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Malalties cerebrals.   11
Malalties cerebrovasculars.   8
Malalties coronàries. : Current trend and techniques of percutaneous coronary intervention for chronic total occlusion / Toshiya Muramatsu, editor  2020 1
Malalties cròniques.   6
Malalties de la boca.   3
Malalties de la columna vertebral.   3
Malalties de la còrnia. : Corneal emergencies / Bhavana Sharma, Jeewan S. Titiyal, editors  2022 1
Malalties de la dona. : Gastrointestinal and liver disorders in women's health : a point of care clinical guide / Poonam Beniwal-Patel, Reza Shaker, editors  2019 1
Malalties de la pell.   7
Malalties de la polpa dental. : Biodentine (tm) : properties and clinical application / Imad About, editor  2022 1
Malalties de la pròstata. : Prostate MRI essentials : a practical guide for radiologists / Temel Tirkes, editor  2020 1
Malalties de l'anus.   2
Malalties de l'aparell genital femení.   2
Malalties de l'aparell locomotor.   3
Malalties de l'aparell respiratori.   3
Malalties de l'aparell urinari.   3
Malalties de les articulacions.   2
Malalties de les glàndules endocrines.   5
Malalties de les persones grans.   3
Malalties de l'ovari. : Frontiers in gynecological endocrinology. Volume 8, Impact of polycystic ovary, metabolic syndrome and obesity on women health / Andrea R. Genazzani, Lourdes Ibáñez, Andrzej Milewicz, Duru Shah, editors  2021 1
Malalties de transmissió sexual. : Sexually transmitted infections in adolescence and young adulthood : a practical guide for clinicians / Sophia A. Hussen, editor  2020 1
Malalties del cor.   8
Malalties del fetge.   5
Malalties del genoll.   4
Malalties del nas. : Rhinology and anterior skull base surgery : a case-based approach / Marios Stavrakas, Hisham S. Khalil, editors  2021 1
Malalties del nervi òptic. : Controversies in neuro-ophthalmic management : an evidence and case-based appraisal / Amanda D. Henderson, Andrew R. Carey, editors  2021 1
Malalties del pàncrees. : Endoscopic ultrasound management of pancreatic lesions : from diagnosis to therapy / Antonio Facciorusso, Nicola Muscatiello, editors  2021 1
Malalties del penis. : Penile carcinoma : therapeutic principles and advances / Philippe E. Spiess, Andrea Necchi, editors  2021 1
Malalties del pulmó.   4
Malalties del ronyó. : Approaches to chronic kidney disease : a guide for primary care providers and non-nephrologists / Jerry McCauley, Seyed Mehrdad Hamrahian, Omar H. Maarouf, editors  2022 1
Malalties del sistema limfàtic. : Diagnostic pathology of hematopoietic disorders of spleen and liver / Ling Zhang, Haipeng Shao, Serhan Alkan, editors  2020 1
Malalties del sistema nerviós.   8
Malalties del sistema nerviós autònom. : Autonomic nervous system and sleep : order and disorder / Sudhansu Chokroverty, Pietro Cortelli, editors  2021 1
Malalties del sistema nerviós central. : Diffusion weighted MR imaging of the brain, head and neck, and spine / Toshio Moritani, Aristides A. Capizzano, editors  2021 1
Malalties del teixit connectiu. : Cartilage injury of the knee : state-of-the-art treatment and controversies / Aaron J. Krych, Leela C. Biant, Andreas H. Gomoll, João Espregueira-Mendes, Alberto Gobbi, Norimasa Nakamura, editors  2021 1
Malalties del tracte biliar. : Introduction to biliary atresia / Masaki Nio, editor  2021 1
Malalties del tracte gastrointestinal.   2
Malalties dels animals.   2
Malalties dels infants.   2
Malalties dels ocells. : Role of birds in transmitting zoonotic pathogens / Yashpal Singh Malik, Arockiasamy Arun Prince Milton, Sandeep Ghatak, Souvik Ghosh  2021 1
Malalties dels peixos. : Aquareovirus / Qin Fang, editor  2021 1
Malalties dels pulmons.   5
Malalties d'origen alimentari. : Stress responses of foodborne pathogens / Tian Ding, Xinyu Liao, Jinsong Feng, editors  2022 1
Malalties hematològiques.   2
Malalties hereditàries.   2
Malalties immunitàries. : Pathogenesis of systemic lupus erythematosus : insights from translational research / Alberta Hoi, editor  2021 1
Malalties infeccioses.   9
Malalties infeccioses en els animals. : Infectious diseases of dromedary camels : a concise guide / Abdelmalik I. Khalafalla, Mansour F. Hussein  2021 1
Malalties intestinals. : Eukaryome impact on human intestine homeostasis and mucosal immunology : overview of the first Eukaryome Congress at Insitut Pasteur. Paris, October 16-18 2019 / Nancy Guillen, editor  2020 1
Malalties mentals.   8
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