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Author ICICA (Conference) (3rd : 2012 : Chengde, China)

Title Information computing and applications : third International Conference, ICICA 2012, Chengde, China, September 14-16, 2012. Proceedings. Part I / Chunfeng Liu, Leizhen Wang, Aimin Yang (eds.)
Published Berlin ; New York : Springer, ©2012


Description 1 online resource
Series Communications in computer and information science, 1865-0929 ; 307
Communications in computer and information science ; 307.
Contents Part 1. Internet Computing and Applications -- WIPOMTS: An Internet Public Opinion Monitoring System / Shouhua Zhang, Kaiyu Shang, Shuai Cong, Bin Zhang and Zhenpeng Liu -- Social Context Enabled Description Model for Web Services / Xiao Zheng, Qingyong Wu, Dongliang Ke, Haixia Li and Yaqing Shi -- Improved Learning Algorithm for Self-adaptive Neural Nets Based on Principal Component Analysis / Shujie Du -- Digital Library Network Based on the San Technology / Jiao Cui-Ling and Wang Jian-Ping -- Websites Based on J2EE of Struts / Jiao Cui-Ling and Wang Jian-Ping -- Research of a Vertical Search Engine for Campus Network / Rujia Gao, Wanlong Li, Shanhong Zheng and Hang Li -- Efficient Control Scheme for Surface Temperature of Hot Roller Based on Neural Network / XueLi Wu, Lifeng Hou and Hui An -- Online Shopping System Based on Improved MD5 / Ji-Rui Li and Su-Qing Zhang -- Adaptivity in Location-Based Services / Rui Zhou, Wensheng Guo and Nan Sang -- An Evolution Model of Emotional Internet Public Opinion with Informed Marks / Wu Yu, Hao Wang, Xian Wang and Jianbo Li -- Research of LSH and Outliers Detection / Ying-yan Wang, Rui Zeng, Ming-zhong Li and Fang Li -- Research on P2P Botnet Network Behaviors and Modeling / Huabo Li, Guyu Hu and Yun Yang -- Web-Based Solution for the Diversity of Equipment / Chang Yan-shuo and Hua Qing-yi -- Fusion Assessment Methods for Bridge Health State Based on Two Step Neural Networks Ensemble / Li Shan, Zhao Hui and Rao Hong
Part 2. Multimedia Networking and Computing -- Classification of Rice Appearance Quality Based on LS-SVM Using Machine Vision / Xiai Chen, Shuang Ke, Ling Wang, Hong Xu and Wenquan Chen -- Research of University Disaster Recovery System Based on Virtualization Technology / Yue Li, Jian Sun, Zheng Zheng and Hong Shen -- Research of Self-study English Pronunciation on WindowsCE / Shen Hong, Li Yue and Wang Jinfang -- Study of Linearization for Spectral Imaging Device / Songhua He -- Silverlight-Based Distance Teaching Application / Jin Wang -- Uncorrelated Discriminant Isometric Projection for Face Recognition / Bo Ge, Yanling Shao and Yunxing Shu -- Design and Realization of Multimedia Animation Based on Flash / Shouping Wang and Zhenbing Wang -- The Ship Propeller Design System for Coupling of CAD, CAE and CAO / Jinfeng Huang -- Skeleton Extraction of a Specified Object in the Gray Image Based on Geometric Features / Zhihui Yang, Fangfang Guo and Ping Dong -- Detection and Correction Scheme of Internet Chat Lingo Based on Statistic and Pinyin Similarity / Bo Han and Zhengwen Li
Part 3. Intelligent Computing and Applications -- A Filling Algorithm of Mining Constraint Frequent Neighboring Class Set / Ling Hu, Yao Li, Jiang Xiong and Gang Fang -- Sea Clutter Constant False-Alarm Processing Technology Research Based on Wavelet Transform / Shuang Xu, Yanqiu Cui and Jifeng Ding -- A Tableau-Based Reasoning Algorithm for Distributed Dynamic Description Logics / Zhuxiao Wang, Zhitao Guan, Wei Li, Kehe Wu and Jing Guo, et al. -- Improvement of Target Extraction and Dense Matching / Zetao Jiang, Qiang Wang and Yanru Cui -- Intelligent Scheme of Removing Plug Oil Well Based on Mobile Robot / Xiaojie Tian, Yonghong Liu, Yulong Xu, Rongju Lin and Wei Deng, et al. -- A Novel Meta-heuristic for the Multi-depot Vehicle Routing Problem / Jianping Luo, Xia Li and Min-Rong Chen -- An Improved Association Rule Privacy Protection Algorithm Research / Yiwu Chen, Qingshui Li and Lingna He -- Multi-step Prediction of Volterra Neural Network for Traffic Flow Based on Chaos Algorithm / Lisheng Yin, Yigang He, Xueping Dong and Zhaoquan Lu -- Improved Calculation Scheme of Structure Matrix of Boolean Network Using Semi-tensor Product / Jinyu Zhan, Shan Lu and Guowu Yang -- Adaptive RBF Neural Network Filtering Predictive Model Based on Chaotic Algorithm / Lisheng Yin, Yigang He, Xueping Dong and Zhaoquan Lu -- Estimation of Leaf Weight Based on Snowflake Theory / Lihui Zhou and Hong Wang -- Efficient Decision-Making Scheme Based on LIOWAD / Meihua Cheng and Shouzhen Zeng
Part 4. Computational Statistics and Applications -- Analysis of Sensitive Questions of MSM Based on RRT / Wei Li, Ge Gao, Yu-hua Ruan, Xiang-yu Chen and Qiao-qiao Du -- Cointegration Analysis Based on Linear Error in Variable Model / Mengtian Yue and Huirong Cao -- Statistical Analysis of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons Projects / Jianguo Feng, Guihua Li, Jintang Zhang and Le Xia -- Research on CNC Contour Error Compensation Approach Based on Straightway Approximate Nodes / Guoyong Zhao, Zhiyong Li and Hongjing An -- Least Squares [eta] -- Hermitian Solution for Quaternion Matrix Equation AXB=C / Shifang Yuan -- Reasonable Arrangements for Ophthalmic Beds Based on Linear Programming / Lihui Zhou, Shaohong Yan and Yongsheng Zhang -- Error Analysis of Generalized LxF Schemes for Linear Advection Equation with Damping / Yun Wu and Dong Qu -- Generalized Lax-Friedrichs Scheme for Convective-Diffusion Equation / Wei Tong and Yun Wu -- Fuzzy Time Series Forecasting Based on Weber-Fischna Law / Lihong Li, Yan Gao and Yan Wang -- Oscillation of Runge-Kutta Methods for a Scalar Differential Equation with One Delay / Qi Wang, Jiechang Wen and Fenglian Fu -- Analysis of Wall Criteria in Numerical Computation of Shock Wave/Layer Interaction / Xinwen Xu and Yong Yu -- A Voxelization Algorithm for 3D Body-Centered Cubic Line Based on Adjunct Parallelepiped Space / Lijun He, Yongkui Liu, Degao Wang and Jian Yun -- Jackson's Theorem in Hardy-Sobolev Type Spaces in the Unit Polydiscs / Yingwei Chen, Zhijun Wang and Wenlei Dong -- On the Upper Bounds of Local Inverse Signed Edge Domination Numbers in Graphs / Zhifang Feng, Wensheng Li, Huaming Xing and Qiongyu Ma -- Forecast of Employment Based on Independent Component Analysis / Lu Tan and Han Zhang -- Complete Convergence for NA Random Sequence / Yourong Wang, Yanli Liu and Yili Tan -- A Remark on Distance Regular Graph with k=10,a1=1 / Junhong Ma and Bing Han
Part 5. Knowledge Management and Applications -- Information Entropy, Similarity Measure and Inclusion Measure of Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets / Qiansheng Zhang, Fuchun Liu, Lihua Wu and Shihua Luo -- Optimization of Tandem Cold Rolling Schedule Based on Collaborative Optimized PSO / Li Ying, Wang Jing-sheng, Wang Hong-rui and Wei Li-xin -- Career Decision-Making of University Students Based on Analytic Hierarchy Process / Ming Lu -- Study on Information Literacy of College Students with University Library / Hai-bo Yang, Yan-yan Zhang and Ning Yu -- Comparison of Different Expanded GED-GARCH for Exchange Rate Volatility / Yan Gao, Dongmei Li and Lihui Zhou -- Component Description Model Based on Software Architecture / Zhiyu Chen, Liufu Song, Junqiang Liu, Ming Hu and Rujia Gao -- Electronic Transaction Scheme Based on Fast ECC Multiplication / Shouzhi Xu, Bo Xu, Pengfei Guo and Chenxia Li -- Fine Granularity Pipeline Indexing Algorithm for Multi-core Platform / Su-Qing Zhang and Ji-Rui Li -- Collaborative Filtering Algorithm Based on the Preference List in the Digital Library / Gao Feng, Liu Zhiyou and Liu Huixin -- Customer Threshold Strategies in Observable Queues with Partial Information of Service Time / Wei Sun and Shiyong Li -- Fault Diagnosis Based on Low-Frequency Acceleration Signals towards Large-Scale Recreational Facilities / Gen Li, Yu-tian Zhu and Shuan-zhong Wang
Part 6. Communication Technology and Applications -- Research on Embedded-Based Wireless Authentication System / Wei Pan, Xiang Yang, Yuanyi Zhang and Zhe Guo -- Data Reliability Analysis for Flooding Transmission of Wireless Sensor Networks / Cao Yuan-Yuan and Feng Hai-Lin -- Effective Management and Utilization of Mobile Learning Based on Wireless Campus Network / Shujie Du, Zhuan Zhou, Lanfang Liu, Ling Jiao and Bo Wu -- Simulation of Malicious Nodes Detection Based on Machine Learing for WSN / Kuancheng Zou, Yuanling Ouyang, Chuncheng Niu and Yi Zou -- A Robotic System Based on Wireless Control / Changjiu Pu -- Study on Wireless Campus Mesh Routing Protocol Based on Security Association / Limei Fan -- Mobile Counteracted Time Synchronization for Underwater Sensor Networks / Ying Guo and Yutao Liu -- Cross-Layer Routing Metric for Wireless Mesh Networks / Xiang Li, Yong-Jian Yang, Chun-Sheng Cui and Guan-Nan Yang -- Optimization and Realization of Ad Hoc On-Demand Distance Vector Routing Based on NS2 / Deyu Lin and Xiaojing Meng -- A Double-Links Scheme for DSDV in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks / Jia Lu, Junhui Wang, Gang Han, Baoliang Li and Wenhua Dou -- Time Frequency Analysis of Underwater Carrier-Free Pulse / Yunlu Ni and Hang Chen -- Data Aggregation Scheme Based on Compressed Sensing in Wireless Sensor Network / Guangsong Yang, Mingbo Xiao and Shuqin Zhang -- Study of Dynamic Traffic Flow Network Model Based on LWR Model / Wang Jingbo, Qian Li and Wang Jingtao -- Multiple Sources-Multiple Relays Precoding Algorithm in Cooperative Wireless Networks / Yongli An, Xuefei Gao and Kaiyu Zhu -- Efficient Detect Scheme of Botnet Command and Control Communication / Jinquan Zeng, Weiwen Tang, Caiming Liu, Jianbin Hu and Lingxi Peng -- H.264 Decoder Based on Motion Compensation Optimizer / Xiaohong Hao and Jiaqi Li -- Influence of Scattering on Laser Communication / Junjun Wu and Mingchuan Meng -- Research on University Library Services in Science and Technology Novelty Search / Lei Mei-Shen and Zhang Tian -- Analysis of Science and Technology Activity Based on DEA Model / Wenhai Gao and Lina Yuan
Part 7. Information Management System -- Modeling and Verifying the Kernel of RTOS / ShengWen Gong -- Improved Party Building Based on Information Technology / Qiangqing Wang and Jierui Wang -- Mobile Customer Satisfaction Evaluating System / Yan Gao, Lihui Zhou and Linfan Li -- Performance Analysis of Transcritical CO2 Sewage Source Heat Pump by Visual Basic Program / Hongli Wang, Huiqin Liu and Jingrui Tian -- Information Retrieval Services Based on Lucene Architecture / Hang Li, Wanlong Li, Guochun Wang and Xinyi Peng -- Analysis on the Stability of Cavity Based on Cavity Monitoring System / Zhang Haibo, Song Weidong and Liu Fangfang -- LED Package Based on MATLAB Program / Zhiqin Huang, Xiuyun Zheng and Fengling Liu -- Design and Implementation of Fuzzy Query System Based on Ajax / Fenghua Liu, Aiming Wang, Liang-Liang Chen and Guang-Hui Wei -- Basin Hydrometeorology Real-Time Forecast System / Tao Peng, Cheng-zhi Wei, Jin-tao Ye, Jun-chao Wang and Zhi-yuan Yin -- Internet Health Resources Development Based on Geographic Information System / Yun-Peng Zhang, Dan Li and Ying Zhao -- Research of Mobile Library Information Service / Yun-hong Lv -- Civil Explosives Distribution Management Information / Xue-yu Mi, Peng Zhang, Lin Zhang and Bo Dong -- Research of the Pension Insurance Information Management System Based on the J2EE / Ying Chen, Xiaosi Xu, Jun Zheng and Hong Wang -- Library Microblogging Based on Sina Microblogging Platform / Yang Shuangqi, Xu Jing and Shao Shengchun
Part 8. Control Engineering and Applications -- XML-Based Web Data Pattern Discovery and Extraction / Rui Jia, Shicheng Xu and Chengbao Peng -- Application of Decision-Making Model Based on Structure Entropy in IT-Outsourcing Supplier Selection / Li Shi and Hong-bin Dong -- Chinese Web Text Classification Model Based on Manifold Learning / Shengli Shi, Zhibin Fu and Jinzhao Li -- Parallel Fault Information Mining Using Integrating Neural Classifier / Hongsheng Su -- Research of Knowledge Integration Based on Semantic Web for Drilling Risk Management / Yingzhuo Xu -- Transmission and Distribution Network Analysis Platform Based on FastDB / Zhangzhuo Dong, Xiaoting He, Jianxin Li and Kun Li -- Subjective Testing System Based on Chinese Word Segmentation / Jiao Cui-Ling and Wang Jian-Ping -- An Efficient Algorithm for Reconstruction of Discrete Sets from Horizontal Projections with Absorption / Chen Junyu, Gao Aili and Zhang Chuanlin -- Center-Based Iteration Algorithm of Pre-extracting Support Vectors / Yun Shiwei and Shu Yunxing
Part 9. Business Intelligence and Applications -- Research on Inbound Tourist Market of Liaoning Province Based on Tourism Background Trend Line / Wei Guo, Yixue Liu and Hong Guo -- Research on Infulence of Tourism on Economy / Dan Luo and Wuzhong Zhou -- Hydrodynamic Characteristics Experiment of Vegetation Flexible Dam / Feng Liu, Liang Ma, Liang-Liang Chen and Guang-Hui Wei -- Solar Energy Product Based on Variable Length Gene Expression and Intuition Models / Ting-ting Zhao, Xiao-peng Wei, Zhi-qiu Xia, Hong-jiang Wang and Jun-tie Xia -- Study on the Logistics Efficiency of Three Northeast Provinces Based on Three-Stage DEA / Sun Xu -- Idols Supply Pattern in Confident Reestablishment of National Culture / Shanguang Lv, Huifen Li and Xiuxia Wang -- Research of Popularizing Solar Heating in Countryside / Junjun Wu, Bin Xia and Mingchuan Meng -- A Social Benefit Comprehensive Evaluation Model Based on Unascertained Measure Expectation of Science and Technology Information Products / Jianli Chen -- Utility Analysis on Influence of Monetary Policy Adjustment on Jiangsu Province Export Trade in International Financial Crisis / Yue Ying, Ma Xing-hua and Zhang Cheng-hu
Summary This two-volume set of CCIS 307 and CCIS 308 constitutes the refereed proceedings of the Third International Conference on Information Computing and Applications, ICICA 2012, held in Chengde, China, in September 2012. The 330 revised full papers presented in both volumes were carefully reviewed and selected from 1089 submissions. The papers are organized in topical sections on internet computing and applications; multimedia networking and computing; intelligent computing and applications; computational statistics and applications; knowledge management and applications; communication technology and applications; information management system; control engineering and applications; business intelligence and applications; cloud and evolutionary computing; computational genomics and proteomics; engineering management and applications
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Author Liu, Chunfeng
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