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Public Service Announcements Motion Pictures   6
Public Service Radio Programs : National Conversations : Public Service, Media, and Cultural Diversity in Europe  2014 1
Public Service Television Programs : Reinventing public service television for the digital future / Mary Debrett  2010 1
Public Speaking For Women : Speaking out : a 21st-century handbook for women & girls / Tara Moss  2016 1
Publication Formats   17
Publication Internationale : Jobs for immigrants  2012 1

Publication Lists -- See Bibliographies


Publication Summaries -- See Abstracts

Publications En Serie : USA's national parks / Anita Isalska, Brendan Sainsbury  2021 1
  Publicity Photographs -- 3 Related Genre/Forms   3
Publishers Advertisements   2
Publishers Advertisements 19th Century : The attache at Peking / by A. B. Freeman-Mitford  1900 1
Publishers Advertisements Connecticut Hartford 1865 : Nurse and spy in the Union army : comprising the adventures and experiences of a woman in hospitals, camps, and battlefields / by S. Emma E. Edmonds with illustrations  1865 1
Publishers Advertisements England 19th Century Dean And Son : Bright schemes and bold strokes : a tale for boys / by the author of "John Halifax, gentleman" ; with illustrations by Franklin  1863? 1
Publishers Advertisements England London 1799 : Speech of the Right Honourable William Pitt, in the House of Commons, Thursday, January 31, 1799, : on offering to the House the resolutions which he proposed as the basis of an union between Great Britain and Ireland  1799 1
Publishers Advertisements England London 19th Century : The anthropological treatises of Johann Friedrich Blumenbach ... With memoirs of him by Marx and Flourens and an account of his anthropological museum by Professor R. Wagner, and the inaugural dissertation of John Hunter, M.D., on the varieties of man. Tr. and ed. from the Latin, German, and French originals, by Thomas Bendyshe ..  1865 1
Publishers Advertisements Massachusetts Boston : The treatise on religious affections / by the late Rev. Jonathan Edwards, A.M. ; Somewhat abridged, by the removal of the principal tautologies of the original ; and by an attempt to render the language throughout more perspicuous and energetic. ; To which is now added, a copious index of subjects. ; [Seven-line endorsement]  1821 1
Publishers Advertisements Massachusetts Boston 1870 : Army life in a black regiment / by Thomas Wentworth Higginson  1870 1
Publishers Advertisements New York N Y 1885 : A political crime the history of the great fraud, by A.M. Gibson ..  1885 1
Publishers Advertisements New York State New York   2
Publishers Advertisements Pennsylvania Philadelphia : Trial of Col. Thomas H. Cushing : before a general court martial which sat at Baton-Rouge on charges preferred against him by Brig. Gen. Wade Hampton / reported by the late Judge Advocate  1812 1
Publishers Catalogs 1857 : The cruise of the Beacon : a narrative of a visit to the islands in Bass's Straits / by Francis R. Nixon  1857 1
Publishers Catalogs 1860 : Over the straits : a visit to Victoria / by Louisa Anne Meredith ; with illustrations from photographs, and the author's sketches  1861 1
Publishers Catalogs New York State New York 1901 : Gardening for pleasure : a guide to the amateur in the fruit, vegetable, and flower garden, with full directions for the greenhouse, conservatory, and window garden / by Peter Henderson .  1901 1
Publishers Catalogues New York N Y 1857 : America and Europe / by Adam G. De Gurowski  1857 1
Publishers Cloth Bindings Binding   3
Publishers Cloth Bindings Binding 1837 : An essay on slavery and abolitionism with reference to the duty of American females / by Catharine E. Beecher  1837 1
Publishers Cloth Bindings Binding 19th Century : The attache at Peking / by A. B. Freeman-Mitford  1900 1
Publishers Cloth Bindings Binding England 19th Century : A practical and scientific treatise on calcareous mortars and cements : artificial and natural ... / by L.J. Vicat ; translated, with the addition of explanatory notes, by J.T. Smith  1837 1
Publishers Cloth Bindings Specimens Great Britain 1848 : Spring flowers and summer blossoms  1848? 1
Puerto Limon : The company they kept : migrants and the politics of gender in Caribbean Costa Rica, 1870-1960 / Lara Putnam  2002 1
Pulp Literature : The greedy ones / by Vince Kelly  1958 1
Punk Musique : Troika  2017 1
Punk Rock Music : Troika  2017 1

Puppet Drama -- See Puppet plays

Puppet Films   5

Puppet Operas -- See Operas

Staged dramatic works in which the actors sing most or all of their parts, and other types of musico-dramatic works that have significant portions of spoken text and have historically been regarded as forming part of the operatic repertory

Puppet Plays -- See Also the narrower term Shadow plays

Plays in which the characters and scenery consist of shadows cast onto a screen by two-dimensional puppets and other objects
Puppet Plays   4
Puppet Plays French : Puppets in the French style : with Compagnie Philippe Genty / Camera Three Productions, Inc. ; directed by John Musilli  1999 1
Puppet Television Programs   4
Purakau : Guardian of the Dead  2010 1
Putman John H : Idealism transformed : the making of a progressive educator / B. Anne Wood  1985 1

Puzzle Mazes -- See Maze puzzles

Puzzles : Shape by shape : creative pattern game!  2008 1
  Puzzles And Games -- 13 Related Genre/Forms   13
Puzzles And Games   435
Quadrilles Music   3
Quadrilles Musique : Strauss in St Petersburg  2017 1
Quarter Bindings Binding : Reason, the only oracle of man, or, A compendious system of natural religion / by Ethan Allen. To which is added, Critical remarks on the truth and harmony of the four Gospels : with observations on the instructions given by Jesus Christ, and the doctrines of Christianity / by a free thinker  1836 1
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