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Author Russell, Kevin

Title Kinematics and Dynamics of Mechanical Systems, Second Edition : Implementation in MATLAB® and SimMechanics®
Edition 2nd ed
Published Milton : Chapman and Hall/CRC, 2018


Description 1 online resource (535 pages)
Contents Cover; Half Title; Title Page; Copyright Page; Contents; Preface; Authors; 1. Introduction to Kinematics; 1.1 Kinematics; 1.2 Kinematic Chains and Mechanisms; 1.3 Mobility, Planar, and Spatial Mechanisms; 1.4 Types of Mechanism Motion; 1.5 Kinematic Synthesis; 1.6 Units and Conversions; 1.7 Software Resources; 1.8 Summary; References; Additional Reading; 2. Mathematical Concepts in Kinematics; 2.1 Introduction; 2.2 Complex Numbers and Operations; 2.2.1 Complex Number Forms; 2.2.2 Complex Number Addition; 2.2.3 Complex Number Multiplication and Differentiation
2.3 Vector and Point Representation2.4 Linear Simultaneous Equations, Matrices, and Matrix Operations; 2.4.1 Linear Simultaneous Equation Systems and Matrices; 2.4.2 Matrix Transpose, Addition, Subtraction, and Multiplication; 2.4.3 The Identity Matrix and Matrix Inversion; 2.5 Intermediate and Total Spatial Motion; 2.6 General Transformation Matrix; 2.7 Summary; References; Additional Reading; Problems; 3. Fundamental Concepts in Kinematics; 3.1 Types of Planar and Spatial Mechanisms; 3.1.1 Planar Four-Bar Mechanism; 3.1.2 Slider-Crank Mechanism; 3.1.3 Geared Five-Bar Mechanism
3.1.4 Planar Multiloop Six-Bar Mechanisms3.1.5 Spatial Four-Bar Mechanisms; 3.2 Links, Joints, and Mechanism Mobility; 3.3 Number Synthesis; 3.4 Grashof's Criteria and Transmission Angle; 3.5 Circuit Defect; 3.6 Mechanism Inversion; 3.7 Passive Degree of Freedom and Paradoxes; 3.8 Summary; References; Problems; 4. Kinematic Analysis of Planar Mechanisms; 4.1 Introduction; 4.2 Numerical Solution Method for Two Simultaneous Equations; 4.3 Link Velocity and Acceleration Components in Planar Space; 4.4 Four-Bar Mechanism Analysis; 4.4.1 Displacement Equations; 4.4.2 Velocity Equations
4.4.3 Acceleration Equations4.4.4 Kinematics of Coupler Locations of Interest; 4.4.5 Instant Center, Centrodes, and Centrode Generation; 4.5 Slider-Crank Mechanism Analysis; 4.5.1 Displacement Equations; 4.5.2 Velocity Equations; 4.5.3 Acceleration Equations; 4.5.4 Centrode Generation; 4.6 Geared Five-Bar Mechanism Analysis; 4.6.1 Displacement Equations; 4.6.2 Velocity Equations; 4.6.3 Acceleration Equations; 4.6.4 Kinematics of Intermediate Link Locations of Interest; 4.7 Watt II Mechanism Analysis; 4.8 Stephenson III Mechanism Analysis; 4.8.1 Displacement Equations; 4.8.2 Velocity Equations
4.8.3 Acceleration Equations4.8.4 Kinematics of Intermediate Link Locations of Interest; 4.9 Time and Driver Angular Velocity; 4.10 Mechanism Configurations; 4.11 Constructing Cognates; 4.12 Planar Mechanism Kinematic Analysis and Modeling in Simmechanics®; 4.13 Summary; References; Additional Reading; Problems; 5. Dimensional Synthesis; 5.1 Introduction; 5.2 Branch and Order Defects; 5.3 Planar Four-Bar Motion Generation: Three Precision Positions; 5.4 Order- and Branch-Defect Elimination; 5.5 Path Generation versus Motion Generation
Summary Kinematics and Dynamics of Mechanical Systems: Implementation in MATLAB® and SimMechanics®, Second Edition combines the fundamentals of mechanism kinematics, synthesis, statics and dynamics with real-world applications, and offers step-by-step instruction on the kinematic, static, and dynamic analyses and synthesis of equation systems. Written for students with no knowledge of MATLAB and SimMechanics, the text provides understanding of static and dynamic mechanism analysis, and moves beyond conventional kinematic concepts--factoring in adaptive programming, 2D and 3D visualization, and simulation, and equips readers with the ability to analyze and design mechanical systems
Notes 5.6 Stephenson III Motion Generation: Three Precision Positions
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Subject MATLAB.
Machinery, Kinematics of -- Computer simulation
Machinery, Dynamics of -- Computer simulation
TECHNOLOGY & ENGINEERING -- Industrial Design -- General.
Kinematic Chains.
Kinematic Synthesis.
Machine Dynamics.
Mechanism design.
Planar mechanisms.
Spatial Mechanisms.
Form Electronic book
Author Shen, Qiong
Sodhi, Rajpal S
ISBN 9780429013775