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Author International Conference on Numerical Methods in Industrial Forming Processes (6th : 1998 : Enschede, Netherlands)

Title Simulation of materials processing : theory, methods and applications : proceedings of the sixth International Conference on Numerical Methods in Industrial Forming Processes : NUMIFORM '98, Enschede/Netherlands/22-25 June 1998 / edited by J. Huétink, F.P.T. Baaijens
Published Rotterdam : A.A. Balkema, 1998


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Contents Contents note continued: 3D modeling of unconstrained tools used in hot forging / J. L. Chenot -- A derivative based approach to process optimal design in hot forging / S. M. Hwang -- Virtual prototyping of radial extruded components / R. P. Cardoso -- Defects analysis during a semi-finished gear: Forging processes by FEM / Ruan Xueyu -- 2D elastic-plastic FE simulation of multi-ram forging processes / Liu Zhuang -- Simulation of a multi-stroke power hammer forging process / J. C. Boyer -- A FEM simulation meant for determination of the real contact area in metal forming processes / H. Keife -- Extrusion and drawing -- Numerical investigation of the influence of alternating bending on the mechanical properties of cold drawn wire / F. D. Fischer -- Numerical and experimental analysis of the wall ironing process of polymer coated sheet metal / F. P. T. Baaijens -- Design of steady processes via a displacement based reference frame formulation / D. A. Tortorelli --
Contents note continued: A validated FEM model to improve metal blanking / F. P. T. Baaijens -- Simulation of stationary sheet metal cutting processes / J. Huetink
Contents note continued: A velocity approach for the ALE-method applied to 2D and 3D problems / J.-L. Chenot -- Numerical simulation of metal forming processes / J. Wang -- Mesh smoothing techniques for graded elements / L.-E. Lindgren -- Use of the DSI method for repositioning of mesh nodes on curved surfaces / J.-M. Bergheau -- Automatic generation of meshes with surface element layers and core mesh for finite element simulation of metal forming processes / D. Y. Yang -- Clinch forming simulation with automatic remeshing / F. Schmit -- Corrected smooth particle hydrodynamics method for metal forming simulations / J. Bonet -- Compaction of granular materials using deformable discrete elements / M. Dukto -- Parameter identification of material models using the ̀GCMMA' method / J. P. Ponthot -- Gradient based methods, genetic algorithms and the finite element method for the identification of material parameters / J. C. Gelin --
Contents note continued: Calculation of drawbead restraining forces associated with kinematics hardening rule / Ruan Xue Yu -- Implementation of plastic thickness strain in an equivalent drawbead model based on a penalty constraint method / J. Huetink -- Drawbeads -- Simulation models and experimental verification in sheet metal forming processes / A. Makinouchi -- Hemming simulation / M. Svensson -- Finite element simulations of the hemming process / A. J. H. Klomp -- Simulation of roll-forming process with a specific F. E. M. code / P. Pol -- Finite element analysis of sheet metal forming with reconfigurable tooling / J. M. Papazian -- Sectional analysis of forming processes for aluminium-alloy sheet metals / S. Y. Lee -- Blanking and cutting -- Investigation of failure due to damage in metal forming processes / S. Bezzina -- Modelling ductile fracture in the metal blanking process / F. P. T. Baaijens -- Finite-element techniques applied to high-speed machining / D. Peric --
Contents note continued: Computation of steady 3D visco-elastic flows using the DEVSS/DG method / F. P. T. Baaijens -- Viscoplastic material modeling in the FEM simulation of the thermoforming process of polymer / T. Nakagawa -- New computational aspects for numerical simulation of plastics thermoforming / J. M. Roelandt -- Numerical simulation of RTM using boundary element method / P. Devos -- An ideal forming analysis of random-fiber preforms for polymer-matrix composites / C. L. Tucker III -- An optimization based method for simulation of forming processes of woven fabric reinforced composites / R. Wever -- Spring-forward in continuous fibre reinforced thermosets / L. J. B. Peeters -- An inverse method for internal temperature measurement of molded parts / C. de Grandpre -- 3D modeling of the blow moulding process / F. Erchiqui -- Finite element and automatic remeshing methods for the simulation of complex blow molded polymer components / J.-F. Agassant --
Contents note continued: Determination of the geometrical parameters of tube reduction processes / T. Fulop -- A semi-structured mesh generator applied to extrusion / F. P. T. Baaijens -- Two levels approach to the problem of steady state extrusion process optimisation / A. A. Milenin -- Casting -- A multiphase flow approach accounting for thermo-mechanical coupling for modelling the powder injection molding / J. C. Gelin -- Finite element analysis of turbulent flow during the mould filling in casting / M. Bellet -- Numerical modelling of part/mold interaction in casting process / M. Bellet -- Finite element analysis of filling stage in the die casting process using VOF (Volume Of Fluid) method and adaptive grid / D. Y. Yang -- Optimal design of the feed metal flow path using the Lewis-Ransing Correlation / D. T. Gethin -- An approximate model of rod casting / H. P. Cherukuri --
Contents note continued: FEM simulation of void formation close to an inclusion in a uniform matrix during plastic deformation / U. Stahlberg -- Modelling of powder compaction processes via the displacement formulation and adaptive analysis / R. W. Lewis -- A constitutive model for metal powder compaction considering particle morphology / T. C. Tszeng -- Modelling methods in pressing simulations of metal powder components / H.-A. Haggblad -- Polymer processing -- 3D finite element modelling of the gas-assisted injection moulding process / D. M. Gao -- A 3-D coupled solution for the flow and fiber orientation in injection molding of fiber-filled systems / J. F. Hetu -- Experimental and numerical study of the delivery system in thermoplastics injection / F. Dupret -- Optimal extrusion die design in polymer processing / Y. Wang -- Effect of moving boundary on channel flow of polymeric melts / A. I. Isayev --
Contents note continued: Finite element simulation of a zircaloy sheet deep drawing using a polycrystalline model / P. Barberis -- Study on recrystallization process by mesoplasticity FEM / J. Eto -- Computer simulation of dendrite growth in alloys / J. Goldak -- Numerical simulation of multi-pass butt-welding of pipe-flange joints with neutron diffraction determination of residual stresses / R. Lin -- Simulation of multipass welding using mixture rules for prediction of material properties / L.-E. Lindgren -- Prediction of microstructure evolution in hot rolling / T. Ito -- A state variable model for the prediction of ̀overheating' in Ti-6A1-4V alloy due to rapid non-isothermal deformation / A. P. Karafillis -- Model for the kinetics of strain-induced martensitic phase transformation at non isothermal conditions for the simulation of sheet metal forming processes with metastable austenitic steels / J. Reissner --
Contents note continued: Inverse analysis applied to the evaluation of rheological and microstructural parameters in hot forming of steels / J. G. Lenard -- An inverse technique on the optimization of rolling and drawing process parameters / J. Cesar de Sa -- Optimum temperature distribution and tool design in flat glass processes by inverse method / J. Oudin -- An efficient implicit scheme for the treatment of the contact between deformable bodies / J. P. Ponthot -- Effective and efficient contact modelling in numerical simulations / J. Huetink -- Improved geometry description of deformable contact bodies / A. Bout -- Parallel finite element solution of 3D turbulent flows applied to mold-filling problems / M. Audet -- Static-explicit FE modeling of 3-d large deformation multibody contact problems on parallel computer / G. P. Nikishkov -- Performance of the parallel implementation of a software for the computational modelling of material forming processes / O. Ghouati --
Contents note continued: Iterative solvers in forming process simulations / J. Huetink -- Iterative solvers for large deformation pressure dependent problems / J.-P. Ponthot -- An efficient multigrid solver for incompressible fluid problems: Application to the 3D hot forging process / J. L. Chenot -- Treatment of boundary conditions in 3-D rigid-plastic finite element method using diagonal matrix / K. Osakada -- Comparison between the static implicit and dynamic explicit methods for FEM simulation of sheet forming processes / T. B. Wertheimer -- The spread iteration and its application in sheet forming analysis / Ying Hu -- Micro mechanics and material models -- Thermal plastic constitutive relation and its application in forging simulation / Quanlin Jin -- 3D numerical simulation of thermo-elasto-visco-plastic behaviour using stabilized mixte F. E. formulation: Application to heat treatment / E. Massoni --
Contents note continued: Numerical modeling of the film blowing process / J. F. Agassant -- Food processing -- Application of computational mechanics to rolling of a saturated porous material / J. G. Loughran -- The analysis of the axisymmetric cold extrusion of chocolate / M. R. Mackley -- Bulk forming -- Finite element simulation of electric current, temperature and densification behaviour in electrical heating powder compaction / S. Maki -- Simulation of coupled problem of electric upsetting / A. V. Vlasov -- Fully automatic simulation of bulk metal forming processes / A. E. Tekkaya -- Application of automatic remeshing and contact to 3D forging simulations / C. J. M. Gelten -- Numerical simulation of joint shell extrusion process by using 3-D finite element method / X. Ruan -- Glass/metal thermo-mechanical coupling: Application to the residual stress calculation in the glass indentation process / J.-F. Agassant --
Contents note continued: Optimum die design for sheet metal forming process by using finite element and discretized optimization methods / E. Nakamachi -- Estimation of shape and non-shape parameters in sheet metal forming processes with inverse finite element analysis / H. Huh -- Shape optimum design of blank contours using a simplified inverse approach / C. Knopf-Lenoir -- On some enhanced computational aspects of the inverse approach for sheet forming analysis / H. Naceur -- Accurate springback prediction with mixed solid/shell elements / J. C. Carnes -- Optimisation of process parameters for the control of springback in deep drawing / J. C. Gelin -- A 3D dynamic approach to blank-holders treatment in deep drawing simulations / M. Jean -- On the use of variable blankholder force in sheet metal stamping / L. Bernspang -- Numerical modelling of tribological devices using various contact algorithms / J. P. Ponthot --
Contents note continued: Radial return extension for the numerical simulation of visco-plastic processes / J. P. Ponthot -- Modeling of elasto-visco-plastic behaviour of steels at high temperatures / J. Lecomte -- Simulation of chevron crack in drawing: Effect of parameter in fracture criterion / K. Komori -- Validation of an elasto-visco-plastic model of Bodner type coupled with damage / X. C. Wang -- Applications of a damage model to superplastic forming processes / D. Antonelli -- A computer simulation methodology of metal perforation / E. Van der Giessen -- Introduction of polycrystal constitutive laws in a finite element code with applications to zirconium forming / G. T. Gray III -- Elastic/crystalline viscoplastic finite element modeling based on hardening-softening evolution equation / E. Nakamachi -- Computing residual stresses in polycrystals following plastic straining / R. Rogge --
Contents note continued: Research on numerical simulation of thin slab temperature in continuous casting and direct rolling / Cai Qingwu -- Rolling -- Elasto-plastic finite element simulation of the flat rolling process by dynamic explicit method / Y. Fujita -- Coupled thermomechanical simulation of hot rolling using an adaptive mesh / L.-E. Lindgren -- Application of the finite element method to determine the residual stresses of steel rails / Jiang Minliao -- Three-dimensional analysis of helical rolling of bar and using rigid-plastic finite element method / S. Uchida -- Modeling of cross-sectional shape of rolled tube and forward slip ratio for single stand rolling of Mandrel Mill / S. Hamauzu -- A model of mixed lubrication for cold rolling of strip / P. Gratacos -- Prediction of thickness distribution and snaking in asymmetrical plate rolling by simulation / K. Osakada -- Structuration of strips by cold-rolling for light-weight constructions / F. Schroller --
Contents note continued: Sheet metal forming -- The restricted-freedom element for sheet forming analysis / Ying Hu -- Comparison between experimental and theoretical forming limit diagrams for aluminium sheets / F. Morestin -- Parameters affecting forming limits in steel sheets / H. Pauli -- Several technical problems in rigid visco-plastic shell FEM / K. B. Chen -- Numerical research on the process of superplastic sheet metal forming / Hu Ling -- Application of the Vegter yield criterion and a physically based hardening rule on simulation of sheet forming / H. Vegter -- Comparisons of anisotropic elastoplastic laws applied to steel sheet / S. Munhoven -- Simulation of sheet metal forming processes using different anisotropic constitutive models / J. Reissner -- Age creep forming process optimization: Application to the manufacturing of spherical aeronautical bulkhead segments / J.-P. Bonnafe --
Contents note continued: Variable friction coefficient model in sheet metal forming / F. Martinet -- Comparative analyses on buckling of thin plates / M. Potier-Ferry -- Validation of a damage mechanics model for the prediction of defects in sheet metal forming / F. Micari -- Proposal for analysis of surface deflections of sheet metal in embossing / L. Liu -- Simulation of surface defects in sheet metal panels / E. Pask -- Prediction of necking and wrinkling in sheet metal forming from the analysis of local equilibrium conditions / N. Boudeau -- Application of aquadrawforming process for a part with a non hemispherical shape / P. Paquier -- FE-simulation of a combined sheet metal forming process / T. Weidner -- 2D finite element simulation of tube hydroforming process / C. Aliaga -- Simulation of three dimensional superplastic blow forming with a modified membrane finite element method / H. Huh --
Machine generated contents note: Invited lectures -- Finite volume computational methods for polymer processing / N. Phan-Thien -- Modeling flow-induced microstructure in polymer blends and composites / E. D. Wetzel -- Simulation of springback / R. H. Wagoner -- On membrane and shell formulations for 3-D finite element modelling of sheet forming / E. Massoni -- Use of polycrystal plasticity theory in assessing material performance / A. J. Beaudoin -- Development of industrial strength software for simulation of industrial forming processes / N. Rebelo -- Adaptivity and error estimation / A. Rodriguez-Ferran -- Numerical methods -- A displacement based reference frame formulation for the analysis of steady manufacturing processes / D. A. Tortorelli -- The rate-equilibrium method with hyperelastic based constitutive models / E. G. Thompson -- Mixed Euler-Lagrange method and weakly coupled analyses for FE-simulation of bulk forming processes / J. Reissner --
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