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Pub Fmi   7
Pub Iiel : The promise and perils of participatory policy making / Lucio Baccaro, Konstantinos Papadakis  2008 1
Pub Iies : The promise and perils of participatory policy making / Lucio Baccaro, Konstantinos Papadakis  2008 1
Pub Nu : Cities in a globalizing world : global report on human settlements 2001 / United Nations Centre for Human Settlements (Habitat)  2001 1
Pub Oit   48
Pub Onu : Cities in a globalizing world : global report on human settlements 2001 / United Nations Centre for Human Settlements (Habitat)  2001 1
Public Access Television Programs   2

Public Addresses -- See Speeches

Public Affairs Television Programs : Director's cut ; Game of tiles / TVB News, Current Affairs & Documentaries Production  2020 1

Public Health Surveys -- See Health surveys


Public Interest Radio Programs -- See Public service radio programs

Radio programs aired by or on behalf of nonprofit or governmental organizations to promote the common well-being or general welfare of society. For radio programs about public policy or politics see Public affairs radio programs. For radio announcements aired by or on behalf of nonprofit or governmental organizations to persuade the audience to take some specific action or adopt a favorable view toward a service, institution, or cause see Radio public service announcements
Public Opinion Polls : Public opinion polling in a globalized world / Marita Carballo, Ulf Hjelmar, editors  2008 1
Public Relations : Excellent public relations and effective organizations : a study of communication management in three countries / Larissa A. Grunig, James A. Grunig, David M. Dozier  2002 1
Public Service Announcements Motion Pictures   6
Public Service Radio Programs : National Conversations : Public Service, Media, and Cultural Diversity in Europe  2014 1
Public Service Television Programs : Reinventing public service television for the digital future / Mary Debrett  2010 1
Public Speaking For Women : Speaking out : a 21st-century handbook for women & girls / Tara Moss  2016 1
Publication Commemorative : La psychiatrie en question : choix de textes en hommage au professeur Frédéric Grunberg / sous la direction de Pierre Lalonde, Alain Lesage et Luc Nicole ; [avec les textes de Janique Beauchamp and others]  2009 1
Publication Formats   16
Publication Internationale : Jobs for immigrants  2012 1

Publication Lists -- See Bibliographies


Publication Summaries -- See Abstracts

Publications En Serie : USA's national parks / Anita Isalska, Brendan Sainsbury  2021 1
Publications K Exhibition V : Beyond the supersquare : art and architecture in Latin America after modernism / edited by Antonio Sergio Bessa, with additional research by Mario Torres  2014 1
  Publicity Photographs -- 3 Related Genre/Forms   3
Publishers Advertisements   7
Publishers Advertisements 19th Century : The attache at Peking / by A. B. Freeman-Mitford  1900 1
Publishers Advertisements 2005 : Once upon a time : illustrations from fairytales, fables, primers, pop-ups, and other children's books / Amy Weinstein  2005 1
Publishers Advertisements Connecticut Hartford 1865 : Nurse and spy in the Union army : comprising the adventures and experiences of a woman in hospitals, camps, and battlefields / by S. Emma E. Edmonds with illustrations  1865 1
Publishers Advertisements England 19th Century Dean And Son : Bright schemes and bold strokes : a tale for boys / by the author of "John Halifax, gentleman" ; with illustrations by Franklin  1863? 1
Publishers Advertisements England London 1799 : Speech of the Right Honourable William Pitt, in the House of Commons, Thursday, January 31, 1799, : on offering to the House the resolutions which he proposed as the basis of an union between Great Britain and Ireland  1799 1
Publishers Advertisements England London 19th Century : The anthropological treatises of Johann Friedrich Blumenbach ... With memoirs of him by Marx and Flourens and an account of his anthropological museum by Professor R. Wagner, and the inaugural dissertation of John Hunter, M.D., on the varieties of man. Tr. and ed. from the Latin, German, and French originals, by Thomas Bendyshe ..  1865 1
Publishers Advertisements Great Britain : A treatise on the law and practice of naval courts-martial / by William Hickman  1851 1
Publishers Advertisements Illinois Chicago 1896 : The first battle : a story of the campaign of 1896 / by William J. Bryan, together with a collection of his speeches and a biographical sketch by his wife  1896 1
Publishers Advertisements Maryland Baltimore : A treatise of the pleas of the crown / by Edward Hyde East  1806 1
Publishers Advertisements Massachusetts Boston : The treatise on religious affections / by the late Rev. Jonathan Edwards, A.M. ; Somewhat abridged, by the removal of the principal tautologies of the original ; and by an attempt to render the language throughout more perspicuous and energetic. ; To which is now added, a copious index of subjects. ; [Seven-line endorsement]  1821 1
Publishers Advertisements Massachusetts Boston 1865 : The equality of all men before the law : claimed and defended / in speeches by Hon. William D. Kelley, Wendell Phillips, and Frederick Douglass, and letters from Elizur Wright and Wm. Heighton  1865 1
Publishers Advertisements Massachusetts Boston 1870 : Army life in a black regiment / by Thomas Wentworth Higginson  1870 1
Publishers Advertisements New York N Y 1860 : A political text-book for 1860 : comprising a brief view of presidential nominations and elections: including all the national platforms ever yet adopted: also, a history of the struggle respecting slavery in the territories, and of the action of Congress as to the freedom of the public lands, with the most notable speeches and letters of Messrs. Lincoln, Douglas, Bell, Cass, Seward, Everett, Breckinridge, H.V. Johnson, etc., etc., touching the questions of the day ; and returns of all presidential elections since 1836 / compiled by Horace Greeley and John F. Cleveland  1860 1
Publishers Advertisements New York N Y 1885 : A political crime the history of the great fraud, by A.M. Gibson ..  1885 1
Publishers Advertisements New York State New York   2
Publishers Advertisements Oxford 20th Century : The Institutes : a text-book of the history and system of Roman private law / by Rudolph Sohm, professor of German law and ecclesiastical law in the University of Leipzig ; translated by James Crawford Ledlie, B.C.L., M.A. of the Middle Temple, barrister-at-law and of Lincoln College, Oxford ; with an introduction by Erwin Grueber, Dr. Jur., M.A. of Balliol College, Oxford, professor of Roman law and jurisprudence in the University of Munich, late deputy Regius Professor of Civil Law and reader in Roman law in the University of Oxford  1901 1
Publishers Advertisements Pennsylvania Philadelphia   3
Publishers Advertisements United States New York 19th Century : Cobbett's legacy to parsons : or, Have the clergy of the established church an equitable right to the tithes, or to any other thing called church property, greater than the dissenters have to the same? : And ought there, or ought there not, to be a separation of the church from the state? : in six letters, addressed to the church-parsons in general, including the cathedral and college clergy and the bishops ; with a dedication to Blomfield, Bishop of London / by William Cobbett  1835 1
Publishers Catalogs : Introduction to the study of international law : designed as an aid in teaching, and in historical studies / by Theodore D. Woolsey, lately President of Yale College  1874 1
Publishers Catalogs 1857 : The cruise of the Beacon : a narrative of a visit to the islands in Bass's Straits / by Francis R. Nixon  1857 1
Publishers Catalogs 1860 : Over the straits : a visit to Victoria / by Louisa Anne Meredith ; with illustrations from photographs, and the author's sketches  1861 1
Publishers Catalogs New York State New York 1901 : Gardening for pleasure : a guide to the amateur in the fruit, vegetable, and flower garden, with full directions for the greenhouse, conservatory, and window garden / by Peter Henderson .  1901 1
Publishers Catalogues New York N Y 1857 : America and Europe / by Adam G. De Gurowski  1857 1
Publishers Cloth Bindings Binding   4
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