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Poetic Drama -- See Verse drama


Poetic Literature -- See Poetry


Poetic Narratives -- See Narrative poetry

Poems that tell a story

Poetical Drama -- See Verse drama

  Poetry -- 31 Related Genre/Forms   31
Poetry   5294
Poetry English Australia 20th Century Texts : Drones and phantoms / Jennifer Maiden    1

Poetry Of Places -- See Topographical poetry

Poetry about specific geographic locations
Poetry Readings Sound Recordings   5
Polemieken Vorm : Four anti-Pelagian writings / Saint Augustine ; translated by John A. Mourant and William J. Collinge ; with introductions and notes by William J. Collinge  1992 1

Police Comics -- See Detective and mystery comics


Police Films -- See Also Detective and mystery films

Police Films   2
Police Films United States : Miami Vice  2008 1

Police Procedurals Television Programs -- See Television cop shows


Police Shows Television Programs -- See Television cop shows


Police Television Programs -- See Television cop shows


Policiers Television Programs -- See Television cop shows

Polish Personal Narratives   13
Political Cartoons   11

Political Drama -- See Political plays

Plays that feature the political milieu
Political Drama : The quiet American / United Artists ; written for the screen and directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz  2005 1
Political Fiction   83
Political Fiction Australian : West Block : the hidden world of Canberra's mandarins / Sara Dowse  1983 1
Political Fiction United States 20th Century : The jungle / by Upton Sinclair  1906 1
Political Films   4
Political Platforms   25
Political Plays   14
Political Satire : The border fence  2018 1
Political Satire English : The private history of the court of England (1808) / Sarah Green ; edited by Fiona Price  2011 1
Political Science Public Policy City Planning And Urban Development : Survival of the city : living and thriving in an age of isolation / Edward Glaeser and David Cutler  2021 1
Political Television Programs   4
Political Works : The history of the principal transactions of the Irish Parliament, from the year 1634 to 1666 : containing proceedings of the Lords and Commons, during the Administration of the Earl of Strafford, and of the First Duke of Ormond: with A Narrative of His Crace's Life, collected from the Papers of Sir Robert Southwell, Knt., Secretary of State in Ireland, and President of the Royal Society. To which is Prefixed, A Preliminary Discourse on the Ancient Parliaments of that Kingdom. By the Right Hon. Lord Mountmorres. In two volumes  1792 1
Politics   2
Politics And Current Affairs : Solved! How Other Countries Have Cracked the World's Biggest Problems and We Can Too / Wear, Andrew  2020 1
Politikersprache : The language of modern politics / Kenneth Hudson  1978 1
Polka Mazurkas Music   2
Polkas Mazurkas Musique   2
Polkas Music   32
Polkas Musique   21
Polonaises   2
Polonaises Music   83
Polonaises Musique   47

Poltergeist Films -- See Horror films

Polyglot Dictionaries   31
Polyglot Texts Selections Quotations Etc : Art deco  2004 1
Polyphonic Chansons   26
Polyphonic Lieder : Lieder, chansons, madrigals / Orlando di Lasso  2002 1
Polyphonies   29

Pop Music -- See Popular music

Musical works composed for mass appeal and usually dependent on mass media for transmission to large audiences. For popular music lyrics that appear without a musical setting see Popular music lyrics
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