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Carmen Films -- See Motion pictures


Carmina Figurata -- See Pattern poetry

Poems that are arranged to form a recognizable or meaningful shape that usually illustrates the poem's theme. For poems in which graphic effects created by typography replace the conventional verse forms so that the typographical arrangement of text is central to the experience and meaning of the work see Concrete poetry
Carnatic Music : Pellegrino : il viaggio di Pietro della Valle, 1586-1652  2006 1
Carnival Music   5

Carols -- See Also Christmas music

Carols   184
Carols English   3
Carte Geographique   7
Cartes Anciennes   4
Cartes De Visite : Capt. Dana / E. de Balk  1866 1
Cartes Du Ciel   2
Cartes Geographiques   67
Cartes Geographiques Numeriques : Online maps with APIs and webservices / Michael P. Peterson, editor  2012 1
Cartes Nautiques : Shore and sea boundaries : with special reference to the interpretation and use of Coast and Geodetic Survey data / by Aaron L. Shalowitz  2000 1
Cartes Physiques : Atlas of British Columbia : people, environment, and resource use / A.L. Farley  1979 1
Cartes Postales : Postcards of nursing : a worldwide tribute / Michael Zwerdling  2004 1
Cartes Thematiques : Atlas of the world's deserts / Nathaniel Harris  2003 1
  Cartographic Materials -- 10 Related Genre/Forms   10
Cartographic Materials For People With Visual Disabilities : A Handbook for planning events that everyone will enjoy : access for people with disabilities  1987? 1

Cartographic Materials For The Blind -- See Cartographic materials for people with visual disabilities

Cartoon   4

Cartoons Animated Motion Pictures -- See Animated films

Films that create the illusion of movement in drawings, clay, inanimate objects, or the like, through an animation technique

Cartoons Commentary -- See Also Humorous pictures

Images intended to be funnyMain Term

Cartoons Humor -- See Also the narrower term Political cartoons

Cartoons Humor   102
Cartoons Humorous Images   4

Cartoons Television Programs -- See Animated television programs

Television programs that create the illusion of movement in drawings, clay, inanimate objects, or the like, through an animation technique

Carvings -- See Sculptures

Three-dimensional works of art in which images and forms are produced in relief, in intaglio, or in the round
Casa De Espana   2

Case Digests -- See Law digests

Systematically arranged compilations of brief summaries of statutes, regulations, court decisions, and administrative decisions

Case Histories -- See Case studies

Case Report   37

Case Reports -- See Case studies

Case Reports   430
Case Studies   10000
Case Studies Form   8
Case Study   4
Casebook : Employee benefits law : the essential cases / Sharon Reece, M.A., J.D., LL. M., Max D. Siegel, J.D  2014 1

Casebooks -- See Casebooks (Law)

Law school textbooks containing leading court decisions in a particular field, together with commentary and other material useful for classroom discussion
Casebooks : International human rights law : cases, materials, commentary / Olivier De Schutter  2014 1
Casebooks Law   300
Cases   3
Casesbooks : Control of government action : text, cases & commentary / Robin Creyke, Matthew Groves, John McMillan, Mark Smyth  2019 1
Casestudies : A designer's research manual : succeed in design by knowing your clients and what they really need / Jenn & Kenneth Visocky O'Grady  2006 1
Casestudies Vorm   44
Casos Legales   2

Cassations -- See Suites


Cassette Books -- See Audiobooks

Recordings of oral readings of books
Castanets   4
Catalog   12
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