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Radiodontia -- See Teeth Radiography

  Radioecology -- 2 Related Subjects   2
Radioecology   10
Radioecology -- Brazil : Ecos do Brasil. Pgm 06, Ecos radioativos / direção e roteiro, Dener Giovanini ; produtora, Joana Levy  2011 1
Radioecology -- Congresses : Equidosimetry : ecological standardization and equidosimetry for radioecology and environmental ecology / edited by F. Bréchignac and G. Desmet  2005 1
Radioecology -- Data processing : Soil-Plant Transfer of Radionuclides in Non-Temperate Environments  2021 1
Radioecology -- Periodicals : Journal of environmental radioactivity (Online)  1984- 1
Radioecology -- Tropics : Tropical radioecology / edited by John R. Twining  2012 1
Radioéléments. : Analysis of environmental radionuclides / editor, Pavel P. Povinec  2008 1

Radioembolization -- See Also the narrower term Yttrium-90 radioembolization

Radioembolization.   2
Radiofréquences.   5

Radiofrequency -- See Radio frequency

Radiofrequency. : Transformational Satellite (TSAT) Communications Systems. Falling Short on Delivering Advanced Capabilities and Bandwidth to Ground-Based Users  2007 1
Radiofrequency Ablation -- methods   2
  Radiofrequency catheter ablation -- 2 Related Subjects   2
radiofrequency filters. : MEMS resonator filters / edited by Rajendra M. Patrikar  2020 1
radiofrequency identification   2
radiofrequency integrated circuits. : MEMS resonator filters / edited by Rajendra M. Patrikar  2020 1
radiofrequency interference.   2

Radiofrequency Neurotomies -- See Denervation

The resection or removal of the nerve to an organ or part

Radiofrequency Neurotomy -- See Denervation

The resection or removal of the nerve to an organ or part
radiofrequency oscillators. : MEMS resonator filters / edited by Rajendra M. Patrikar  2020 1
  Radiofrequency spectroscopy -- 2 Related Subjects   2
Radiofrequency spectroscopy.   2
Radiofrequency spectroscopy -- Congresses. : NMR and EPR spectroscopy / papers presented at Varian's Third Annual Workshop on Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and Electron Paramagnetic Resonance, held at Palo Alto, California  1960 1
Radiofrequenzbereich   2
Radiofrequenzchirurgie.   2
Akustikustumor -- Radiofrequenzchirurgie -- Aufsatzsammlung. : Modern management of acoustic neuroma / volume editors, Jean Régis, Pierre-Hugues Roche  2008 1

Radiogenetics -- See Also Mutagenesis

Radiogenetics.   2

Radiogenic Isotopes -- See Radioisotopes

Isotopes that exhibit radioactivity and undergo radioactive decay. (From Grant & Hackh's Chemical Dictionary, 5th ed & McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, 4th ed)
Radiogolven. : Hickman's analog and RF circuits / Ian Hickman  1998 1
Radiogpraphy : Neutron imaging and applications : a reference for the imaging community / Ian S. Anderson, Robert L. McGreevy, Hassina Z. Bilheux, editors  2009 1
RADIOGRAFIA (CONGRESSOS) : Radiography with neutrons : [proceedings of a] conference held 10-11 September, 1973 at the University of Birmingham / technical editor, M.R. Hawkesworth  1975 1
Radiografía -- Matemáticas : Application-inspired linear algebra / Heather A. Moon, Thomas J. Asaki, Marie A. Snipes  2022 1
Radiografia mèdica. : Medical imaging contrast agents : a clinical manual / Sukru Mehmet Erturk, Tomoaki Ichikawa, Suzan Saylisoy, editors  2021 1
Radiografie.   3
Radiografische identificatie.   6

Radiographic Absorptiometry, Dual-Energy -- See Absorptiometry, Photon

A noninvasive method for assessing BODY COMPOSITION. It is based on the differential absorption of X-RAYS (or GAMMA RAYS) by different tissues such as bone, fat and other soft tissues. The source of (X-ray or gamma-ray) photon beam is generated either from radioisotopes such as GADOLINIUM 153, IODINE 125, or Americanium 241 which emit GAMMA RAYS in the appropriate range; or from an X-ray tube which produces X-RAYS in the desired range. It is primarily used for quantitating BONE MINERAL CONTENT, especially for the diagnosis of OSTEOPOROSIS, and also in measuring BONE MINERALIZATION

Radiographic absortiometry, Dual-energy -- See Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry


Radiographic contrast agents -- See Radiographic contrast media

Radiographic contrast media.   9
Radiographic contrast media -- Diagnostic use : Spectral computed tomography / Björn J. Heismann, Bernhard T. Schmidt, Thomas Flohr  2012 1
Radiographic contrast media -- Safety measures   3
Radiographic contrast media -- Toxicology   3

Radiographic examination of materials -- See Radiography, Industrial

--subdivision Radiography under individual materials and types of materials, e.g. Metals--Radiography
Radiographic Image Enhancement   20
Radiographic Image Enhancement -- methods   7

Radiographic Image Enhancements -- See Radiographic Image Enhancement

Improvement in the quality of an x-ray image by use of an intensifying screen, tube, or filter and by optimum exposure techniques. Digital processing methods are often employed
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