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Author International Workshop on Production, Properties and Interaction of Mesons (7th : 2002 : Kraków, Poland)

Title Meson 2002 : 7th International Workshop on Production, Properties and Interaction of Mesons, Cracow, Poland, 24-28 May 2002 / editors, Lucjan Jarczyk [and others] ; technical editor, Zbigniew Rudy
Published River Edge, N.J. : World Scientific, ©2003


Description 1 online resource (xiv, 512 pages) : illustrations
Contents Invited talks. translating quark dynamics into hadron physics (and back again) / M.R. Pennington -- Physics with the crystal ball / J.R. Comfort -- N* and meson resonances in [symbol]/[symbol] decays / B.-S. Zou -- Review of experimental results on direct CP violation in the Kaon system / C. Biino -- Studying CP violation -- chances for a new alliance / I.I. Bigi -- Recent results in heavy flavour physics / T. Boccali -- Interpretation of the light exotic meson / A.P. Szczepaniak -- Meson production and spectroscopy at HERA / J. Olsson -- Spectroscopy of heavy quarks at BABAR / B. Lewandowski -- The photoproduction of pseudoscalar mesons at JLab / W.J. Briscoe -- Recent results from the LEPS collaboration at SPring-8 / N. Muramatsu -- The science of confinement and the GlueX/Hall D project at Jefferson Lab / A.R. Dzierba -- NA48 results on neutral Kaon rare decays and prospects for charged Kaon physics / R. Fantechi -- Dalitz plot analysis of three-body D meson decays / R.J. Stefanski -- The [[symbol][symbol] -- [symbol] meson mixing and isospin symmetry breaking / A. Magiera [and others] -- Kaon production and interaction / M. Wolke -- Production of K+ mesons in proton-nucleus interactions / M. Büscher and M. Nekipelov -- Inclusive [symbol]/[symbol] production in two-photon collisions at LEP II with the DELPHI detector / M. Chapkine -- Spin structure of the nucleons from HERMES / N. Bianchi -- First double polarization measurements towards the test of the Gerasimov-Drell-Hearn sum rule at MAMI and ELSA / W. Meyer -- Recent results from the KLOE experiment at the DA]symbol]NE [symbol]-factory / P. Valente -- Pion threshold electroproduction as test of Chiral Perturbation Theory / H. Merkel -- Photoproduction of the [symbol] meson from the deuteron near threshold / Ch. Elster [and others] -- GSI future project: the antiproton facility / K. Peters -- The ESS future project: research with neutrons / D. Filges and F. Goldenbaum -- Two-pion production in nucleon-nucleon collisions / H. Clement [and others] -- [symbol][symbol] scattering at low energy / J. Gasser -- Exotic atoms production with DEAR on DA[symbol]NE / M. Iliescu [and others] -- Di-meson lifetime measurement with DIRAC / B. Adeva [and others]
Challenges and perspectives in hadron physics / V. Metag -- Contributed talks. The [symbol][symbol]mixing and [symbol]-He bound state / A.M. Green and S. Wycech -- Charge symmetry breaking in pion production / J.A. Niskanen -- Isospin symmetry breaking and beam momentum independence observed in pion production in p + d reactions / M. Uličný [and others] -- The observation of deeply bound pionic states of xenon produced in d + [symbol]Xe [symbol] [symbol][symbol]Xe[symbol] + [symbol]He reactions / M. Andersson [and others] -- A new analysis of the [symbol][symbol][symbol][symbol] and [symbol][symbol][symbol][symbol] data / R. Kamiński, L. Leśniak and K. Rybicki -- A dispersive model for triple meson vertex functions / F.P. Sassen, S. Krewald and J. Speth -- Properties of the nonmesonic decay of the a hyperon in heavy hypernuclei / P. Kulessa [and others] -- Effective and constituent degrees of freedom in near threshold meson production / M. Dillig [and others] -- Aspects of [symbol][symbol] -- [symbol]symbol] mixing in the reaction [symbol][symbol][symbol][symbol]symbol] / C. Hanhart [and others] -- Theoretical understanding of pion production in nucleon-nucleon collisions -- a status report / C. Hanhart -- J[symbol][symbol] = odd[symbol] radial trajectories for light mesons / I. Dumanoglu and D.C. Peaslee -- Pion-induced two-pion production on the nucleon / S. Schneider, S. Krewald and J. Speth -- Experimental study of the [symbol]-meson interaction with two nucleons / P. Moskal [and others] -- Interaction of [symbol] mesons with a three-nucleon system / A. Fix and H. Arenhövel -- Analysing power Ay in the reaction pp [symbol] pp[symbol] near threshold / P. Winter -- Preliminary Results on m[symbol] from BESII /J. Bian -- Bose-Einstein correlations at LEP / F. Martin -- Partial wave analyses of [symbol]/[symbol][symbol][symbol]KK and [symbol][symbol[symbol] / Z. Guo -- Pion-pion scattering above resonances / A. Szczurek -- Deuteron two-body photodisintegration in the quark-hadron picture / M. Mirazita
Measurement of inclusive f[symbol](1285) and f[symbol](1420) production in Z decays with the DELPHI detector / M. Chapkine -- Photoproduction of [symbol]-mesons from light nuclei / B. Krusche -- Hyperon-nucleon bound states and electroproduction of strangeness on light nuclei / F. Dohrmann -- Results of the helicity-dependent double-pion photoproduction on the proton at MAMI / M. Lang -- Pion-proton scattering at TRIUMF and PSI / R. Meier -- Status on the search for the NN-decoupled NN [symbol] resonance d' / E. Doroshkevich [and others] -- The HIRES experiment at COSY and first test of a new Čerenkov Detector / R. Siudak [and others] -- Vector-meson production at the COSY-TOF spectrometer / K.T. Brinkmann [and others] -- p[symbol] meson production in the pp reactions with DISTO / P. Salabura [and others] -- Diffractive photoproduction from focus and e[symbol]e[symbol] / A. Zallo -- a[symbol](980) resonance production and non-resonance background in the reaction pp [symbol] dK[symbol]K[symbol] near threshold / V. Yu. Grishina, L.A. Kondratyuk and M. Büscher -- Omega photoproduction / A. Sibirtsev, S. Krewald and K. Tsushima -- Kaon and antikaon production in heavy-ion collisions at SIS energies / A. Förster -- Elimination of ambiguities in [symbol][symbol] amplitudes using Roy's equations / R. Kamiński, L. Leśniak and B. Loiseau -- Pionic fusion studies of A = 6 halo nuclei / M. Andersson [and others] -- The T-dependence of the A([symbol], [symbol][symbol]) reaction: a tool for studying the sigma dynamics in nuclear matter / E. Fragiacomo -- [symbol][symbol]symbol] vertex in nuclear matter / A. Bieniek -- Production of antikaons and kaons in proton-nucleus collisions near threshold / W. Scheinast [and others] -- Fixed-t partial wave analysis of [symbol]N scattering / P. Pürola, E. Pietarinen and M.E. Sainio -- Tetraquark bound states in a constituent quark model and the nature of the a[symbol](980) and f[symbol](980) / J. Vijande [and others] -- LSM-CHPT complementarity and [symbol] radiative decays / M. Napsuciale
Summary This volume deals with both the experimental and theoretical aspects of meson physics; in particular, it presents new results. The main topics are: hadronic and electromagnetic meson production in various reactions; meson interaction with mesons, nucleons and nuclei; the structure of hadrons; mesons and fundamental symmetries; exotic systems. The book provides an overview of the current status of these areas, as well as of new developments, besides giving a preview of the forthcoming investigations
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Subject Mesons -- Congresses
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Author Jarczyk, Lucjan
ISBN 9789812791351