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Author Mares, Daryl

Title Fourth International Symposium on Pre-Harvest Sprouting in Cereals
Published Milton : CRC Press LLC, 2019


Description 1 online resource (635 pages)
Contents International Organizing Committee -- Preface -- Overviews of Sprouting in Cereals -- Pre-Harvest Sprouting in Wheat -- The Australian Experience -- Pre-Harvest Sprouting in Barley -- Pre-Harvest Sprouting in Rye and Triticale -- Pre-Harvest Sprouting in Rice -- Breeding and Selection for Pre-Harvest Sprouting Tolerance -- Breeding and Selection for Pre-Harvest Sprouting Resistance in Red Wheats -- Recovery of Sprouting Resistance from Red-Kernelled Wheats in WhiteKernelled Segregates -- Pre-Harvest Sprouting Tolerance in White Grained Wheat -- Breeding and Selection for Pre-Harvest Sprouting Tolerance in Barley -- Germless Grains -- The Ultimate Answer to Pre-Harvest Sprouting -- Ten Years Experience with using Sprouting Index in Wheat Breeding -- Effects of Intermating on Kernel Colour and Pre-Harvest Dormancy in Durum Wheat -- Differences in Pre-Harvest Sprouting and Alpha-Amylase Activity among Wheat Cultivars
Variation of Falling Number in Primary Triticale and their Wheat and Rye Parents -- Relative Rates of Sprouting, Alpha-Amylase Production and Endosperm Breakdown during Intact Head Wetting at Different Temperatures -- Progress in Pre-Harvest Sprouting Resistance of Winter Triticale in Poland -- Comparisons of Tolerance to Pre-Harvest Sprouting within Triticum Species, Triticale and Barley -- Combining Ability Analysis of Wheat Grain Ripening and Germinability in Two Ripening Environments -- Commercial Utilization of Sprouted Grain -- The Sensitivity of Various Products to Sprouted Wheat -- The Control of Pre-Harvest Sprouting in Cereals for Seed, Malting and Milling -- Effects of Sprouting on Wheat Proteins and Baking Properties -- Processing of Grain according to Alpha-Amylase Activity and Preparing Optimal Blends from Sound and Damaged Grain -- Pearling and Milling as Techniques for the Improvement of the Quality of Sprouted Wheat
Problems encountered in Storage of Sprout Damaged Barley -- The Feeding Quality of Sprouted Wheat for Poultry and Pigs -- Grain Development -- Recent Progress in the Physiology and Biochemistry of Immature Cereal Grains in Relation to Pre-Harvest Sprouting -- The Effect of the Environment during Grain Growth in Barley on Gibberellin Physiology -- Hormonal Changes during Cereal Grain Development -- Alpha-Amylase Activity and Falling Number in Spring Wheat, Rye and Triticale during Ripening -- The Induction of Germination Alpha-Amylase during Wheat Grain Development in Unfavourable Weather Conditions -- Sensitivity of Developing Wheat Grains to Gibberellin and Production of Alpha-Amylase during Grain Development and Maturation -- Physiology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of Germination -- Molecular Biology of Expression of Alpha-Amylase and other Genes following Grain Germination -- Molecular Biology of Barley (1-3, 1-4) -Beta-Glucanases
The Vascular System of the Wheat Spikelet -- Ear and Grain Wetting and Pre-Harvest Sprouting -- Hormone Responses in the Cereal Aleurone Tissue -- Transfer of Information within the Germinating Grain -- Mobilization of Endosperm Reserves during Germination of Wheat -- Phospholipid Metabolism and Membrane Assembly in Wheat Aleurone Tissue -- Grain Dormancy -- Control and Development of Dormancy in Cereals -- Breaking of Seed Dormancy by Treatment with Ammonia -- Selection for Seed Dormancy by using Germination Tests -- Studies on Dormancy and Pre-Harvest Sprouting in Chinese Wheat Cultivars -- Dormancy in the Wild and Weedy Relatives of Modern Cereals -- Mechanisms of Dormancy in Wild Oats (Avena fatua) -- Enzymes in Germinating Grains -- Biosynthesis and Secretion of Alpha-Amylase in Germinating Rice Seedlings -- (1-3, 1-4) -Beta-Glucanases in Germinating Barley -- Proteinases and Peptidases in Germinating Cereal Grains
A Review of some Properties of an Endogenous Inhibitor of Cereal Alpha-Amylase -- Degradation of Starch Granules in Maturing Wheat and its Relationship to Alpha-Amylase Production by the Embryo -- Rate and Location of Production of Alpha-Amylase in relation to Pre-Harvest Sprouting in Wheat -- Some Aspects of the Synthesis of Enzymes and Enzyme Inhibitors in Barley -- The Pathway of Secretion of Enzymes from Isolated Barley Aleurone Layers -- Quantitative Analysis of Multiple Forms of Alpha-Amylase produced in Germinating Cereals -- Cultivar Effects on Falling Number -- Assay Methods and Objective Testing -- The Canadian Grading System for Wheat and its Implications in the Monitoring of Sprout-Damage -- Falling Number Prognoses on Rye and Wheat in Sweden -- Assessment of Weather Damage under Field Conditions in Northern NSW -- The Logic of Testing for Sprout Damage -- Falling Number Experience Reviewed -- Rapid Screening for Weather Damage in Wheat
Nephelometric Determination of Cereal Amylases -- Development of a Sensitive Immunoassay for Abscisic Acid in Wheat Grain utilizing a Monoclonal Antibody -- Electronic Weighing and Data Collection of Plot Combine Harvesters -- Notice of next meeting
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Subject Grain -- Preharvest sprouting -- Congresses
Grain -- Development -- Congresses
Grain -- Breeding -- Congresses
Grain -- Breeding
Grain -- Development
Grain -- Preharvest sprouting
Genre/Form Conference papers and proceedings
Port Macquarie (1986).
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ISBN 9780429692079