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Mark   Year Entries
Constitution   71
Constitutional Amendments   4

Constitutional Convention Materials -- See Also Constitutions

Constitutional Convention Materials : Argument of the Hon. Benjamin Harris Brewster, on the subject of the ordinance of submission of the Constitutional Convention  1872 1
Constitutions   56
Construction TECHNOLOGY & ENGINEERING General : CPM scheduling for construction : best practices and guidelines / edited by Christopher Carson, PMP, PSP, DRMP, Peter Oakander, Craig Relyea  2014 1
Contemporary : The bogan mondrian / Steven Herrick  2018 1
Contemporary Classics Adult Fiction Print   2
Contemporary Fiction   9

Contemporary Legends -- See Urban legends

Stories of supposed events in the recent past that may be humorous and/or horrifying and that are popularly believed to be true
Contemporary Realistic Fiction : Swing / Kwame Alexander ; with Mary Rand Hess  2018 1
Contemporary Young Adult Fiction Print   10
Contes   8
Contes De Fees   22

Continental Westerns -- See Spaghetti Westerns

Western films usually produced or co-produced by Italian companies and filmed in Europe
Continuing Education Materials   8

Continuity Scripts -- See Screenplays


Contracts -- See Also the narrower term Collective labor agreements

Contracts   155
Contrats   49
Contredanses Musique   6

Controlled Terms -- See Controlled vocabularies

Lists of words and/or phrases that are used to index and/or retrieve content, and that may include cross-references. For lists of words and their synonyms and often their antonyms see Thesauri (Dictionaries)
Controlled Vocabularies   94
Controlled Vocabulary : Culinary linguistics : the chef's special / edited by Cornelia Gerhardt, Maximiliane Frobenius, Susanne Ley, Saarland University  2013 1
Controversial Literature   157

Conundrums -- See Riddles

Conventions Constitutionnelles : Argument of the Hon. Benjamin Harris Brewster, on the subject of the ordinance of submission of the Constitutional Convention  1872 1

Conventions Law -- See Treaties

Texts of individual agreements or collections of agreements between two or more states, including protocols, supplements, amendments, etc
Conversation And Phrase Books   108
Conversation And Phrase Books For Businesspeople   2
Conversation And Phrase Books For Clergy Etc : A primer of pastoral Spanish / Michael J. McGrath  2022 1
Conversation And Phrase Books For Medical Personnel   8
Conversation And Phrase Books For Merchants   7
Conversation And Phrase Books For Professionals   2
Conversation And Phrase Books For Restaurant And Hotel Personnel : Atención al cliente de calidad para el área de hospitalidad : más inglés básico para al trabajo / William B. Martin y Stacey Kammerman  2010 1
Conversation And Phrase Books For Tourism Industry Employees : Teaching English for tourism : bridging research and praxis / edited by Michael Ennis and Gina Petrie  2019 1
Conversion Tables   4
Convicts Addresses : A Correct journal of the conduct of the two unfortunate prisoners, Sinclair & Johnson : from the time of their conviction until their execution : with a biographical sketch of their lives, as delivered by themselves, the day previous to which they were to be executed, with the dying declarations of the culprits, under their own signatures, and an interesting letter from Johnson to the woman with whom he lived, and who was supposed to be his wife. / Taken by a person who visited the unhappy men from day to day, till the period which terminated their mortal existence  1811 1

Cook Books -- See Cookbooks

Collections of recipes in book form. For instructions listing ingredients and procedures to prepare something, especially food, see Recipes
Cook Islands Poetry 20th Century : Taku akatauira = My dawning star / poems by Kauraka Kauraka ; illustrations by Uaongo Williams ; edited by: Marjorie Tuainekore Crocombe, Diana Dale Gunn (English version), George Paniani (Maori version)  1999 1

Cookbooks -- See Also the narrower term Literary cookbooks

Cookbooks whose recipes are inspired by or derived from literary sources, often containing excerpts from these sources
Cookbooks   425
Cookbooks 1890 1899 : Encarnación's kitchen : Mexican recipes from nineteenth-century California : selections from Encarnación Pinedo's El cocinero español / edited and translated by Dan Strehl ; with an essay by Victor Valle  2003 1
Cookbooks 1920 1929 : Minute Tapioca cook book  1922 1
Cookbooks 1930 1939 : Keep on the sunny side of life : a new way of living  1933 1
Cookbooks 1960 1969 : Metropolitan cook book  1964 1
Cookbooks 1990 1999 : Foie gras : a passion / Michael Ginor, Mitchell Davis  1999 1
Cookbooks 2000 2009   2
Cookbooks New York 1939 : Mrs. Knox's be fit, not fat, recipes : a grand collection of favorite recipes with calories reduced from 1/3 to 2/3  1939 1
Cookbooks Tasmania : Cook book / Riverside Golf Club Associates.  1980? 1
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