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Physiological acoustics -- See Hearing

  Physiological adaptation -- 2 Related Subjects   2
physiological adaptation.   2

Physiological Adaptations -- See Adaptation, Physiological

The non-genetic biological changes of an organism in response to challenges in its ENVIRONMENT
Physiological & neuro-psychology, biopsychology.   39

Physiological Angiogenesis -- See Neovascularization, Physiologic

The development of new BLOOD VESSELS during the restoration of BLOOD CIRCULATION during the healing process

Physiological animal ecology -- See Animal ecophysiology

--subdivision Ecophysiology under individual animals and groups of animals, e.g. Fishes--Ecophysiology

Physiological apparatus -- See Also the narrower term Biosensors

Physiological apparatus.   3
Physiological apparatus -- Design and construction. : Design, construction and testing of a bowling machine for biomechanical research utilization / by Sandra Sue Cole  1977 1
Physiological aspects. : The overflowing brain : information overload and the limits of working memory / Torkel Klingberg ; translated by Neil Betteridge  2009 1
Physiological aspects Ability : The Exceptional brain : neuropsychology of talent and special abilities / edited by Loraine K. Obler, Deborah Fein foreword by Howard Gardner  1988 1
Physiological aspects Acting : The Energetic Performer : an Integrated Approach to Acting for Stage and Screen  2016 1
Physiological aspects Adenosine : Adenosine receptors in health and disease / Constance N. Wilson, S. Jamal Mustafa, editor  2009 1
Physiological aspects Adolescence : Crises of adolescence, teenage pregnancy : impact on adolescent development / formulated by the Committee on Adolescence, Group for the Advancement of Psychiatry  1986 1
Physiological aspects Adulthood   12
Physiological aspects Adulthood Textbooks   6
Physiological aspects Aerobic dancing : Totally Wild: At Attention - Series 24 - Ep 4  2016 1
Physiological aspects Aerobic exercises   7
Physiological aspects Aerobic exercises Congresses : Nutrition and aerobic exercise / Donald K. Layman, editor  1986 1
Physiological aspects Aesthetics   12
Physiological aspects Affective disorders   7
Physiological aspects Affective education : Wholehearted Teaching of Gifted Young Women Cultivating Courage, Connection, and Self-Care in Schools  2018 1
Physiological aspects Affiliation (Psychology) : The integrative neurobiology of affiliation / edited by C. Sue Carter, I. Izja Lederhendler, and Brian Kirkpatrick  1999 1
Physiological aspects Affiliation (Psychology) Congresses : The integrative neurobiology of affiliation / edited by C. Sue Carter, I. Izja Lederhendler, and Brian Kirkpatrick  1999 1
Physiological aspects Aggressiveness   9
Physiological aspects Aggressiveness Handbooks, manuals, etc   2
Physiological aspects Aging   141
Physiological aspects Aging Congresses   4
Physiological aspects Aging Handbooks, manuals, etc   6
Physiological aspects Aging Laboratory manuals   2
Physiological aspects Aging Periodicals   6
Physiological aspects Aging Textbooks   6
Physiological aspects Alcohol   2
Physiological aspects Altered states of consciousness   2
Physiological aspects Alzheimer's disease   3
Physiological aspects Ambulance driving Congresses : Health and stress in ambulance services : seminar proceedings, Melbourne, 5 September 1983 / edited by Robyn Robinson  1983 1
Physiological aspects Amnesia   2
Physiological aspects Anaphylaxis   5
Physiological aspects Anger   6
Physiological aspects Animal behavior : Behavioural neuroscience / Se├ín Commins (Maynooth University, Ireland)  2018 1
Physiological aspects Animal flight   3
Physiological aspects Animal memory : Cognitive visual memory in cats / V.M. Okujava and T.A. Natishvili  c2010 1
Physiological aspects Animals : Animal locomotion / Andrew A. Biewener, Sheila N. Patek  2018 1
Physiological aspects Anorexia nervosa   4
Physiological aspects Anorexia nervosa Congresses : The Biology of feast and famine : relevance to eating disorders / edited by G. Harvey Anderson, Sidney H. Kennedy  1992 1
Physiological aspects Anxiety   22
Physiological aspects Anxiety Congresses : Anxiety : recent developments in cognitive, psychophysiological, and health research / edited by Donald G. Forgays, Tytus Sosnowski, Kazimierz Wrzesniewski  1992 1
Physiological aspects Anxiety disorders Research   2
Physiological aspects Anxiety in children : The language of distress : understanding a child's behaviour / A.H. Brafman  2016 1
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