Aug. 2009-
Psycarticles Aviation psychology and applied human factors 01 Jan. 2011-
Psycarticles Behavior analysis (Washington, D.C.) 01 Jan. 2015-
Psycarticles The behavior analyst today 01 Jan. 1999 - 31 Dec. 2014
Psycarticles Behavioral development bulletin (Philadelphia, Pa. : Online) 01 Mar. 1998 - 31 Dec. 2002
Psycarticles Behavioral neuroscience (Online) 01 Feb. 1983-
Bulletin (new series) of the American Mathematical Society (Online)
Psycarticles Canadian journal of behavioural science (Online) 01 Jan. 1969-
Psycarticles Canadian journal of experimental psychology (Online) 01 Mar. 1947-
Psycarticles Canadian psychology (Online) 01 Nov. 1950-
Psycarticles Clinical practice in pediatric psychology (Online) 01 Mar. 2013-
Psycarticles Clinical psychology (New York, N.Y. : Online) 01 June 1994-
Psycarticles Consulting psychology journal (Online) 01 June 1992-
Psycarticles Couple & family psychology 01 Aug. 2011-
Psycarticles Crisis (Toronto, Ont. : Online) 01 Jan. 1995-
Psycarticles Cultural diversity & ethnic minority psychology (Online) 01 Feb. 1999-
Psycarticles Cultural diversity and mental health (Online) 01 Jan. 1995 - 31 Dec. 1998