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Title Endoscopic surgery in infants and children / Klaas (N) M.A. Bax [and others], editors
Published Berlin ; New York : Springer, ©2008


Description 1 online resource (xxvii, 833 pages) : illustrations
Contents Basics. Why endoscopic surgery? / Klaas (N) M.A. Bax ; Equipment and instruments / Carroll M. Harmon ; Robotics / Colin G. Knight, Michael D. Klein, and Scott E. Langenburg ; Future technology / Jacques Marescaux and Francesco Rubino ; Ergonomics of task performance in endoscopic surgery / George B. Hanna and Alfred Cuschieri ; Training in pediatric endoscopic surgery / David C. van der Zee and Klaas (N) M.A. Bax ; Physiologic responses to endoscopic surgery / Benno M. Ure, Natalie K. Jesch, and Rainer Nustede ; Complications of endoscopic surgery in infants and children / Jürgen Schleef -- Neck. Cervicoscopy, a minimally invasive approach for the thyroid, parathyroid, and thymus in children / Olivier Reinberg -- Chest. Anesthesia for pediatric thoracoscopic surgery / Randall M. Clark ; Thoracoscopy in infants and children : basic techniques / Steven S. Rothenberg ; Implantation of a Nuss bar under thoracoscopic guidance / Klaas (N) M.A. Bax and David C. van der Zee ; Thoracoscopic drainage and debridement of empyema / Saundra M. Kay and Steven S. Rothenberg ; The thoracoscopic approach to pneumothorax in children / Klaus Schaarschmidt and K. Uschinsky ; Thoracoscopic lung biopsy / Steven S. Rothenberg ; Thoracoscopic lobectomy in infants and children / Steven S. Rothenberg ; Thoracoscopic management of esophageal duplications, bronchogenic cysts, and extralobar sequestration / Steven S. Rothenberg ; The role of thoracoscopy for the resection of pulmonary metastasis / Thom E. Lobe ; Thoracoscopy and hydatid cyst of the lung / François Becmeur and Stéphane Grandadam ; Thoracoscopic closure of patent ductus arteriosus in infants and children / Steven S. Rothenberg ; Aortosternopexy for tracheomalacia / Klaas (N) M.A. Bax and David C. van der Zee ; Thoracoscopic venous vascular access / Klaas (N) M.A. Bax and David C. van der Zee ; Thoracoscopic treatment of palmar hyperhidrosis / Zahavi Cohen ; Thoracoscopic treatment of chylothorax / Steven S. Rothenberg ; Video-assisted thoracic surgery for thymectomy / Calvin S.H. Ng and Anthony P.C. Yim ; Thoracoscopic removal of neurogenic mediastinal tumors / Jean-Stéphane Valla, Marc D. Leclair, and Yves Heloury ; The thoracoscopic approach to esophageal atresia with distal fistula / Klaas (N) M.A. Bax and David C. van der Zee ; Thoracoscopic repair of esophageal atresia without fistula / Marcelo Martinez-Ferro ; The thoracoscopic approach to H type tracheoesophageal fistula / Klaas (N) M.A. Bax and David C. van der Zee -- Abdomen : general. Anesthesia for pediatric laparoscopy / Cindy S.T. Aun and Manoj K. Karmakar ; The basics of laparoscopy / Mark L. Wulkan, Daniel F. Saad, and Curt S. Koontz
Abdomen : gastrointestinal tract. Esophageal achalasia / Girolamo Mattioli, Alessio Pini Prato, Marco Castagnetti, and Vincenzo Jasonni ; Laparoscopic Nissen fundoplication / Philip K. Frykman and Keith E. Georgeson ; Laparoscopic fundoplication according to Toupet / Philippe Montupet ; Laparoscopic Thal fundoplication in infants and children / David C. van der Zee and Klaas (N) M.A. Bax ; Laparoscopic gastrostomy / Douglas C. Barnhart ; Laparoscopic pyloromyotomy / Gordon A. MacKinlay and Douglas C. Barnhart ; Laparoscopic jejunostomy / Bryan C. Weidner ; Laparoscopic treatment of duodenal and Jejunal atresia and stenosis / David C. van der Zee and Klaas (N) M.A. Bax ; Intestinal malrotation / Klaas (N) M.A. Bax and David C. van der Zee ; Laparoscopic approach in adhesive small bowel obstruction / François Becmeur ; Laparoscopic treatment of Meckel's diverticulum / Felix Schier ; Laparoscopic approach to intussusception / Felix Schier ; Laparoscopic treatment of enteric duplications and other abdominal cystic masses / Henri Steyaert and Jean-Stéphane Valla ; Laparoscopic continent appendicostomy in the management of fecal incontinence and constipation / Hossein Allal ; Laparoscopic cecostomy and sigmoidostomy button / Aydın Yagmurlu ; Laparoscopic appendectomy in children / Henri Steyaert and Jean-Stéphane Valla ; Laparoscopic management of Crohn's disease / Steven S. Rothenberg ; Total colectomy with J Pouch / Jacqueline M. Saito ; Hand-assisted colectomy / David C. van der Zee and Klaas (N) M.A. Bax ; Endorectal pull-through for Hirschsprung's disease / Timothy D. Kane ; Laparoscopic-assisted treatment of Hirschsprung's disease according to Duhamel / Klaas (N) M.A. Bax and David C. van der Zee ; Laparoscopic rectopexy / David C. van der Zee, Klaas (N) M.A. Bax ; Georgeson's procedure : laparoscopically assisted anorectoplasty for high anorectal malformations / Thomas H. Inge ; Laparoscopy in the treatment of female infants with anorectal malformations / Maria Marcela Bailez -- Abdomen : liver and biliary tree. Laparoscopic treatment of hydatid disease of the liver / Francisco J. Berchi ; Laparoscopic liver surgery / Guillaume Podevin, Marc David Leclair, Christine Grapin, Frederic Hameury, Jacques Paineau, Yves Heloury ; Laparoscopic Kasai portoenterostomy for biliary atresia / C.K. Yeung and K.H. Lee ; Laparoscopic excision of choledochal cyst with hepaticojejunostomy / C.K. Yeung, K.H. Lee and Y.H. Tam ; Laparoscopic cholecystectomy / Oliver J. Muensterer and Keith E. Georgeson -- Abdomen : spleen. Splenectomy / Frederick J. Rescorla ; Partial splenectomies by laparoscopy in children / Olivier Reinberg -- Abdomen : pancreas. Laparoscopic approaches to the pancreas / Steven S. Rothenberg ; Laparoscopic approach in persistent hyperinsulinemic hypoglycemia in infancy / Klaas (N) M.A. Bax and David C. van der Zee
Abdomen : shunts and catheters. Laparoscopy and ventriculoperitoneal shunts / Klaas (N) M.A. Bax and David C. van der Zee ; Endoscopic surgery for peritoneal dialysis catheters in children / Haluk Emir -- Abdomen : abdominal trauma. Abdominal trauma / Thomas Pranikoff -- Abdomen : abdominal oncology. Laparoscopy for pediatric abdominal malignancies / Shawn D. St. Peter and George W. Holcomb -- Abdomen : abdominal pain. Chronic abdominal pain of childhood / Perry W. Stafford -- Abdomen : scrococcygeal teratoma. Laparoscopic approach to sacrococcygeal teratomas / Klaas (N) M.A. Bax and David C. van der Zee -- Abdomen : obesity surgery. Laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding in adolescents / Steven R. Allen, Mark L. Wulkan and Thomas H. Inge ; Laparoscopic Roux-en-Y gastric bypass : principles and procedures / Steven R. Allen and Thomas H. Inge -- Diaphragm. Laparoscopic treatment of Morgagni-Larrey diaphragmatic hernia / Mario Lima, Marcello Dòmini, and Antonio Aquino ; Thoracoscopy for congenital diaphragmatic hernia / François Becmeur, Stéphane Grandadam ; Laparoscopic repair of diaphragmatic defects : congenital diaphragmatic hernia (of Bochdalek) and eventration / Thane A. Blinman and Steven S. Rothenberg -- Abdominal wall. Laparoscopic herniorrhaphy / Felix Schier ; Laparoscopic inguinal hernia repair / Tamir H. Keshen ; Inguinal herniotomy : laparoscopic-assisted extraperitoneal technique / C.K. Yeung and K.H. Lee ; Laparoscopic contralateral groin exploration during inguinal hernia repair / Douglas C. Barnhart -- Adrenal gland. Transperitoneal adrenalectomy / D. Denison Jenkins, Karl G. Sylvester, and Craig T. Albanese ; Endoscopic retroperitoneal adrenalectomy in children : lateral approach / Jean-Stéphane Valla and Henri Steyaert ; Laparoscopic approach to abdominal neuroblastoma / Tadashi Iwanaka
Urogenital tract. Introduction to minimal access surgery in pediatric urology / Jean-Stéphane Valla ; Basic technique : retroperitoneoscopic approach in the lateral position / Jean-Stéphane Valla ; Total nephrectomy : transperitoneal approach / Manoj U. Shenoy and Duncan T. Wilcox ; Total nephrectomy : lateral retroperitoneoscopic approach / Jean-Stéphane Valla and Henri Steyaert ; Total nephrectomy : prone retroperitoneoscopic approach / Craig A. Peters ; Laparoscopic heminephrectomy / C.K. Yeung, Holger Till, and Peter Borzi ; Laparoscopic dismembered pyeloplasty for ureteropelvic junction obstruction : transperitoneal approach / Felix Schier ; Retroperitoneoscopic dismembered pyeloplasty / C.K. Yeung and N. Magsanoc ; Minimally invasive surgery and management of urinary tract stone in children / Jean-Stéphane Valla, C.K. Yeung, and Henri Steyaert ; Retroperitoneoscopic treatment of retrocaval ureter / Jean-Stéphane Valla and Alaa El Ghoneimi ; Complicated ureteroceles with non-functioning renal moieties in duplex kidneys : one-stage radical laparoscopic treatment / C.K. Yeung, S.K. Chowdhary, and J.D. Sihoe ; Urachal abnormalities / John F. Bealer and Steven S. Rothenberg ; Minimally invasive techniques for lower urinary tract reconstruction / Steven G. Docimo and Rajen Butani ; Laparoscopic bladder neck reconstruction / C.K. Yeung and J.D. Sihoe ; Laparoscopic ureteric reimplantation (extravesical) / Anthony Atala ; Endoscopic cross-trigonal ureteric reimplantation under carbon dioxide pneumovesicum / C.K. Yeung ; Laparoscopic treatment of utricular cysts / Mario Lima, Antonio Aquino, and Marcello Dòmini ; Diagnosis of non-palpable testis / Fabio Ferro ; Laparoscopic treatment of non-palpable testis / Ciro Esposito ; Transperitoneal laparoscopic treatment of varicocele / Gordon A. MacKinlay ; One-port retroperitoneoscopic varicocelectomy in children and adolescents / Jean-Stéphane Valla ; Laparoscopy in functional ovarian cysts in neonates / Maria Marcela Bailez ; Laparoscopy of functional ovarian cysts and mesosalpinx cysts in peripuberal girls / Maria Marcela Bailez ; Laparoscopic ovary-sparing surgery in benign ovarian neoplasms / Maria Marcela Bailez ; Laparoscopy in (doubtful) malignant adnexal pathology, ovarian torsion beyond the neonatal period, endometriosis, and pelvic inflammatory disease / Benno M. Ure and Jean-Stéphane Valla ; Laparoscopy in uterovaginal anomalies / Maria Marcela Bailez ; Laparoscopy in intersex patients raised as females / Maria Marcela Bailez -- Orthopedics. Thoracoscopic anterior spinal procedures in children / Steven S. Rothenberg -- Fetal surgery. Endoscopic access to the fetus / Karl G. Sylvester and Craig T. Albanese
Summary Annotation The book is written by an international selection of pediatric surgeons. All authors have contributed to the development of endoscopic surgery in children. The emphasis of the book is on surgical technique, which is described in detail and well illustrated by both drawings and photographs. The book covers the field of thoracoscopic surgery and laparoscopic transperitoneal as well as retroperitoneal surgery. A major part of the book covers endoscopic surgical urology. Endoscopic anterior spinal surgery as well as neurosurgery is also included. The book represents the state of the art regarding endoscopic surgical techniques in children
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