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Trials -- Peru : Coleccion de causas celebres contemporaneas civiles y criminales, del foro peruano y extrangero, por Manuel A. Fuentes  1860- 1
Trials -- Philippines : The trial of Mr. Serapio / directed by Khavn De La Cruz  2009 1
Trials -- Philippines -- Manila   2
Trials -- Philosophy   2
Trials (Piracy)   24
Trials (Piracy) -- England : The life and dying words of Capt. Nicholas Wingfield, and Capt. Adams Hyde, who was executed at execution-dock, on Wednesday the twenty-eighth of March, 1759, for piracy on the high-sea  1759? 1
Trials (Piracy) -- England -- London   2
Trials (Piracy) -- England -- London -- Early works to 1800 : The arraignment, tryal, and condemnation of Captain William Kidd : for murther and piracy, upon six several indictments, At the Admiralty-Sessions, held by His Majesty's Commission at the Old-Baily, on Thursday the 8th. and Friday the 9th. of May, 1701. who, upon full Evidence, was found Guilty, receiv'd Sentence, and was accordingly Executed at Execution-Dock, May the 23d. As also, the tryals of Nicholas Churchill, James Howe, Robert Lamley, William Jenkins, Gabriel Loff, Hugh Parrot, Richard Barlicorn, Abel Owens, and Darby Mullins, at the same Time and Place for Piracy. Perused by the Judges and Council. To which are added, Captain Kidd's Two Commissions: One under the Great Seal of England, and the Other under the Great Seal of the Court of Admiralty  1701 1
Trials (Piracy) -- Great Britain : State trials of Mary, Queen of Scots, Sir Walter Raleigh, and Captain William Kidd : condensed and copied from the state trials of Francis Hargrave, Esq., London, 1776; and of T.B. Howell, Esq., F.R.S., F.S.A., London, 1816; with explanatory notes / by Charles Edward Lloyd  1899 1
Trials (Piracy) -- Massachusetts : Lives and confessions of John Williams, Francis Frederick, John P. Rog, and Peter Peterson : who were tried at the United States Circuit Court at Boston, for murder & piracy : sentenced to be executed Jan. 21, 1819, and afterwards reprieved till Feb. 18, 1819  1819 1
Trials (Piracy) -- Massachusetts -- Boston   2
Trials (Piracy) -- New Brunswick -- Saint John : "The Chesapeake" : the case of David Collins, et al., prisoners arrested under the provisions of the Imperial Act, 6 & 7 Vic., cap. 76 on a charge of piracy, investigated before Humphrey T. Gilbert, Esq., police magistrate of the city of Saint John : and the arguments on the return to the order of habeas corpus before His Honor, Mr. Justice Ritchie, with his decision / compiled from the original documents  1864 1
Trials (Piracy) -- New Jersey   2
Trials (Piracy) -- New York (State)   2
Trials (Piracy) -- New York (State) -- New York : The life, trial, confession and execution of Albert W. Hicks, the pirate and murderer : executed on Bedloe's Island, New York Bay, on the 13th of July, 1860, for the murder of Capt. Burr, Smith and Oliver Watts on board the oyster sloop E.A. Johnson : containing the history of his life from childhood up to the time of his arrest / (written by himself) ; with a full account of his piracies, murders, mutinies, high-way robberies, etc., comprising the particulars of one hundred murders! ; to which is added the account of his arrest, imprisonment, trial and execution ; also, his phrenological character, as described by L.N. Fowler  1860 1
Trials (Piracy) -- Pennsylvania -- Philadelphia   2
Trials (Piracy) -- Scotland -- Early works to 1800 : The tryal of Captain Thomas Green and his crew : pursued before the judge of the High Court of Admirality of Scotland ; And the Assessors appointed by the Lords of Privy Council, At the instance of Mr. Alexander Higgins Advocat, Procurator-Fiscal to the said Court, for piracy, robbery, & murder. Faithfully Extracted from the Records of the said Court, and other Authentick Documents. Published by authority  1705 1
Trials (Piracy) -- Scotland -- Edinburgh : Report of the trial of Peter Heaman and Francois Gautiez or Gautier : for the crimes of piracy and murder before the High Court of Admiralty, held at Edinburgh, on the 26th and 27th of November 1821 / by Alexander Stuart  1821 1
Trials (Piracy) -- South Carolina -- Charleston : Report of the trials in the Echo cases, in federal court, Charleston, S.C., April, 1859 : together with arguments of counsel and charge of the court / by J. Woodruff, phonograph reporter  1859 1
Trials (Piracy) -- South Carolina -- Early works to 1800 : The tryals of Major Stede Bonnet, and other pirates, viz. Robert Tucker [and 26 others] : who were all condemn'd for piracy : as also the tryals of Thomas Nichols, Rowland Sharp, Jonathan Clarke, and Thomas Gerrat, for piracy, who were acquitted : at the admiralty sessions held at Charles-town, in the province of South Carolina, on Tuesday the 28th of October, 1718. and by several adjournments continued to Wednesday the 12th of November, following : to which is prefix'd, an account of the taking of the said Major Bonnet, and the rest of the pirates  1719 1
Trials (Piracy) -- United States   2
Trials (Piracy) -- Virginia -- Richmond : A brief sketch of the occurrences on board the Brig Crawford : on her voyage from Matanzas to New-York, together with an account of the trial of three Spaniards, Jose Hilario Casares, Felix Barbeito and Jose Morando, in the Circuit Court of Richmond, before Chief Justice Marshal, for piracy and murder, committed on board said Brig : with other circumstances, calculated to illustrate those transactions / by a Member of the bar  1827 1
Trials (Poisoning)   41
Trials (Poisoning) -- Australia. : Death cell at Darlinghurst / Leslie Blackwell  1970 1
Trials (Poisoning) -- Colombia -- History : La cocina de los venenos : aspectos de la criminalidad en el Nuevo Reino de Granada, siglos XVII y XVIII / Juan Sebastián Ariza Martínez  2015 1
Trials (Poisoning) -- Colorado -- Denver : In re Molineux versus a current Cagliostro / by Michon de Vars  1901 1
Trials (Poisoning) -- Connecticut -- New Haven : The poison fiend! : life, crimes, and conviction of Lydia Sherman, (the modern Lucretia Borgia), recently tried in New Haven, Conn., for poisoning three husbands and eight of her children : her life in full! : exciting account of her trial - the fearful evidence : the most startling and sensational series of crimes ever committed in this country : her conviction and confession  1873 1
Trials (Poisoning) -- England.   2
Trials (Poisoning) -- England -- Launceston : The trial of Robert Sawle Donnall, surgeon and apothecary late of Falmouth, in the county of Cornwall, for the wilful murder by poison of Mrs. Elizabeth Downing, widow his mother-in-law : at the Assize at Launceston, for the county aforesaid on Monday, March 31, 1817, before the Honorable Sir Charles Abbott, knt., one of the justices of His Majesty's Court of King's Bench / taken in short-hand by Alexander Frazer  1817 1
Trials (Poisoning) -- England -- Liverpool   5
Trials (Poisoning) -- England -- London. : The Queen v. Palmer : verbatim report of the trial of William Palmer at the Central Criminal Court, Old Bailey, London, May 14, and following days, 1856, before Lord Campbell, Mr. Justice Cresswell, and Mr. Baron Alderson / transcribed from the short-hand notes of Mr. Angelo Bennett  1856 1
Trials (Poisoning) -- England -- Warwick -- Early works to 1800 : The proceedings at large on the trial of John Donellan, Esq. : for the wilful murder (by poison) of Sir the Edward Allesley Boughton, bart., late of Lawford-Hall, in the county of Warwick : tried before Mr. Justice Buller, at the assizes at Warwick on Friday the 30th day of March, 1781 / taken in short-hand, by permission of the judge, by W. Blanchard  1781 1
Trials (Poisoning) -- Great Britain   6
Trials (Poisoning) -- Great Britain -- Early works to 1800 : A letter from a clergyman to Miss Mary Blandy, now a prisoner in Oxford Castle, with her answer thereto : as also Miss Blandy's own narrative of the crime for which she is condemn'd to die : the original copy of this letter in Miss Blandy's own hand writing for the satisfaction of the public is left with the publisher  1752 1
Trials (Poisoning) -- India -- Vadodara : The great Baroda case : being a full report of the proceedings of the trial and deposition of His Highness Mulhar Rao, Gaekwar of Baroda for instigating an attempt to poison the British Resident at his court  1905 1
Trials (Poisoning) -- Maine -- Augusta : Trial of Dr. Valorous P. Coolidge : for the murder of Edward Mathews, at Waterville, Maine : (as reported for and published in the Boston Daily Times)  1848 1
Trials (Poisoning) -- Maryland -- Annapolis : A review of "Prof. Reese's review" of the Wharton trial : with a brief notice of the Schoeppe trial / by William E.A. Aikin  1873 1
Trials (Poisoning) -- Massachusetts : Report of the case of Geo. C. Hersey, indicted for the murder of Betsy Frances Tirrell, before the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts : including the hearing on the motion in arrest of judgment, the prisoner's petition for a commutation of sentence, the death warrant, officer's return upon it, and the confession / by James M.W. Yerrinton  1862 1
Trials (Poisoning) -- Massachusetts -- Boston : Trial of Mrs. Hannah Kinney for the alleged murder of her husband, George T. Kinney, by poison : before the Supreme Court of Massachusetts, Judges Shaw, Putnam and Wilde, present : sitting at Boston, from Dec. 21st to Dec. 26th, with the arguments of counsel and the charge of the Chief Justice fully reported : counsel for the prosecution, J.T. Austin, attorney general and S.D. Parker, commonwealth's attorney, for the prisoner, Franklin Dexter and George T. Curtis / by a Member of the bar  1840 1
Trials (Poisoning) -- New Jersey : Petition to the governor of New Jersey for the pardon of Lewis Waldenberger  1861? 1
Trials (Poisoning) -- New Jersey -- Jersey City : The trial of Rev. Geo. B. Vosburgh, pastor of the Bergen Baptist Church, Jersey City, N.J., for alleged wife poisoning / revised and corrected from the reports published by the Jersey City Evening Journal, C.H. Benson, reporter  1878 1
Trials (Poisoning) -- New York (State)   4
Trials (Poisoning) -- New York (State) -- Albany : Review, opinions, &c., of Dr. Charles A. Lee, and others of the testimony of Drs. Salisbury and Swinburne, on the trial of John Hendrickson, Jr., for the murder of his wife by poisoning  1855 1
Trials (Poisoning) -- New York (State) -- New York : In re Molineux versus a current Cagliostro / by Michon de Vars  1901 1
Trials (Poisoning) -- Ohio : Love & arsenic : the great Piqua murder : full report of the examination of James D. Mowrey, accessory to the murder of Arthur Ragan, of Piqua, before Hon. Joseph Pearson, Probate Judge / reported by C.W. Tolford  1855? 1
Trials (Poisoning) -- Pennsylvania -- Andalusia : The Life and confession of Carolino Estradas De Mina : executed at Doylestown, June 21, 1832 for poisoning with arsenic William Chapman / written by himself in the Spanish language while under sentence of death in the jail at Doylestown and delivered by him to the Sheriff of Bucks County with a request to have the same translated into English ; translated from the original ms., in Spanish by C.G  1832 1
Trials (Poisoning) -- Pennsylvania -- Carlisle   2
Trials (Poisoning) -- Pennsylvania -- Easton : Trial of Allen C. Laros at Easton, Pennsylvania, August, 1876 : for the murder of his father, Martin Laros by poison and his defence based upon the allegation of epileptic insanity : together with the argument on the rule for a new trial and proceedings upon the pleas in bar of the sentence / from various newspaper reports and manuscript notes, collated and revised by F.W. Edgar  1877 1
Trials (Poisoning) -- Rhode Island : The trials of William H. Bowen and Dora Avery  1883 1
Trials (Poisoning) -- Russia -- Fiction. : Resurrection / L.N. Tolstoy ; translated and with an introduction Rosemary Edmonds  1966 1
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