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Uniform Title Digesta. English.
Title The digest of Justinian. Vol. 3 / translation edited by Alan Watson
Edition Revised English language edition
Published Philadelphia : University of Pennsylvania Press, 1998


Description 1 online resource (486 pages)
Contents Book Thirty; 1. Legacies and Fideicommissa; Book Thirty-One; 1. Legacies and Fideicommissa; Book Thirty-Two; 1. Legacies and Fideicommissa; Book Thirty-Three; 1. Annual Legacies and Fideicommissa; 2. Right of Use, Usufruct, Income, Right of Habitation, and Services Given by Legacies or Fideicommissum ; 3. Legacies of Servitudes; 4. Praelegatum of a Dowry; 5. The Legacy of an Option or Choice; 6. Legacies of Wheat, Wine, or Oil; 7. The Legacy of Instmctum or Instrumenturn; 8. The Legacy of a Peeulium; 9. The Legacy of Stores
10. The Legacy of Furniture; Book Thirty-Four; 1. Aliment or Legacies of Provisions; 2. Legacies of Gold, Silver, Toilet Equipment, Jewelry, Perfumes, Clothing or Garments, and Statues ; 3. Release by Will; 4. The Ademption of Legacies and Fideicommissa; 5. Dubious Cases; 6. Legacies Made by Way of Penalty; 7. The Catonian Rule; 8. Provisions Deemed Not To Have Been Written; 9. Legacies Taken Away on Grounds of Unfitness; Book Thirty-Five; 1. Conditions, Particularizations, Explanations for and Modalities of Provisions in Wills ; 2. The Lex Falcidia
3. Allegation That a Legacy Exceeds the Limits of the Lex Falcidia; Book Thirty-Six; 1. The Senatus Consultum Trebellianum; 2. When a Legacy or a Fideicommissum Vests; 3 That a Cautio Be Given for the Security of Legacies or Fideicommissa ; 4. That It Be Lawful To Be in Possession for the Security of Legacies and Fideicommissa ; Book Thirty-Seven; 1. Bonorum Possessiones; 2. If a Will Exists; 3. Bonorum Possessio in the Case of an Insane Person, an Infant, or One Who Is Dumb, Deaf, or Blind ; 4. Bonorum Possessio Contrary to the Terms of a Will
5. Payment of Legacies Where Application for Bonorum Possessio Contrary to Will Has Been Made; 6. Hotchpot; 7. Collation of a Dowry; 8. The Joining of His Children with an Emancipated Son; 9. Placing an Unborn Child in Possession and His Curator; 10. The Carbonian Edict ; 11. Bonorum Possessio according to Will; 12. If Someone Is Manumitted by a Parent; 13. Bonorum Possessio Arising Out of a Soldier's Will; 14. The Rights of a Patron; 15. The Obedience To Be Offered to Parents and Patrons; Book Thirty-Eight; 1. The Services of Freedmen; 2. Freedmen's Property
3. Freedmen Belonging to Communities; 4. The Assignment of Freedmen; 5. If a Fraud Has Been Committed on a Patron; 6. If There Shall Be No Will, Unde Liberi; 7. Unde Legitimi; 8. Whence Cognate Relatives; 9. The Edict Regulating Succession; 10. The Degrees of Relatives and Their Names; 11. Whence Husband and Wife; 12. Succession to Veterans and Soldiers; 13. Those in Whose Favor Bonorum Possessio Does Not Issue ; 14. That Bonorum Possessio May Be Granted In Accordance with Statutes or Senatus Consulta; 15. The Order To Be Preserved in [Grants of Bonorum} Possessio
Summary When Justinian became sole ruler of the Byzantine Empire in A.D. 527, he ordered the preparation of three compilations of Roman law that together formed the Corpus Juris Civilis. These works have become known individually as the Code, which collected the legal pronouncements of the Roman emperors, the Institutes, an elementary student's textbook, and the Digest, by far the largest and most highly prized of the three compilations. The Digest was assembled by a team of sixteen academic lawyers commissioned by Justinian in 533 to cull everything of value from earlier Roman law. It was for centuries the focal point of legal education in the West and remains today an unprecedented collection of the commentaries of Roman jurists on the civil law.Commissioned by the Commonwealth Fund in 1978, Alan Watson assembled a team of thirty specialists to produce this magisterial translation, which was first completed and published in 1985 with Theodor Mommsen's Latin text of 1878 on facing pages. This paperback edition presents a corrected English-language text alone, with an introduction by Alan Watson.Links to the three other volumes in the set: Volume 1 [Books 1-15]Volume 2 [Books 16-29]Volume 4 [Books 41-50]
Notes Originally published 1985 by the University of Pennsylvania Press. Revised English-language edition 1998
"This is a corrected edition, minus the Latin text, of the four-volume "The Digest of Justinian, Latin text edited by Theodor Mommsen with the aid of Paul Krueger, English translation edited by Alan Watson, published by University of Pennsylvania Press in 1985"--Preface to the paperback edition
SUBJECT Justinian I, Emperor of the East, 483?-565. Digesta
Subject Roman law -- Sources.
Roman law.
Genre/Form Sources.
Form Electronic book
Author Watson, Alan, 1933-2018.
ISBN 9780812205534