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Tissot, Simon André, 1728-1797 -- See Tissot, S. A. D. (Samuel Auguste David), 1728-1797

Tissu adipeux. : Adipose tissue and adipokines in health and disease / Giamila Fantuzzi, Carol Braunschweig, and Theodore Mazzone, editors  2014 1
Tissu adipeux -- métabolisme. : Nutrient-gene interactions in health and disease / edited by Naïma Moustaïd-Moussa, Carolyn D. Berdanier  2001 1
Tissu mou -- Cancer. : The cytology of soft tissue tumours / Måns Åkerman, Henryk A. Domanski ; including contributions by Anders Rydholm, Brigitta Carlén  2003 1
Tissu mou -- Conservation. : Postmortem change in human and animal remains : a systematic approach / by Marc S. Micozzi  1991 1
Tissu mou -- Inflammation. : Soft tissue rheumatology / edited by Brian Hazleman, Graham Riley, Cathy Speed  2004 1

Tissue -- See Tissues

Collections of differentiated CELLS, such as EPITHELIUM; CONNECTIVE TISSUE; MUSCLES; and NERVE TISSUE. Tissues are cooperatively arranged to form organs with specialized functions such as RESPIRATION; DIGESTION; REPRODUCTION; MOVEMENT; and others

Tissue Ablation, Laser -- See Laser Therapy

The use of photothermal effects of LASERS to coagulate, incise, vaporize, resect, dissect, or resurface tissue
Tissue Adhesions : Scars, Adhesions and the Biotensegral Body / edited by Jan Trewartha, Sharon Wheeler  2020 1

Tissue Adhesive -- See Tissue Adhesives

Substances used to cause adherence of tissue to tissue or tissue to non-tissue surfaces, as for prostheses

Tissue Adhesives -- See Also Bone Cements

Adhesives used to fix prosthetic devices to bones and to cement bone to bone in difficult fractures. Synthetic resins are commonly used as cements. A mixture of monocalcium phosphate, monohydrate, alpha-tricalcium phosphate, and calcium carbonate with a sodium phosphate solution is also a useful bone paste
Tissue Adhesives : Biocompatible polymeric materials and tourniquets for wounds / Jan W. Gooch  2010 1

Tissue, Adipose -- See Adipose Tissue

Specialized connective tissue composed of fat cells (ADIPOCYTES). It is the site of stored FATS, usually in the form of TRIGLYCERIDES. In mammals, there are two types of adipose tissue, the WHITE FAT and the BROWN FAT. Their relative distributions vary in different species with most adipose tissue being white
  Tissue and Organ Harvesting -- 4 Related Subjects   4
Tissue and Organ Harvesting   10
Tissue and Organ Harvesting -- ethics   2
Tissue and Organ Harvesting -- methods   4
Tissue and Organ Harvesting -- standards : Tissue and Cell Processing : an Essential Guide / edited by Deirdre Fehily [and others]  2012 1
  Tissue and Organ Procurement -- 3 Related Subjects   3
Tissue and Organ Procurement   34
Tissue and Organ Procurement -- economics   4
Tissue and Organ Procurement -- ethics.   12
Tissue and Organ Procurement -- legislation & jurisprudence   8
Tissue and Organ Procurement -- methods   2
Tissue and Organ Procurement -- methods -- congresses : Organ donation and transplantation : psychological and behavioral factors  1990 1
Tissue and Organ Procurement -- organization & administration   7
Tissue and Organ Procurement -- standards. : Standardization of donor-recipient matching in transplantation / Andrzej Lange, editor  2006 1
Tissue and Organ Procurement -- United States : Strange harvest : organ transplants, denatured bodies, and the transformed self / Lesley A. Sharp  2006 1

Tissue and Organ Selection -- See Donor Selection

The procedure established to evaluate the health status and risk factors of the potential DONORS of biological materials. Donors are selected based on the principles that their health will not be compromised in the process, and the donated materials, such as TISSUES or organs, are safe for reuse in the recipients
Tissue Array Analysis -- methods : Microscopic image analysis for life science applications / Jens Rittscher, Raghu Machiraju, Stephen T.C. Wong, editors  2008 1

Tissue Bank -- See Tissue Banks

Centers for acquiring, characterizing, and storing organs or tissue for future use

Tissue Banking -- See Tissue Banks

Centers for acquiring, characterizing, and storing organs or tissue for future use
  Tissue banks -- 5 Related Subjects   5
Tissue banks.   20
Tissue banks -- Australia -- Safety measures. : Guidelines for laboratory procedures related to the processing, storage and infusion of haemopoietic stem cells for transplantation from bone marrow, mobilised peripheral blood and umbilical cord blood / National Pathology Accreditation Advisory Council  1999 1
Tissue banks -- Canada -- Periodicals : Transplant news    1
Tissue banks -- Case studies : Case studies of existing human tissue repositories : "best practices" for a biospecimen resource for the genomic and proteomic era / Elisa Eiseman [and others]  2003 1
Tissue banks -- Economic aspects.   3
Tissue Banks -- economics : Last best gifts : altruism and the market for human blood and organs / Kieran Healy  2006 1
Tissue Banks -- ethics.   2
Tissue banks -- Great Britain   2
Tissue banks -- Juvenile literature. : Donor banks : saving lives with organ and tissue transplants / Sally Lee  1988 1
Tissue banks -- Law and legislation. : Legal basis of global tissue banking : a proactive clinical perspective / editor Glyn O. Phillips  2016 1
Tissue Banks -- legislation & jurisprudence   2
Tissue banks -- Management. : Ethics in tissue establishments / by Jorge Morales Pedraza  2015 1
Tissue banks -- Moral and ethical aspects.   3
Tissue Banks -- organization & administration : Last best gifts : altruism and the market for human blood and organs / Kieran Healy  2006 1
Tissue banks -- Periodicals : Cell and tissue banking  2000- 1
Tissue banks -- Political aspects.   2
Tissue banks -- Social aspects. : Tissue and cell donation : an essential guide / edited by Ruth M. Warwick [and others]  2009 1
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