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Author International Rice Genetics Symposium (2nd : 1990 : International Rice Research Institute)

Title Rice Genetics II : Proceedings of the Second International Rice Genetics Symposium, 14-18 May 1990
Published Manila, Philippines : International Rice Research Institute, 1991
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Contents Session 1. Varietal differentiation and evolution. Association between Pox-1 variation and seed productivity potential in wild rice / H. Morishima. Evolutionary significance of differential regulation at the wx locus of rice / Y. Sano, H.-Y. Hirano, and M. Nishimura. Cytogenetic, electrophoretic, and root studies of javanica rices / T.T. Chang [and others]. Screening and analysis of wide compatibility loci in wide crosses of rice / H. Ikehashi, H. Araki, and S. Yanagihara. How was rice differentiated into indica and japonica? / Y.-I. Sato. Genetic diversity and intervarietal relationships in rice (Oryza sativa L.) in Africa / J.-L. Pham. Traditional highland rices originating from intersubspecific recombination in Madagascar / N. Ahmadi, J.C. Glaszmann, and E. Rabary. Prospective use of Oryza longistaminata for rice breeding / M. Causse and A. Ghesquiere -- Session 2. Genetic markers, linkage groups, and aneuploids. Analysis of genes for stigma coloration in rice / H.I. Oka. Gene mapping of some morphological traits and chlorophyll deficiency in rice / M. Maekawa, I. Takamure, and T. Kinoshita. Linkage relationships between genetic male sterile and marker genes in rice / H.S. Suh [and others]. Linkage analysis and application of isozyme genes in rice / R. Ishikawa, H. Morishima, and T. Kinoshita. Genetic mapping in rice using isozyme and RFLP markers / D.S. Brar [and others]. Production of monosomic alien addition lines of Oryza sativa having a single O. punctata chromosome / H. Yasui and N. lwata -- Session 3. Genetics of stress tolerance. Genetics of leaf rolling under drought stress / B.N. Singh and D.J. Mackill. Genetic analysis for salt tolerance in rice / K.K. Narayanan and S.R. Sree Rangasamy. Inheritance of panicle exsertion in Oryza sativa under low temperature / D.M. Mahishi, M. Mahadevappa, and P. Gopala Reddy -- Session 4. Genetics of morphological and physiological traits. Inheritance of grain size and its implications for rice breeding / K. Takeda. Genetics and biochemistry of in vitro-selected lysine mutants / G.W. Schaeffer. Mutants for rice storage proteins / T. Kumamaru, M. Ogawa, and H. Satoh. Genes for late heading and their interaction in the background of Taichung / Kuo-Hai Tsai. Photoperiod-conditioned male sterility and its inheritance in rice / Wang Xiangming [and others]. Thermosensitive genetic male sterility induced by irradiation / K. Maruyama, H. Araki, and H. Kato -- Session 5. Genetics of disease and insect resistance. Transfer of blast and bacterial blight resistance from Oryza minuta to O. sativa / A.D. Amante-Bordeos [and others]. Inheritance of resistance to rice tungro spherical virus in rice (Oryza sativa L.) / M. Shahjahan [and others]. Genetics of rice resistance to brown planthopper Nilaparvata lugens (Stal) and relative contribution of genes to resistance mechanisms / M. Bharathi and S. Chelliah. Genetic analysis of resistance to whitebacked planthopper Sogatella furcifera Horvath in rice / Min Shaokai [and others] -- Session 6. Tissue and cell culture. Application of somaclonal variation and in vitro selection to rice improvement / J. Bouharmont [and others]. Diallel analysis of callus growth and plant regeneration in rice / T. Abe and Y. Futsuhara. Genetic analysis for salt tolerance of in vitro regenerant progenies of rice / K.K. Narayanan and S.R. Sree Rangasamy. Somaclonal male sterile mutants and their expression in indica rice / D.H. Ling [and others]. Regeneration and transformation of protoplasts in indica rice / Xiang-hui Li [and others]. Isolated microspore culture of rice at the International Rice Research Institute / F.J. Zapata [and others]. Cryopreservation: a method for maintaining plant regeneration capability of rice cell suspension cultures / P.T. Lynch and E.E. Benson -- Session 7. Molecular genetics of cytoplasmic genomes. Structure of cytoplasmic genomes in rice / A. Hirai [and others]. Rice mitochondrial genes / C. Andre, E.K. Kaleikau, and V. Walbot. Organization of mitochondrial DNA in male sterile and fertile lines of rice / N.M. Saleh [and others]. Genetic analysis of nuclear DNAs homologous to small mitochondrial plasmid-like DNAs in cultivated rice / W. Sakamoto [and others] -- Session 8. Molecular genetics of nuclear genomes. A rice DNA sequence that resembles the maize Mu 1 transposable element / Yong Xie, Yixin Wang, and Ray Wu. Genetic variation in tissue culture-derived rice plants / P.T.H. Brown [and others]. Characterization of repeated DNA sequences specific to different rice genomes / F. Cordesse [and others]. Species-specific repetitive DNA sequences as markers in rice backcross breeding programs / H. Aswidinnoor [and others]. Organization, structure, and expression of the rice [symbol]-amylase multigene family / R.L. Rodriguez [and others] -- Session 9. RFLP analysis of rice genomes. RFLP mapping of the rice genome / S.D. Tanksley [and others]. Tagging genes for disease and insect resistance via linkage to RFLP markers / S.R. McCouch, G.S. Khush, and S.D. Tanksley. RFLP tagging of blast resistance genes in rice / Zhihong Yu [and others]. Toward the integration of a restriction fragment length polymorphism map and conventional genetic map of rice Oryza sativa L. / M. Yano [and others]. Intraspecific variation and genetic differentiation based on restriction fragment length polymorphism in Asian cultivated rice, Oryza sativa L. / M. Kawase [and others]. Cytoplasmic DNA markers, phylogeny, and systematics in Oryzeae / G. Second. Biology and genetics of Pyricularia oryzae and P. grisea populations: current situation and development of RFLP markers / M.-H. Lebrun [and others] -- Session 10. Molecular genetics of rice proteins. Rice endosperm proteins and their accumulation signals / N. Mitsukawa and K. Tanaka. Genetic manipulation of storage proteins in rice / V.S. Gupta [and others]. Glutelin genes in wild rices / Hsin-Kan Wu and Tien-Chin Chen -- Session 11. Molecular genetics of disease resistance. Defense gene regulation / C.J. Lamb [and others]. Molecular biology of rice tungro viruses: evidence for a new retroid virus / R. Hull [and others]. Recent advances in genetic analysis of rice-blast fungus interaction / H. Leung [and others]
Chromosome constitution of diploid-like plants derived from gamma-irradiated tetraploids / H. Fukuoka [and others]. Genetic analysis of heading time by using linkage relationship with isozyme gene Pgl-2 in rice / I. Imuta [and others]. Effects of dwarfing genes on cell characteristics in rice internodes / O. Kamijima. Effects of dwarf genes on rice root elongation / H. Kitano and Y. Futsuhara. Genetic aspects of organ differentiation during rice embryogenesis / Y. Nagato [and others]. Genetic identification of mutant genes for reduced culm number / I. Takamure. Grain-shattering gene linked with semidwarfing gene sd-l / S. Oba and F. Kikuchi. Semidwarfing genes influencing morphological traits and physiological ability of rice roots / M. Ichii, Shui Shan Li, and H. Hasegawa. Eating quality of rice cultivars in reference to chemical components / A. Matsuzaki, T. Takano, and G. Takeda. Genetic analysis of grain size in rice / T. Kato. Core collections: providing access to wild Oryza germplasm / D.A. Vaughan. Monosomic alien addition lines of Oryza australiensis and alien gene transfer / K.K. Jena, D.S. Multani, and G.S. Khush. Reexamination of genetic control of the reproductive barrier between Oryza longistaminata and O. sativa, and relationship to rhizome expression / A. Ghesquiere. Relatedness of annual and perennial strains of Oryza rufipogon investigated with nuclear DNA sequences / P. Barbier and A. lshihama. Increasing cold and drought tolerance in rice with a new phytohormone analogue / A.A. Flores-Nimedez, K. Dorffling, and B.S. Vergara. Genetic control of chilling injury in rice seedlings detected by low-temperature treatment / T. Nagamine and M. Nakagahra. Simple, rapid procedure for analyzing polypeptide pattern of thylakoid membrane in rice / K. Hattori [and others]. Breeding of near-isogenic lines for resistance to rice bacterial blight / T. Ogawa [and others]. Variation in resistance to bacterial blight between and within wildrice populations / C. Hamamatsu, Y.-I. Sato, and H. Morishima. Genetic analysis of rice blast resistance using doubled haploids, single seed descent lines, and isozyme marker genes / J. Abadassi [and others]. Induced mutations for rice improvement in Malaysia / O. Mohamad [and others]. Mutagen-induced male sterility in rice / J.L. Minocha, J.S. Sidhu, and R.K. Gupta. Induction of inheritable dwarfism in rice by DNA demethylation / H. Sano [and others]. Mutagenic effects of accelerated argon ion irradiation in rice / M.T. Mei [and others]. Exploitation of useful semidwarfing genes by mutation / T. Tanisaka and H. Yamagata. Combining ability and heterosis for yield and yield components related to reproductive-stage salinity and sodicity tolerance in rice Oryza sativa L. / B. Mishra. Genetics of quantitative traits in rice in mid-altitude swamps of Burundi / J.P. Tilquin, J.P. Chapeaux, and J.F. Detry. Genetic studies on intercalary elongation / Yi-Shin Chen and Chia-Yi Aes. Some quantitative characters of rice Oryza sativa L. studied by triple testcross analysis / Bui Chi Buu and Thai Thi Hanh. Genetic analysis of wide compatibility varieties of rice Oryza sativa L. / Minghong Gu, Aiqing You, and Xuebiao Pan. An approach to the genetic pattern of compatibility in an O. sativa indica/japonica cross / Qi Zu-bai, Cai Ye-Tong, and Li Bao-jian. Does hybrid sterility isolate indicas from japonicas? / T. Nomura, Y.-I. Sato, and K. Yonezawa. Effects of genotype x environment interaction on late-heading Japanese rice / T. Sato -- Variation in chlorophyll proteins between wet and dry season rice varieties / N. Watanabe, R.B. Austin, and C.L. Morgan. Genotypic difference in response to light interruption in Japanese rice varieties / Y. Okumoto, T. Tanisaka, and H. Yamagata. Differentiation between populations of wild rice (Oryza rufipogon) coexisting with Leersia hexandra and Ipomoea aquatica / Y. Shimamoto and H. Morishima. Rice aroma: methods of evaluation and genetics / Shih-Cheng Lin. Application of computer image analysis to characterization of plant type in rice-response to spacing / K. Hinata and M. Oka. Genetic analysis of embryo length in rice Oryza sativa L. / M.P. Pandey, D.V. Seshu, and M. Akbar. Induced mutations for identifying and characterizing genes in rice: I. Three useful mutants and their characteristics / Moo Young Eun [and others]. Reliable, simple method for producing rice plants through anther culture / Gun-Sik Chung, Sae-Jun Yang, and Byeong-Geun Oh. Internode elongation system of Nepalese rice / G.L. Shrestha. Inheritance of high-density rice grain and its relation to other panicle characters / S. Mallik, A.M. Aguilar, and B.S. Vergara. Restriction fragment length polymorphism analysis of wide-cross progenies having brown planthopper resistance gene(s) introgressed from Oryza officinalis into O. sativa / K.K. Jena, G.S. Khush, and G. Kochert. Amplification of chloroplast DNA fragment from a single ancient rice seed / I. Nakamura and Y.-I. Sato -- Overview of the Second International Rice Genetics Symposium / K.J. Frey -- Closing remarks / F.A. Bernardo
Session 12. Transformation techniques. Co-transformation of indica rice via polyethylene glycol-mediated DNA uptake / Jianying Peng, L.A. Lyznik, and T.K. Hodges. Efficient transformation of rice cells and production of transgenic rice plants / Y. Tada [and others]. Rice transformation, vectors, and expression of transferred genes / L.A.M. Hensgens [and others]. Evaluation of transformation techniques for monocots / A.P. Aryan [and others]. Transgenic rice plants produced by direct uptake of the [symbol]-endotoxin protein gene from Bacillus thuringiensis into rice protoplasts / H. Yang [and others]. Inheritance of a foreign gene in transgenic indica rice plants / S.K. Datta [and others]. Polygenic transformation of rice using microprojectile-delivered DNA / M.B. Sticklen [and others]. State of the art in gene transfer to cereals / I. Potrykus -- Characterization of a repetitive hypermutable region in Oryza sativa / T.E. Bureau, G.S. Khush, and S.R. Wessler. Isolation and characterization of rice CC genome-specific sequences / A.S. Reddy, F. Cordesse, and M. Delseny. Comparative studies of the structure of chloroplast DNA from four Oryza species: cloning and physical maps / A. Kanno, K. Hattori, and A. Hirai. Evolution of the intergenic spacer region of ribosomal DNA in cultivated and wild rice species / Y. Sano, R. Sano, and H.-Y. Hirano. Cytoplasmic and nuclear DNA differentiation in cultivated rice species / T. Ishii [and others]. Physical mapping of rice restriction fragment length polymorphism clones / J.P. Gustafson, C.L. Mclntyre, and J.E. Dille. Efficient introduction of foreign gene into partially digested small cell groups of rice by polyethylene glycol / Jinshui Yang [and others]. Introduction of exogenous DNA directly into rice / Chen Shanbao [and others]. Isolation of rice phytochrome genes from Nongken 58 and Nongken 58s / B. Wang [and others]. Restriction fragment length polymorphism for characterizing monosomic alien addition lines of Oryza sativa having a single chromosome of O. brachyantha / O. Panaud [and others]. Restriction fragment length polymorphism analysis of size of chromosomal segments retained around bacterial blight resistance genes in near-isogenic lines of rice / S. Yoshimura [and others]. Accumulation signals of rice endosperm proteins / N. Mitsukawa and K. Tanaka. Assessment of protoclonal variation in seed progeny of transgenic plants regenerated from rice protoplasts / E.C. Cocking [and others]. Tissue culture and somatic hybridization of indica and japonica rices / I.H. Slamet. Somatic hybridization studies between rice and Porteresia coarctata / R.P. Finch. Stress tolerance in rice cell lines / K.-I. Mori and T. Kinoshita. Novel proteins involved in dedifferentiation and redifferentiation in rice Oryza sativa L. / A. Tanaka and S. Tano. Cytohistological observations on plantlet regeneration from rice calli / A.B. Mendoza, Y. Futsuhara, and Y. Takeoka. Production of aneuhaploids (2n=13) in rice Oryza sativa L. by anther culture of trisomic plants / Wang Zixuan and N. lwata. Assessment of gametic selection in indica/upland japonica rice anther cultures by isozyme markers / E. Guiderdoni. Salt tolerance in rice callus cultures / P.B. Kavi Kishor and G.M. Reddy. Regeneration of plants from cultured anthers of salt-tolerant CSR-1 rice / N.R. Yadav, D.R. Sharma, and J.B. Chowdhury. Chromosome studies and multiplication of embryonic cells derived from anther culture of indica rice / Wu Jiadao [and others]. Current linkage maps in rice / T. Kinoshita. Characterization of rice chromosomes by imaging methods / K. Fukui and K. Ilijima
Summary The Rice Genetics Collection of past symposia and other selected literature contains nearly 4,400 pages of searchable information on rice genetics and cytogenetics published by the IRRI and its partners since 1964. In addition to the five genetics symposia held at 5-year intervals since 1985, the collection contains classic publications that kicked off significant reporting on these subjects in the early 1960s. This collection is a comprehensive and historical documentation on the subject of rice genetics, spanning 45 years of research and scholarly work. Published in 1990, Rice Genetics II contains 65 chapters from various contributors on topics dealing with rice genetic research, including varietal differentiation and evolution; genetic markers, linkage groups, and aneuploids; genetics of stress tolerance, morphological and physiological traits, and disease and insect resistance; tissue and cell culture; molecular genetics of cytoplasmic and nuclear genomes, rice proteins, and disease resistance; RFLP analysis of rice genomes; and transformation techniques
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